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  1. Hi I need a new wiring harness for my bass cab - need jack to a single 15" for an 8 ohm speaker. Anyone got any recommendations? Much appreciated 🙂 Joe
  2. Hi guys Need a bit of advice - occassionally my Eden D210xlt makes crackling noises from the tweeter. I've had the back out, and all the connections look fine. As it's only occasionally, I'm thinking the bulb/fuse like thing in the crossover is faulty, which I'm thinking I should replace before I try looking at replacing the tweeter/crossover. Does anyone know where to buy these from? Be much appreciated 😊 Cheers Joe
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  4. Looking over the top, it looks like the body is a 3 piece, and the pieces are just separating as its following the line of the wood. I'd go to a local luthier to get it assessed, but in the current climate, that's not possible. Going to use it as a haggling point, but just wanted to make sure it's not gonna cost me a lot later down the line! Plays lovely
  5. Morning All My friend has lent me his 78 jazz, with the opportunity to buy. It plays and sounds lovely, but whilst inspecting, I noticed this crack within the neck pocket. Should this be something I should be worried about? Also, what would be the repair solution? Cheers Joe
  6. My main go to has been my squier VM 5 string P for a while. When I bought it, it had already been upgraded with hipshot tuners and American pickups. It's due a string change, so whilst I'm getting it setup, I'm thinking about treating it to an upgrade. Looking for ideas for bridges and whether a preamp would be worth doing, or upgrading to a Kiogon loom (think I've spelt that right?!?!) Any ideas welcome
  7. Cheers for this Balcro. I assume the Sovereign 400lf wont match the cab? Only asking as that's more readily available, and I probably will never need the full 600 watts!
  8. Morning all Dimensions are 565mm height x 565mm width x 460mm depth. Port is 40mm up from bottom, with port 130mm in diameter. Hope this helps Cheers
  9. Cone is stiff and smells burnt, and no resistance across the driver - practically no volume coming out, and when cranked goes distorted...no louder than a laptop speaker! The 210 I would say are factory standards...tbh I haven't pulled them out. I believe they're pre-Marshall takeover.
  10. Morning all I've recently got a old Eden D115 (non tweeter model). Its the model before the current D115xlt - it has a small circular port at the back. I came to play it and the speaker has completely gone. The original speaker was eden ec1560f (of April 1999 vintage). Has anyone got any recommendations for a suitable replacement speaker? Need an 8ohm model so i can use it with my 210. Cheers Joe
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