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  1. [quote name='nottswarwick' post='1257696' date='Jun 5 2011, 08:09 PM']This one starts ics. It's only down the road so might see if I can get it at a good prIce. Are they any good?[/quote] Not bad at all.. I bought mine to experiment with BEAD tuning, all the time thinking that if it worked I'd have to ditch the Squier and get another MIM Fender to convert for actual gigging purposes. As it happened, the VM felt much more solidly built than I expected and kept in tune so I just ran with it, and to date it's done a good few gigs and been absolutely fine. Don't get me wrong, you get what you pay for, and I'll never say that it's "just as good as a MIM" because it quite simply isn't - it's not as well finished, it's not as pleasingly resonant a piece of wood and the tuning machines feel cheap, but since it was only ever gonna be used for 1 or 2 songs in a set every third gig, I decided I could live with that. I wouldn't worry unduly about its reliability if I had to gig with it as my main bass, but in terms of feel and tone the MIMs are an easily discernible cut above.
  2. Nah, I've just pulled my VM Precision out and I can't see much that'd help either. In fact, I don't even know from the serial who built this one.. apparently conventional wisdom is that at the start of the serial number: ICxx is Indonesian, made by Cort in year xx ISxx is Indonesian, made by Samick in year xx Mine is ICS09xxxxxx, so... go figure
  3. To say that I bought my TB as a bit of an impulse purchase when they first came out and stuck it in a cupboard, it's just rather impressed me. Through sheer laziness I ended up borrowing a guy's AD-200B rig at a gig the other night, and I couldn't help but notice the breadth of sound that was rolling off it, so when I found out we'd be a guitarist down at rehearsal this afternoon, I dug out the TB and took it along to try. To my surprise it behaved just the same and filled the whole sound out to the point where you hardly noticed the missing rhythm guitar; even the bloke in the office said that it sounded like an old-school all-tube head from the way it was shaking stuff outside. The cab's nothing special either, just an Ashdown ABM410T with the stock blueline speakers in it. Looks like it's a keeper after all...
  4. Still very much available, and absolute lowest I'll go on price.. the lot for £200. Anybody..?
  5. [quote name='bigsmokebass' post='1251035' date='May 31 2011, 06:04 AM']didnt feel like £800 worth to me[/quote] Exactly what I thought. Loved the red/black/maple, and the neck was a bit better finished than a MIM (though ironically I didn't notice it being any slimmer), but I'd only have put down £600 absolute tops for it.
  6. [quote name='Musicman20' post='1251269' date='May 31 2011, 11:35 AM']what else is there that can trump a well made American Standard?[/quote] A well made American Deluxe! Heh, well.. doesn't really 'trump' it, but I found the P/J config (which I don't normally like, especially aesthetically, but found it in my way to forgive just this once) and active EQ gave me a few more subtle options in the studio whilst still fundamentally sounding like 'me playing a Precision'. Added bonus of the current 2010 model being that you can turn all the fancy active stuff off and roll the balance up to the neck, and you're right back to American Standard config.
  7. Additional detail bump.. If it makes any difference, I've found the spare strings and they're 1 set of Warwick Black Label 45-135 round stainless, and 1 set of generic 45-130 round nickel steel. Also, if you wanted the original pickups, strap buttons and plastic knobs to return it to stock config, I believe I've still got those and we could come to a deal that included them. Any interest before I resign myself to having to fleabay it? Cheers, Ed
  8. I've got one. Only ever take it out for bigger gigs, but I specifically wanted it to be as small, light and easy to carry as humanly possible, so the HF didn't appeal. As for front vs rear porting, I just choose carefully where I put it on stage to get the projection I want, and I decided to get mine as a 4ohm so I get full power with it on its own, which helps. If it's any indication, my band plead with me to use it more often because "it sounds massive"
  9. Hi all.. I no longer play 5-strings, so my last one (that I was keeping just in case I needed one for recording etc.) is up for grabs if anyone fancies it! It's a Yamaha BB405 in Yellow Natural Satin with the following modifications: EMG LJ pickups (18v) Dunlop strap-locks Neutrik locking jack It's been well looked after and only has the usual few very minor dings here and there on the body (nothing on the neck) but from a metre or two away you'd say it was new. I'll throw in its Warwick RockBag too, which is a little tired but still has plenty of wear left in it, and a couple of sets of strings too. One of these sold a week or so ago on the bay (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/260785264479#ht_561wt_1141) for £195, and that was completely stock, so you'd be getting decent pickups, straplocks, a better jack and nice chrome knobs for the same money! [attachment=81175:BB405_1a.jpg] [attachment=81176:BB405_1b.jpg] [attachment=81177:BB405_2.jpg] As I'm new on here and have no feedback from anyone, and don't really have the means to post this anyway, let's say it'd have to be a face-to-face meet up. I'm based in Sheffield, but for half the price of the ticket, would be more than happy to jump on a train (as I don't drive) to anywhere one city away - Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham etc. - one morning over a weekend, and meet up to exchange brown envelopes and stuff Questions, comments, offers.. all welcome!
