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  1. Bought for a project build which was abandoned and as such, never fitted. The box has been opened twice, once when it arrived and again for the picture in this ad. While it looks quite at home on my shelf in its nice Darkglass box, I'm sure someone out there could put it to good use. Included is 2 brand new 9v battery clips as a wee bonus. £125 w/free 2nd class shipping. UK buyers only please. Cheers! *Edit to add that I'll consider trades for other bass/music related items of equal/greater value.
  2. I figured it would be something like that. That reverse function honestly sounds like a lot of fun. Definitely something to consider when I make my purchase. As it goes i've decided a loop pedal would be more useful to me at the moment, so I think i'm going to get a ditto+ instead.
  3. How does the reverse thing work? What does it do exactly? Thanks!
  4. Hi So what would be the benefit of your dual reverse looper over say, a larger 6 switch looper? I would absolutely love one of those but I can't quite afford one at the moment and i'm unable to save further right now because of reasons. I'd be buying the loop switcher with some christmas money I was gifted
  5. So my pedalboard is getting a bit fuller these days and growing (Darkglass B7KU, Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor, Marshall Echohead Delay, Valeton OC10 Octaver, Boss CE-5 Chorus, DOD FX25, Korg Pitchblack). I'm having fun combining fx but its getting somewhat tedious tap dancing all over my board for the desired sounds that i'm using more regularly. Is a loop switcher what I need in order to use two (or more?) fx at the same time with one press of a switch? Can anyone recommend one up to £120? I came across these on my searches thus far but i'm not 100% sure i'm looking at the right thing- https://www.brightonion.co.uk/bigger/ https://www.thomann.de/gb/mooer_pedal_controller_loop_6.htm Many thanks!
  6. So I recently bought a 2019 sterling ray 5 with the roasted maple neck. I happen to have a tone capsule sitting doing nothing which was bought for a project build that had to be abandoned. I was going to sell the DGTC but now i'm wondering if I should have it installed in the ray 5. I already have a B7K Ultra on my pedalboard, so of course i'm thinking the two would work well together. I play in a post-hardcore band so that DG tone works well there. Being honest, I don't know a whole lot about onboard preamps and what have you. Would it be a worthy upgrade? What sort of tone could I expect? Cheers.
  7. I will never ever use eurosender again. I used them this time over my preferred courier because I thought it would support basschat in some small way. I'm not going into details because it will make me angry and I want to forget about it, but I have never dealt with such an inept, money-grabbing, useless and disregarding company as this in my life. My advice is to stick with a courier you know.
  8. Ok cool, good to know I dont have to send for a replacement then! Cheers Also good to know!
  9. Ey up. I just got one of these a few days ago. It glitches all below the 5th fret, except on the G string where its everywhere below the 9th. The less clean I have dialled in, the more it glitches though there is still some glitching going on with clean rolled all the way on. I bought it mostly to use with the clean rolled off however. It's my first octave pedal so i'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature?
  10. Hey thanks. What would you say the main drawback is? Yeah, I learn much better when I can interact and ask questions. Ive learned a fair bit from youtube myself but I feel like I can only go so far with it. Good to know. Thanks very much! Thats very encouraging. Thanks! Oh please do, i'd be very interested to hear how you got on. Nick Schendzielos is offering skype lessons on his instagram and I think i'd enjoy some lessons from him.
  11. Has anyone here ever taken bass lessons via Skype? How did you find it? Positives and negatives? I only know of one Bass teacher in my area, and it takes me an hour (or sometimes longer depending on traffic) to get to him, and then obviously another hour or so to drive back. I haven't had any lessons for some months due to some temporary cash flow issues but i'm wondering if there's a better way to go about lessons which saves me some time and money. It's more so about saving time than money however as one bass lesson sometimes ends up taking up to four hours with the travel time included. Cheers!
  12. Oh really? I'll have to have a bash at this then. Thanks very much. I havent decided if i'll take it to a luthier yet. I'll get some quotes done and see if it'll be worth the extra expense. There's some great videos on neck straightening on youtube that make it look like a relatively straight forward process. Ouch, your poor G&L. I'd have been mortified.
  13. Yeah I dont think its related to the twist, but it was impossible to do anything with the truss rod with the nut being stripped. But of course now I know its not a nut that can be replaced as it's attached to the truss rod itself. Bugger.
  14. I honestly can't believe this hasn't gone yet. I keep returning to this listing just to ogle at the thing. 😍 As Luke FRC says, I'd keep it.
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