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  1. Gallien Kruger MB500 Vs Markbass LMIII

    Well i've had the GK since yesterday and I have to say the LMIII works better with my pedals. I think the GK sounds better without FX but that's not any good to me. The LMIII with my B7K is just amazing. I didnt realise how amazing it sounded until I got my hands on another head to compare it against. So back the GK goes and i'll get an LMIII of my own instead!
  2. Gallien Kruger MB500 Vs Markbass LMIII

    Well I play in a alt-metal band and as you say, i like to have my own identity within the music and be in the forefront in parts, so if your comment is anything to go by the GK is likely going to be the way forwards. I'll find out when it arrives in the morning! At home I like to play lots of reggae too, and the LMIII really shines when you dial in that thick tone. Saying that, my B7K does it wonderfully too but its easy as anything to dial it in on the LMIII with that VLE knob. That was a great reply though, thanks! I looked at those but it's just outside my price range at the moment!
  3. Gallien Kruger MB500 Vs Markbass LMIII

    I just ordered an MB500 to compare against the LMIII which I have on loan from a friend who isn't playing at the moment. I'm very impressed with the LMIII, it sounds amazing with my B7K Ultra. It's a very clean sounding head. I've never had the pleasure of trying anything GK before so i'm excited for it to arrive. My question is, which would you choose and why? Cheers!
  4. Loud Inc cabs?

    Alright then, cheers. I may have to venture out to try the MB500 for myself. That means a 180 mile around trip to my closest stockist but I guess it might be worth it for the clearer picture
  5. Loud Inc cabs?

    Thanks dude. I checked the speakers and they are indeed the original eminence speakers! I was lucky enough to borrow a Little Mark III the other day and I LOVE it. It produces a very clean tone. How would you compare the LM III to the GK MB500 if you can? Mostly I play alt metal and reggae if that helps.
  6. Nux Pocket Port?

    So I was looking for a more portable USB audio interface than my Line 6 UX1 and I came across this thing, which looks like it may be a decent budget offering. I would use it for jamming via Amplitube on my laptop (windows) at night or when i'm out and about/away from home. You can get them on ebay for £28 or thereabouts. Anyone got any experience with it?
  7. Loud Inc cabs?

    [quote name='casapete' timestamp='1509547759' post='3399799'] The GK scenario is much the same - 350 watts output into either of your 8 ohm cabs on their own, the full 500 watts into both of them used together. [/quote] Thanks for clarifying, much appreciated. So that means I couldnt use both my cabs with the GK as my 1x15 is only 350w, right? [quote name='pete.young' timestamp='1509651146' post='3400643'] The main advantage of using more speakers is that you move more air. I'd be looking for a second hand Markbass LM2 or LM3 in the classifieds and run it with both cabs. [/quote] I'll take a look at those, thanks for the tip!
  8. Loud Inc cabs?

    [i][b][size=3](bumping my old thread for further information rather than begin a new one)[/size][/b][/i] So the cabs are 8 ohm, I checked them as per posted instructions above so thanks for that! Are there any head recommendations under £400 which I could use with these cabs? What is the benefit (if there is one) of using the 1x15 & 4x10 with a 300w head over say using my 4x10 alone with a 500w (or higher wattage) head? I ask because I think the Ashdown EB180 which came with the cabs isn't quite cutting it for me. I feel like i'm pushing it too hard at practice (we havent started gigging yet) so a higher wattage amp may be in order, especially if we start doing gigs and I need more wattage. The dilemma is do I keep the 1x15 (350w) or sell it and go for a higher wattage head to use with the 4x10 (1200w). I dont see many heads with higher wattage ratings at 8 ohm impedance. Everywhere I look they are rated for 4 ohms, with the 8 ohm value being markedly diminished. I was looking at the Markbass Nano Mark 300. On the spec it states [font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif][color=#000000][email protected] / [email protected] Would someone be kind enough clarify this for me ala amplification for dummies? I dont yet fully understand much about amp and cab impedance values etc. My guess is that with both my 1x15 and[/color][/font][color=#000000][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif] 4x10 [/font][/color][color=#000000][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]cabs, I would have the full 300w when used in parallel as that is 2x150w?[/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Would the Markbass amp in question deliver 150w to each speaker in the 4x10 totalling 600w? I feel that may be a glaringly noobish question to ask but I need to know for certain. If not, why not? 4x300w/8ohm speakers being supplied at 150w each = 600w? [/font][/color] [font="Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"][color="#000000"]I was also considering financing a GK MB500. This amp is rated [email protected] / [email protected] So a total of 700w when using both my 8 ohm cabs. Correct?.[/color][/font] Cheers!
  9. Loud Inc cabs?