  10. To my mind, I have a decent job and can afford to pay what little it costs to rehearse and gig, so if it's a choice between being in a band and not, I'll be the one up on stage. My band agreed a long time ago that we'd prefer to play to a full room than cover costs, so we rarely charge unless forced to by a venue.
  11. Ed_S

    5 Strings

    [quote name='Jakester' post='1244862' date='May 25 2011, 09:55 PM']I'm leaning towards moving the 5er on already.[/quote] Before you move it on, you could always try it strung the other way (E,A,D,G,C) and see what you think to that.
  12. [quote name='nottswarwick' post='1244945' date='May 25 2011, 11:00 PM']Mine was a Yamaha BBN4.[/quote] Heh, so was mine! In yellow natural satin. I don't still have mine, but it sure was a cut above as an intro to the instrument. Hope it's still going strong somewhere... wouldn't shock me as it was like a tank
  13. I tried one of these and wasn't all that impressed if I'm honest... the grain of the wood wasn't exactly as attractive as the photo model for a (bad) start, and going on from there it just didn't feel its money to me. Highly subjective commentary with very little to substantiate it, I know, but all I can say is that I went along with money in pocket to get it and came out of the shop without, and that is very odd for me indeed!
  14. I've done guitar amp through 15" bass cab before... wasn't that impressed to be honest, but it's useable and certainly won't harm anything. I found the high frequencies rather over-pronounced for my tastes, and the EQ on my Marshall TSL60 couldn't fully dial them down. That said, as the volume came right down it gave that kind of "bedroom tone" (you know, like a POD on its uber-extreme-metal setting) which was good fun on the neck pickup for a while
  15. I got up to grade 7ish (playing) as an orchestral violinist before ditching it and taking up bass. I say 'ish' because I never took any of the exams beyond grade 4 due to my complete hatred of theory, so my yard-stick was just being able to play the higher exam pieces. I could sight-read very well back then, but it only ever made any sense in direct relation to the fingering for a violin, so as soon as I stopped, that was the end of it. These days I have no idea what I'm playing on bass, but the classical training tuned my ear in to such a degree that I really don't feel that I need to; I can hear what's right, what fits, where a progression is going and what my options are for the next note to jump to, and that works just fine for me
  16. [quote name='Evil Undead' post='1240606' date='May 22 2011, 06:12 PM']I've heard that the latest Squiers (CV and VM series) are just as good as the MIM Fenders... don't know how true that is? The black one is great, but I've had my heart set on the vintage white one since I first saw it... looks just like a mid-70's. Mmmmm What's your take on the latest Squiers? Would you be willing to gig them without a backup?[/quote] Oh, don't get me wrong.. I like the white one too I'm not sure about the VM being 'just as good as' a MIM.. I have two 2009 MIMs that are my main gigging basses, and as much as I like the VM, they do just feel like a slightly higher quality product. The good news is that it's not by that long a stretch; the MIM has a more carefully finished neck, but that aside, the VM just feels a touch lighter and a little more "rough and ready", as opposed to feeling "fragile" like they used to back in the chipboard days! The resonance of the actual block of wood and the quality of the amplified tone isn't far off the MIM at all. As for gigging the VM without a backup, yeah, I'd fly her solo without worrying unduly. Granted, my VM being tuned C,F,Bb,Eb means that it has a very specific role and consequently doesn't get anywhere near as much play as the MIMs, but all the same, nothing about it gives me huge cause for concern. The worst I can say is that the tuning machines on mine feel a bit cheap compared... but they seem to turn fine and hold perfect tuning thus far, and wouldn't really cost that much to replace if they did eventually start to give up. As long as you aren't planning on sharpening one end and digging the garden with it between gigs, I'm sure you'd be fine
