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  1. Thanks for the massive welcome
  2. Thanks, good to be a part of the community
  3. Thanks very much, good to be amongst my kind.
  4. Thanks for the welcome
  5. Hi there, to all the basschat community. I've been using basschat for a few years now, but never signed up. But found the resource invaluable a times, and highly entertaining and amusing..... some of the rants are priceless, glad to see I'm not alone. Anyway I've been playing.....jeez 40 years !!! (Where did that go) gigging for most of that time. Still gigging, been in a Jam tribute band for last 7 years, got the obligatory Ric*#*#er 4003, love/ hate relationship, got a MIJ Fender jazz 62 ri 1994 Trace Elliott 300w head from the early 90s, Markbass 410 , and Ampeg d i , not fancy gear but does the job.
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