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  1. Interested in trades Shroombass - what have you got in mind?
  2. I bought this from bass direct last year. It’s an amazing bit of kit, particularly if you use IEMs which I don’t very often . It’s great for silent practice as well. Used live, you can really feel the bass, so much better than backline alone. This is the medium sized one and has had very little use. It is unmarked. http://w.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Eich_Bass_boards.html Too big to post so happy to meet within a reasonable distance of OX10. Any questions let me know.
  3. Hi. is this still available. jim
  4. Thanks Cuzzie - you make a valid point about how it sounds in the audience. I will try again at the weekend - I really want it to work. I will be using an Eich Bass Board for the first time so I reckon I will “feel” it now anyway!
  5. Watching Reading and Leeds at the weekend, reminded me how popular the P Bass is. I know this is not breaking news (as it is used by so many great bass players and on so many classic recordings) but am I missing something? I mainly play either a MM Stingray or Sei Jazz. A few years ago I bought an American Precision - but rarely ,if ever, use it. It just doesn’t have enough bite - and doesn’t cut though the mix anywhere like my other bases - doesn’t seem to have enough ooomph!. I recognise it is passive and I therefore use it with a SansAmp DI but still doesn’t do it for me. I only play with fingers and never use a pick. I know it must be me (so please dont shoot me down!) - but wondered whether anyone else has found the same? I would love to gig mine more as I think it looks and feels great . Look forward to your views (tin hat at the ready!) Jim
  6. I am selling my Quilter BassBlock 800 This is a lovely light but powerful Class D head putting out 800 Watts at 4 OHM. its approx 6 months old and has been used/gigged maybe a dozen times. As new condition and comes with its own Quilter bag. Would prefer not to ship (although will at cost) but happy to meet within a reasonable distance of OX10 or SG1 Happy to answer any questions.
  7. For sale is my Barefaced Supertwin Generation 3 complete with Roqsolid cover. it is approx 2 years old. Always kept in the cover so no noticeable dings or scratches. The small cover to the top handle is missing as shown in the photo. These are great cabs - very loud and light. Also has casters built in for easier handling. These cabs retail for nearly £1000. 2x12 1200 watts at 4 ohm. Perfect working condition and looks as new. I will not ship this but happy to meet within a reasonable distance of OX10 or SG1
  8. I am selling my Hartke LH1000. Bought new in 2016 I am also including the hard flight case in the price. (Shown in pics) This is a monster amp and is 2x500 watts or 1 x 1000 watts (bridged). I have used this to drive my Barefaced Super Twin and it more than does the job. Never let me down. Its pretty heavy so I don’t want to post/ship but happy to drive out and meet you at a reasonable distance from Oxford or Stevenage. £250. Any questions, please ask. Jim
  9. Hi, I have an M9. Its a great bit of kit - easy to programme,loads of effects etc, good looper. I have not had a problem with it sucking any low end at all. However, I don't use it live because I feel it isn't the same as individual pedals. I use an Oc-2 - and the Octave on the M9 does not come close (IMO). Its great for home use - but live, for me doesn't cut it. There are loads of filters - and the chorus (for example) sounds great at home - but cannot replace my small clone live. No doubt others have different opinions but thought I would share mine. Cheers - Jim
  10. If it helps, I have got two BF 2x12 cabs. I use a Hartke LH1000. I rarely use both cabs together as really there is no need. Even bigger festival gigs don't warrant it because a) LH1000 with one Supertwin is massive anyway and bigger set ups tend to have good stage monitoring systems. Sometimes though I do it...just because I can!
  11. Just sold my Genz Benz amp to Paul. Credit to BC - great comms and prompt payment. Thanks Paul - I can hear your rig from here! Jim
  12. jimwin

    Boss Me 50 B

    I have had a ME50B, and still have a GT10B and Line6 M9 and Zoom multi effects - but never use them live and always use pedals. Its individual preference of course, but multi-effects seem to me to be "jack of all trades, master of none" For me it was a case of using the multi-effect at home to understand the sound I wanted, and then buying a dedicated stomp box pedal to make it sound good in a live environment. Best thing to do is give it a go....we are all different (thankfully!) Jim
  13. First time I have posted my pedal board. Simple but everything I need for my gigs. On a PT mini. Jim
  14. A few enquiries but still available. Will be putting it on e-bay at the weekend so let me know if you are interested. Jim
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