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  1. Sparks and fire huh? Well that certainly isn't ideal bloody hell. Thanks for the recommendation there. I've added it to my watch list to keep tabs on. I'll certainly consider those
  2. I dunno, I crank it up loud quite often haha. Not dismissive at all. I welcome your input. I already have the preamp in my B7KU and it sounds fantastic through the FX return. I much prefer it already. Thomann have a power amp that's quite well reviewed for £150. I'm tempted to try one, then if I like it i'll sell my LMIII and buy some other bass goodies that i've had my eye on with the change. I would like to upgrade my BK7U to the v2 version.
  3. Well that's certainly true! I'll think on it, though i'm not likely to look to join a band anytime soon. Thanks for the help
  4. Just tried bypassing the preamp via the FX return as suggested and it sounds amazing. It makes quite the difference! Now I'm considering selling my LMIII and getting a power amp instead haha.
  5. That's really helpful. Thanks very much! Just as you say, I have my setup as bass > pedals (8 of them) > amp. And while it sounds good that way, I couldn't help but wonder how it would sound via a power amp once I found out about that they're a thing. Cheers!
  6. Ohh right! 😅 I'll give that a shot in a bit. I had wondered what the FX return was for. It's Not something i've ever needed to know about thus far haha.
  7. Thanks for the input. But a lot of what you said there is lost on me as I'm not, nor ever have been, a gigging bassist. I'm more a sort of hobbyist who only plays at home (for the time being).
  8. So I have a LMIII which I bought specifically for its clean/unbiased sound to use along with my DG BK7U (among others). Would a power amp provide a cleaner tone for my BK7U & other FX than the LMIII?
  9. So I didn't know Power Amps were even a thing until recently (I just play at home for my own enjoyment). Why would you choose a Power Amp over a standard bass head?
  10. Thanks to all 4000 and odd people who checked this listing out. The item is now sold 😅
  11. I just had a look on youtube for some examples and I found a couple. It does seem to work well in the Warwicks! Give me a shout if you'd like to buy mine. It's packaged up and ready to go for whoever wants it. I can ship it out on the day of purchase no trouble
  12. Well mine doesn't seem to be going anywhere, so if you want to grab one and save a few quid in the process you know where to look 😅 Don't think i've heard one in a Warwick before. Which model is it? Warwicks of course usually have such a unique tone, I wonder how the DGTC would effect that?
  13. No worries dude, thanks anyway! I was actually tempted to install it into my Ray 35 but I need to be sensible as I could use the money haha.
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