    [quote name='casapete' timestamp='1502469004' post='3351722'] Loud Inc usually used Eminence USA components. I've had three of them, two 4x10's and a 1x15. The 4x10's used either 250 or 300 watt drivers, making the cabs 1000/1200watt handling. They also came with a crappy piezo type horn ( which often packed in quickly! ) Came in both 8 and 4 ohm options. The 1x15's were mostly 350 watts/8 ohms with no horn. Both cabs were the same dimensions IIRC, so stacked well. Quite lightweight construction but reasonably sturdy - my first 4x10 took a lot of hammering for years and never failed. Good gear at very good prices, the drivers alone are not worth a fortune so best leave them as they are! ( Probably worth checking your 4x10 is 8 ohm, as pairing a 4 ohm 4x10 with your 8 ohm 1x15 may cause your amp problems. Would assume as you bought the rig together though, both cabs will be 8 ohms. ) Cheers. [/quote] Awesome. Thanks for the info! They were advertised as 8 ohm, but how do I check them to be sure? Also you said "250 or 300 watt drivers, making the cabs 1000/1200watt handling." Could you explain what this means exactly? As I said earlier, this is my first foray into separate amps and cabs so the terminology and fine details are somewhat lost on me at the moment. Cheers!
  10. Loud Inc cabs?

    [quote name='obbm' timestamp='1502314303' post='3350675'] As far as I can remember Loud Inc was a small concern based in Northern Ireland. They were making these cabs about 10-15 years ago. The cabs were amazing value for money however for the suppliers ran into difficulties, deliveries became very erratic and they eventually ceased trading. I'm sure someone who was on Bassworld will be able to add a bit more. More info at [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/27039-loud-inc-410-cab/"]http://basschat.co.u...ud-inc-410-cab/[/url] [/quote] Oh so quite the wee scandal there. That's interesting. Cheers! [quote name='Geddys nose' timestamp='1502350471' post='3350783'] A lot of people got stung on Bassworld with them going out of business and not supplying the goods. At the end they where chasing cash flow and did not have the parts to cover the orders but still taking orders. I bought a 2x10 off Ebay from them new and was lucky to receive it (in hindsight) The Cabs themselves where pretty good, Great driver and construction. You could sell the drivers for more than the £200 you paid so good score [/quote] Oh really? I'm not so well versed in the innards or cabs and stuff. Out of interest, do you happen to know the value of the drivers? I'm not planning on selling them, it would just be nice to know
  11. Loud Inc cabs?

    Hi guys. I recently bought 2 Loud Inc Cabs (1x15 & 4x10) with an Ashdown Electric Blue 180 head all in for £200. The cabs and head are in immaculate shape and it sounds great (my first non-combo rig). I bought them based purely on how good they sounded when I tested them out and I figured a full stack in that good condition for £200 doesnt come along too often..especially where I live so I jumped on it. I cant find a whole lot of information on line about them though. Does anyone know anything about them? Cheers
  12. GAS & poverty. What a crock of ****

    [quote name='Steve Browning' timestamp='1498581311' post='3325684'] May I ask what kind of sound you are after? Could it be achievable with a change of strings (do you use rounds but your ideal sound is made using flats?). Maybe the wealth of knowledge here can guide you more specifically. I understand what you mean about 'better' gear. I think most of that is in the mind rather than actual. I remember feeling really cool when I bought my first Fender but I don't think I actually played any better. [/quote] When I say play "better" I mean by if you have the instrument that you want and that produces the sound you desire, you're going to feel more inspired and connected to it and the music. At least that's how I feel about it. I played some of my bands basslines on the Rebop/Markbass I got to try and it sounded phenomenal, simply worlds better than my own bass. What sound am I after...well thats a tough question really. Ultimately somewhere between Spector EuroLX/Rebop/Stingray HH/Wal territory. I absolutely love the tonal capabilities of these instruments. A Wal Mk 3 is the ultimate though way out of my price range so thats never going to happen. Stingray HH is quite pricy too but i'm not so much a fan of the styling either. The Rebop/EuroLX I love the tone of both, the NS syle is great and the price isnt out of the ballpark either....so thats why i'm going spector...or at least trying.
  13. GAS & poverty. What a crock of ****

