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  1. We're gigging on bank holiday, main stage, in Bury town centre. Last year there was around 700 / 800 people in the audience. We've not rehearsed for a month, cos the singer has got problems with tinnitus. And we've also got a dep lead guitarist ( but is a top knotch player). I don't usually suffer with nerves, but I think this gig might make my bottom twich slightly. I tend to believe that if the bass and drums are tight ,then everything else just drops into place. But I will probably run through the set at home over the weekend. " Fail to prepare"..... etc.
  2. I use Music Speed Changer app for Android phone. Really easy to use . Octave up / down , adjustable tempo as slow as you need and A / B looping. Also has EQ and waveform slider. Plug phone into preamp, headphones in, done. I used to use Ableton , but this is dead handy, and it's FREE 😀
  3. Nearly spat mouth full of tea everywhere, when I read that SpondonBassed v funny 😁
  4. Although I would like some fancy donkey gear. 😁
  5. Hello Frank blank
  6. Yeah I enjoy playing the Weller set more than The Jam. Although most audiences go mental for The Jam. Foxton wrote many great bass lines, it's just I feel I can sit in the pocket of a Weller groove more comfortably. Doing a 90 mins set of The Jam is knackering.....but I love it.
  7. Yeah the Trace head is punchy as you like, and pretty much bomb proof.
  8. Nice one, we seem to do almost identical sets. Where are you guys based . We're in Manchester
  9. We're called "small weller" because the singer is only about 5'2"😀 We do a mixture of Wellers solo material and The Jam. It's good fun. We are now working on just a Jam set , as a 3 piece. I'll have to check you out.
  10. Thanks for the massive welcome
  11. Thanks, good to be a part of the community
  12. Thanks very much, good to be amongst my kind.
  13. Thanks for the welcome
  14. Hi there, to all the basschat community. I've been using basschat for a few years now, but never signed up. But found the resource invaluable a times, and highly entertaining and amusing..... some of the rants are priceless, glad to see I'm not alone. Anyway I've been playing.....jeez 40 years !!! (Where did that go) gigging for most of that time. Still gigging, been in a Jam tribute band for last 7 years, got the obligatory Ric*#*#er 4003, love/ hate relationship, got a MIJ Fender jazz 62 ri 1994 Trace Elliott 300w head from the early 90s, Markbass 410 , and Ampeg d i , not fancy gear but does the job.
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