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  1. My main go to has been my squier VM 5 string P for a while. When I bought it, it had already been upgraded with hipshot tuners and American pickups. It's due a string change, so whilst I'm getting it setup, I'm thinking about treating it to an upgrade. Looking for ideas for bridges and whether a preamp would be worth doing, or upgrading to a Kiogon loom (think I've spelt that right?!?!) Any ideas welcome
  2. Cheers for this Balcro. I assume the Sovereign 400lf wont match the cab? Only asking as that's more readily available, and I probably will never need the full 600 watts!
  3. Morning all Dimensions are 565mm height x 565mm width x 460mm depth. Port is 40mm up from bottom, with port 130mm in diameter. Hope this helps Cheers
  4. Cone is stiff and smells burnt, and no resistance across the driver - practically no volume coming out, and when cranked goes distorted...no louder than a laptop speaker! The 210 I would say are factory standards...tbh I haven't pulled them out. I believe they're pre-Marshall takeover.
  5. Morning all I've recently got a old Eden D115 (non tweeter model). Its the model before the current D115xlt - it has a small circular port at the back. I came to play it and the speaker has completely gone. The original speaker was eden ec1560f (of April 1999 vintage). Has anyone got any recommendations for a suitable replacement speaker? Need an 8ohm model so i can use it with my 210. Cheers Joe
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  7. Cheers for confirmation bud 👌
  8. It looks relatively new, so I'm assuming it's from the Marshall factory. Wanted one for years - shame I'm not gigging atm - time to join a new band!
  9. Was browsing around eBay, looking for a TC combo when I came across this eden D210xlt. Managed to bag it for £150! Well chuffed 😁 now just waiting for TC bh250 to turn up and my home setup will be all sorted 🤘
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