  17. Partial to a bit of "Colour My XTC" by Talisman, myself.. classic bit of Marcel!
  18. I say do it! Then again, I would; I play Fender P's exclusively these days But that Freeman looks ace for the money... I'd pick the black one personally, but both look good and Squier's come a long way quality-wise in the last 10 years or so. I was amazed when I got my VM Precision last year; I expected it to be good enough to try out BEAD tuning for a while but then end up needing replacing with another MIM when I was sure I liked it, but it's turned out to be an absolutely great little bass, and totally gig-worthy.
  19. [quote name='chris_b' post='1238922' date='May 21 2011, 03:07 AM']and Dreja's P bass wasn't working[/quote] Did you check other stuff like gravity and daylight.. make sure it wasn't a complete outage?
  20. One of our guitarists often tells the tale of his old band whose bassist mistakenly borrowed a bass tuned to drop-D and only passed comment after playing the entire gig that he thought it sounded 'a bit odd'
  21. Very nice.. rosewood aside it kinda reminds me of the recent American Special, but yours has a better bridge!
  22. I originally moved from super long scale, black, pointy, active, physically heavy 5/6 string basses because I discovered that as much as I loved the image and they were great instruments, my neck was what's medically referred to as 'dodgy', and I was constantly in worsening pain after playing for any length of time. I won't lie, I got my first Precision (a just-released 2009 MIM in white/maple) because it looked absolutely iconic and just called to me across the shop. However, I soon realised that not only had I become a good enough player to deal creatively with going back to 4 strings, but more vitally the weight, scale length, body contour and just the way the P hung on a good wide strap meant that I could play for 3+ hours without being in crippling pain. Add to that a tone that could cut cleanly through just about any mix and near bomb-proof reliability, and you'll understand why all I have left of the pointy basses is a few photos, and in their stead own a little squad of Precisions that do everything I need and don't hurt like hell to play. =)
  23. I've heard quite a few reports of the MB's going down, whereas a local venue I play quite a bit has one of the Rumbles as their house bass amp, it gets thrashed literally every night, and it just keeps going.
  24. I actually bought a Squier VM Precision about a year ago with the sole intention of trying this out. Let's face it, is not the most prestigious of instruments when it comes to construction and certainly doesn't ship with a graphite neck, but it's been absolutely fine to gig with. It's actually tuned up a step to C (to match the guitarists who are tuned down accordingly) so is under even more tension than it would be as a normal BEAD, though I guess it helps that I like 'em fairly light, so it's strung 60, 75, 95, 125 which will help to keep the tension down. The nut was dead easy to sort; just used an old set of the same gauge strings as 'files' to get the slots to the perfect width at the same depth as before. The neck stayed put; all that was needed was to tweak the saddles and intonation.
  25. [quote name='TRBboy' post='1188474' date='Apr 4 2011, 10:58 PM']Have you ever used the Prosteels? It looks like they're brighter but I've never tried them.[/quote] I use ProSteels and really like them - they are indeed brighter than the nickel plated sets, and to my ears they seem to keep their new-sounding 'zing' longer than Rotosound plain steels (the other brand I use) but the downside is that when they do start to go dead they suddenly sound pretty bad, whereas the Rotosounds just become gradually less articulate. That's just in my experience, though.. if you don't play fairly speedy melodic metal on a p-bass using a pick about the thickness of an old 50p coin, I guess your mileage could vary considerably
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