    [quote name='subaudio' timestamp='1498570717' post='3325593'] Do you have a pa where you practice, do you use it for gigs? You could maybe sell your amp and buy a sansamp or similar and go straight into the pa if its more than just a vocal pa? [/quote] We dont, no. But we haven't started gigging yet either. We dont even know if we're going to gig. At the minute we just play music together for the sheer enjoyment of it. The band doesnt even have a name. At the moment though, gigging isn't high on our agenda. I actually have a Darkglass B7K on my pedalboard (a gift which done INCREDIBLE things for my tone) so going direct into a PA is always an option if a PA becomes available. [quote name='mcnach' timestamp='1498572412' post='3325606'] And that's the thing, I think: it's easy to fool ourselves into thinking that throwing money at something will make us happier and better... and to some extent it may make us happier, but it won't be a significant change in any way. So, I'd aim to use nicer/better gear, but I would not get too worried about it or compromise my budget for other interesting things in life just to buy a new bass or amp. [/quote] When I first decided to start learning the bass 3 years ago, I was hearing a sound from certain bands I was listening to which made me think "I want to make music/sounds like that" and 3 years down the line, although I am getting better all the time, I still am not near "that" sound, and that is pretty much due to my gear. I think there comes a time when you are improving on an instrument that you want the gear to match your increasing ability to use it and to be able to reproduce the sounds and music we have inside our heads. A bass is a tool to do a job at the end of the day and you need the right tool for the right job. I have a Tool which does the job, but not how I want it to be done. I may stumble upon a cheaper bass which has that sound i'm looking for while i'm saving, and if I do that would be great, but ive not found it yet. I still do have a desire to own a quality instrument though. I live a pretty frugal and minimal life. I dont actually own a lot of things and the few quality things I do own, all serve a purpose. Like many, I would see a quality instrument as an investment, not just within the instrument itself, but also in myself. [quote name='Monkey Steve' timestamp='1498575162' post='3325626'] clearly an amp that doesn't work properly is an issue, but +1 for all the suggestions about eq. Rather than focusing on what you can't afford, how about focusing on what you can do? If the amp really is a big problem then Subaudio's suggestion of DIing might be the way to go, at least until you can get a better rig. If the amp makes a noise, just not a good noise, then maybe a cheap eq pedal can help, or upgrading the pickups, etc, In my own case (and sorry to bring a guitar story to a bass forum *hangs head in shame*) I really wanted a Mesa Boogie for a band I was playing guitar in but couldn't get anywhere near affording one and was stuck with an old Marshall from the '70's. Lovely amp in many ways, but control over the eq was not a strong point. But what i could afford was a SansAmp that did a really quite good Mesa Boogie impression and that did me for some years. When i could eventually upgrade to a Boogie the difference was really noticeable to me...but not to the rest of the band and the crowd never seemed to notice. get creative with what you can do to fix things, until you can afford the gear you really want. [/quote] I looked into upgrading the pickups in my cort, other pedals I could try and use to get that tone I want etc.....and it all just seems like a waste of time and money. Money I could better save towards getting the rig I know will give me that sound I want, rather than screwing around with a substandard set up which i'm not entirely happy with. I wouldnt much care if the band/crowd didnt hear a difference if I got a new rig. All that matters to me is that if I myself can hear it
  14. GAS & poverty. What a crock of ****

    [quote name='la bam' timestamp='1498569900' post='3325586'] I used to think a better bass and amp would give me the great tone i was after. Truth is - it doesnt. A bigger understanding of eq did more for my sound than anything and cost £0. [/quote] EQ has a lot to be said for it of course. "Better bass and amp" is perhaps the wrong wording, "better" is kind of a subjective term anyway. The "right bass and amp" is probably a better way to describe it. If I want the tone produced by a Spector with a HH config, then that's what i'm going to have to get. I could try and emulate that with cheaper gear of course, but for me i'd rather have the real deal if possible. Different woods, body shapes, electronics, pickup configs and quality of build produce different tones and voices. If they didnt, well...there wouldnt be so many different options of bass available right?
  15. GAS & poverty. What a crock of ****

    [quote name='cheddatom' timestamp='1498568164' post='3325564'] That doesn't make any sense to me? Unless you're talking about the effect of playing in different rooms, which you will obviously suffer with even the fanciest gear [/quote] Nope in the same room where I practice. I think that's an issue with my amp though (which needs replaced asap, had it serviced and it made little difference). I've read elsewhere that quite a number of people had the same issue with this particular combo amp which was discontinued some time ago.