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  1. Great film! I was a full on grunge kid in my teens (and mostly still am, only older and podgier). The soundtrack was fantastic, I had it for years before I managed to finally see the film. the best song was Second Skin by The Gits. RIP Mia
  2. I’ve recently picked up a pack of these, and I’m very impressed. Dans guitar store precision picks. Nice and chunky and the shape works for me.
  3. ‘That happened, and we all let it happen’
  4. I picked one up! Wanted a corona chorus so justified the extra cost because I won’t need any more pedals (yeah, right). anyway, first problem of many. The tuner - does it do alternate tunings? I can’t figure it out
  5. I’ve started a deep dive into all things Duff McKagan. Liked a lot of what I’ve listened to so far, but this is my favourite:
  6. This looks great! Ive been wanting to try out a 5 string, this looks like a great way to try on the cheap. cheers
  7. Purchased a Darkglass compressor pedal from Douglas. It was a great price, he posted it out quickly it arrived faster than expected - and in perfect condition. A pleasure to deal with!
  8. Oooh, this is cool. Is the price including delivery, and can I pay by PayPal?
  9. Harps


    Hey all. I found this place thanks to a thread about a bargain TC Electronics head & cab. Since then I’ve checked here pretty much every day! I’ve had a Epiphone thunderbird for a few years now but I only really messed with it and never properly learned how to play. My son started getting guitar lessons and the tutor also teaches bass so I thought it was a good time to really learn the bass. And I love it. I’ve got a long way to go, but I look forward to playing it when I’m stuck at work. I mostly listen to rock, if it’s got guitars I’m happy. Grunge was my jam growing up and it’s still my favourite music I do like my bass but I wish I’d spent the extra on the Pro instead of the basic one, but unfortunately the shop I bought it from weren’t very helpful at the time so I didn’t really get a chance to compare the two, and it was a bit too much money to spend when. I didn’t know how much I’d use it. Hopefully I’ll find one locally to get a go on, although my current bass does everything I need perfectly well, but I can’t help looking! Anyway, hopefully I’ll start popping up in some of the other threads on here! cheers!
  10. And it arrived! connected it up, switched it on with the dial set to about 3..... Pictures on the wall rattled, the floor vibrated and the cat ran away. Fantastic! Unfortunately I’ve been told not to play it that loud again in all seriousness, this is pretty amazing (though I don’t have much to compare it to). Playing through headphones sounds amazing. I need a few hours to play with the settings now.
  11. That’s great, thanks. I’ve gone for it, it should be here Saturday!
  12. This is a fair point! Though as Machines says, I did wonder if it was decent at low levels. plus transporting the thing. I’ve only got a little 3 door Astra
  13. Hey all. I’ve seen this deal is available again. I’m looking to upgrade from my tiny practice amp to something I can jam with. I think I’ve convinced myself that I want this one because it seems like a great bit of equipment for the price That cab though.... is it going to be way too big & loud for jamming with a guitarist? I’m not sure what I can get to pair with the head that won’t cost a lot more than the package. It’s almost too good a price to pass up but I’m not sure if I’ll end up with one amp that’s too small to practice with someone else and one that’s too big!
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