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  1. I shall take this advice forward and check out some gear locally. Thanks muchly! FW
  2. What a handy looking device. So may I just check: this is a preamp/pedal and also doubles up as an amp putting out 45 watts for practice and small jams? I'm just wondering if the original poster found it to be loud to be useful at 45 watts. Reading through the pages it seems like there is some debate over if it would be loud enough for small jam-type usage or settings.
  3. Hello, At the moment I'm happy to consider anything music style wise and would like to stay with the 5 string option. I just see it as future proofing so to speak.
  4. Very interested to read more suggestions. Barefaced 'sound' good on paper being lightweight and good output.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm new here and returning to bass after some years off. I see more and more 5 strings appearing and was wondering if they're worth exploring? I'm planning to play mainly in locals jams and hopefully establish a covers bands with some former colleagues in the near future. I'm interested in something a bit more modern having played Fender basses for many years, many years ago. What is worthy of consideration? Should I be concentrating on any other specific details? I value quality and I'm happy to invest in a good instrument if it meets my criteria. FW
  6. New to the site and getting back into bass after a few years off. Work and life got in the way but I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing and playing some good quality bass gear for pleasure and some local jams in the future.

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