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  2. Expect lots of wordplay with your username...😉😉
  3. To be fair, the website does say in massive letters: Basshanger is made to hang your bass or guitar from the front of your 8x10 or 6x10 that's 16"deep
  4. I've seen a silicon neck rest that sits on any flat surface and keeps the neck upright.
  5. no, a ss amp will deliver around half power to an 8 Ohm impedence as compared to a 4 Ohm cab
  6. Are you using any of the 'shape' features on either amp? The Markbass 'VPF' and Genz 'Signal Shape' controls will be both be working to enhance lows and reduce midrange clarity, which may be a cause. An aggressively used comp could even out the volume levels but would likely come with considerable and undesirable side effects. The volume disparity has a cause which is worth finding rather than just slapping some paint over the big cracks.
  7. I was trying to work out how you could know, and then I realised I shared a photo of the back of the headstock! Every day is a school day! 😁
  8. even if you could get the two cabs to work, each speaker in the 410 will get half the power of each 15" speaker. It's a crapshoot if this will sound good, but you won't be utilising all your power
  9. That P bass is lovely Pineweasel, what year is it?
  10. I've seen some far more niche products, but they're probably not things I should post here!
  11. Similar in the south. Although my last group did 2 x 45 or 2 x 1hr, my current band generally does the 9/9:30 to 12:00 ish (often going on a bit) with a 15-25 minute break. There are a few places that dont pay well that we do a 2x1hr, our regular haunt does 9:15 -> just past 12. We do an outdoor afternoon gig, 3:00 to 6:00 with a 20 minute break.
  12. It’s an early 2008, 40th bass made that year. Makes it an FB4 as that was still on the 2008 catalogue. Ok, that’s enough geeking out 🤓 Great bass 👍
  13. Painy


    Is possible that your band mate may be even less keen on that scenario than you are. 😐
  14. Mmm.. This ad is looking rather messy . I've just withdrawn my Taxi bass for sale . The brown one is staying . I may withdraw this in next couple of days and rethink my strategy . In the meantime ..Bump! 😼
  15. Why if it is factual? Its not saying they are good or bad, it is just something that happened.
  16. Yeah but if you make the cab 16R then it'll get half the power the 4x10 gets, so is it worth bringing for the tiny amount of volume it'll create? I know metal is loud, but do you really need more than that 4x10? They're LOUD! If I really needed more I'd just get another matching 4x10, they can be had for quite cheap these days as people don't want to move them.
  17. Mine arrived Thursday too, best £16.50 I’ve ever spent. What a collection - I thought the John Entwistle book was good, but Geddys is amazing!
  18. Thanks Bolo 😺 I have had interest . I think the fact that it's awkward to post has put people off understandably . Well tbh , after the realisation that I could just put it back into the gigbag and use occasionally and it's Easter Sunday , I may as well keep it . 😼
  19. Enjoyment of last night's gig was somewhat marred, by Timothy Taylor's Boltmaker no longer being a guest ale.
  20. 3 seconds? It's closer to 3/4 of a second... A punk originals band I was in got 28 songs into a 40 minute set, including some between song banter...
  21. I can see it in your eyes I can see it in your smile You're all I've ever wanted And my arms are open wide 'Cause you know just what to say And you know just what to do
  22. Hey folks - my name's Nick and I live in Edinburgh. I've been playing since I was in my mid teens (going to be 40 this year) and moved to Edinburgh a few years back. I'm originally from London but was in Aberdeen for a few years too. Due to the arrival of kids etc. I've struggled to find time to play over the past 3-4 years. Part of trying to get this part of my life restarted includes coming back to forums like this so I thought I'd do a quick intro. As a player I tend to aim into the Jamerson/Babbit/Jerry Jermott/Willie Weeks type space. I got really lucky when I was young as I had a couple of year learning with Paul Westwood who taught me basic harmony and how to walk through jazz standards before showing me how all that stuff culminated in James Jamerson. Since then I've done a load of different things (blues, big band and small band jazz, functions, originals, drum'n'bass / breaks, country / singer songwriter stuff). Gear wise I'm pretty much a J-bass guy - my main squeeze being a through neck 5 string which wears some old flats (it looks fancy but it's basically just a jazz bass with a narrower string spacing) running through a Genz Benz Streamliner and some Barefaced cabs. If anyone knows any good jams or teachers in or around Edinburgh then let me know.
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