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  1. Excellent customer service from Strings Direct, I had a problem with a set of Labella 760FL strings, the A and D were buzzing, no matter how high I raised the bridge. They asked Labella to replace them, which they did. The replacements came all the way from New York, within a week. Problem solved, no hassle. I even got a follow-up email, to check everything was okay. I wouldn't buy strings anywhere else now.
  2. I started out on a p bass, albeit a Hondo! Back in the late 70s, but I was never very keen on it, didn't like the string tension, nowhere to anchor your thumb, apart from the pickup, which I found had too much rattle, in that position. Went over to Jazzes, predominantly for the next 30 years. I now play mostly a p bass after trying a friend's a few years ago. Love them! With flats or rounds, they are amazing basses. When you hear people say that they sit in the mix really well..... it's true. I think, with experience and technique ( I play with floating thumb style, anchored on the E) they are fantastic basses, simply by changing playing position, in front, over, or behind the pickup, rolling the tone up or down, you can get so many useable sounds.
  3. Love the Gretch White Falcon, it's the Marilyn Monroe of guitars.
  4. Agree with you on the statement, that a jazz with flats, sits in the mix much better. I've just put Labella 760FL on my Sandberg TT4 passive, and it sounds really beefy, but has great definition, especially if you just blend the bridge pickup in a touch.
  5. Love gigging, love the buzz, before, and after a gig, the band locking in, the power of the bass and drums, the whole band nailing it, taking a step back sometimes and listening to the whole band, and individual musicians, that I respect, and thinking, this sounds superb. Of seeing the audience dancing, the applause, the friends you make, the camaraderie, amongst your band members. There is so much I love about gigging, I've been doing it for over 40 years and I still love it. I don't love unloading my gear at 3 o'clock in the morning when it's pouring down, on a freezing cold night in January! But surely that's a small price to pay, for some of the best times of my life.
  6. I'm not quite sure which pieces of music require both a plectrum and fingers, but surely it would be simpler to palm it, when you need to use your fingers, than to use a cut down thumb pick. I've used plectrums in a lot of bands over the last 40years, and never had problems holding on to them, even at the hottest sweatiest gigs, just buy some grippy plectrums like Dunlop Tortex.
  7. My limelight p bass going through Ashdown abm600mkIV and Markbass 410 cab reminds me of, booting an old leather "Casey" football at a brick wall. Very punchy !
  8. I've just learnt to play "Dance away" Roxy music and " Wild is the wind" David Bowie. Both songs have ace bass parts.
  9. Just bought an Ashdown ABM 600 in perfect condition from Mark, straightforward transaction and very quick delivery.
  10. My basses are worth more than my car....... which is a 15 year old Ford Focus !☹️
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  12. That is beautiful, very tempted. Please someone buy this, I only bought a Sandberg a month ago...... which I was very happy with, until I saw this beauty.
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