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Credit where credit is due - bigging up StringsDirect, amazing customer support!

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Well, customer service goes a long way with me. Even better when a retailer does you an unexpected favour out the blue. The story was that classic cutting a string too short. Bought some lovely DR's off here at a good price but stupidly cut the D string a tad too short that it was slipping on my newly purchased Stingray. Gutted to say the least I took to Dr Google to find me a retailer who'd sell me a singular string. Gutted even further i couldn't find anyone, other than across the pond, who'd sell a singular DR string.


Enter 'another Lee' from Strings Direct - a quick email, unsure they can support so they'll get back, had a quick reply and luck is on my side - they're able to meet my needs...but it gets better - Lee to Lee you can have it for free. I'm bowled over by this to say the least! Despite offering they even paid postage...what amazing excellent support from a retailer, top notch! I've bought from them before but will make extra effort to go there again. Customer for life! Supreme customer service.....So BD in Middle Earth, UK i hope you're reading this ;)


So, I'm bigging up Lee at strings Direct - simply brilliant!

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Excellent customer service from Strings Direct, I had a problem with a set of Labella 760FL strings, the A and D were buzzing, no matter how high I raised the bridge. They asked Labella to replace them, which they did. The replacements came all the way from New York, within a week. Problem solved, no hassle. I even got a follow-up email, to check everything was okay. I wouldn't buy strings anywhere else now.

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I'm going to order with Strings Direct today off the back of this. I ordered some strings (and other stuff) from Bass Direct on the 4th of June. They took payment but then emailed to say they didn't have the strings in stock but would send them as soon as they came, if I didn't want a refund first. 


Well, I'm still waiting so I guess it's time to take that refund and look elsewhere. Strings Direct it is. You can tell Lee that good customer service pays dividends next time you speak. 

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On 12/06/2022 at 22:38, yorks5stringer said:

Maybe I could change my name to Mark for a similarly named Bass retailer.....?


I once offered ToneRider to change my band's name if they'd send me a free pickup. Didn't work for some reason. 

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