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  1. Hey thanks. What would you say the main drawback is? Yeah, I learn much better when I can interact and ask questions. Ive learned a fair bit from youtube myself but I feel like I can only go so far with it. Good to know. Thanks very much! Thats very encouraging. Thanks! Oh please do, i'd be very interested to hear how you got on. Nick Schendzielos is offering skype lessons on his instagram and I think i'd enjoy some lessons from him.
  2. Has anyone here ever taken bass lessons via Skype? How did you find it? Positives and negatives? I only know of one Bass teacher in my area, and it takes me an hour (or sometimes longer depending on traffic) to get to him, and then obviously another hour or so to drive back. I haven't had any lessons for some months due to some temporary cash flow issues but i'm wondering if there's a better way to go about lessons which saves me some time and money. It's more so about saving time than money however as one bass lesson sometimes ends up taking up to four hours with the travel time included. Cheers!
  3. Oh really? I'll have to have a bash at this then. Thanks very much. I havent decided if i'll take it to a luthier yet. I'll get some quotes done and see if it'll be worth the extra expense. There's some great videos on neck straightening on youtube that make it look like a relatively straight forward process. Ouch, your poor G&L. I'd have been mortified.
  4. Yeah I dont think its related to the twist, but it was impossible to do anything with the truss rod with the nut being stripped. But of course now I know its not a nut that can be replaced as it's attached to the truss rod itself. Bugger.
  5. I honestly can't believe this hasn't gone yet. I keep returning to this listing just to ogle at the thing. 😍 As Luke FRC says, I'd keep it.
  6. A little update... I found out that this bass has a dual-action truss rod. So given the fixed "nut" has been stripped, that means it needs the truss-rod replaced. Woe. Woe is me
  7. I considered that as well. But that's the final straw really as it's quite an expensive option for a bass that isn't worth a whole lot. I guess it comes down to how much I want to breathe life back into this thing.
  8. Ergh its not looking good then. I'm a bit gutted really because the bass is in otherwise excellent shape. And I love the way it looks too, sort of the bastard offspring of a warwick thumb and a warwick dolphin. Seems a shame to waste it. The body is swamp ash I believe.
  9. I'll go have a look and see what I can find. I did a cursory google about this prior to posting and the general consensus seemed to be to strip the frets out, clamp it between straight pieces of wood and steam it. I don't really have the know how to do that though and it would probably just be a lot of wasted effort and even more money. Hi. Yeah I put the strings back on but its made no difference. I think the truss rod is buggered as well. I cant get it to budge and the threads in the nut have all been stripped
  10. I have a Dean Sledgehammer 5 which I was modifying for a band project, and I love the thing. I took the strings off because I was removing the lacquer from the fretboard, and overnight the neck developed a twist. Looking up from the bottom of the neck it twists to the left. I'm a bit vexed as I bought a darkglass tonecapsule to put in this bass some months ago and it is obviously now too late to return it. Add to that the £150 I paid for the bass and i'm in the hole more than I wanted to be. I emailed Dean guitars to see if they could sell me a replacement neck but they said they don't sell parts. Is there an easy fix for this i'm not aware of? The only thing I can think of is looking for a cheap bass with similar neck dimensions and asking a local luthier to marry them up? Though i've never dealt with a twisted neck before so I dont know what my (cheapest) options are. Cheers!
  11. I adore this bass. It's well out of my price range but I just had to say...holy stinky poo.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Ohhh. Now there's an angle I hadn't considered...
  14. I snagged this Dean Sledgehammer 5 the other day and i'm finding the 2 band preamp to be somewhat lack lustre...so I want to upgrade it to a 3 band. I have a local luthier who can fit it for me so I just need to make a decision on which preamp would be best....but I dont know a whole lot about them. I mostly play metal and reggae/dub. I dont use a pick. I use a Darkglass B7K Ultra and Seymour Duncan Studio Compressor pedals through a Markbass Little Mark III. Having the B7K makes me lean more towards the Darkglass Tone capsule...but is that not just more of the same thing? Or would that work well with my B7K Ultra? I also want to upgrade the crappy bridge at a later date, most likely to a Babicz FCH-5 or Hipshot A so i'm open to suggestions there too. Which other preamps would you consider? Cheers!
  15. Yep. One of those would do me just fine. GAAASSSSS.
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