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  1. I only managed 34 seconds. Wonder if anyone out there can make the 1 minute mark.😁
  2. Yeah , certainly cheered me up. Great playing, and that old boy has got some moves.😁👍
  3. Simple answer NO . As as kid at school in the seventies, music tuition was very poor. Although I had been playing guitar for 2 years, I was informed that I would have to take my exams on a recorder !!! The lessons were boring and disruptive, as this was the subject that most of the bad lads had chosen too ! having been told by their peers that it was a doddle. Although watching one of the hardest lads in the school trying to play Frere Jacques on the recorder does go down as a highlight. Most of the lessons consisted of us having to listen to Vivaldi, Beethoven or Brahms, there was very little music theory or site reading. Honestly I've learnt more in the last few months of lockdown than I did at school.
  4. Black night by Deep Purple, on a70s Hondo p bass through a bass combo from the Freeman's catalogue.... think I managed to blow the speaker within a few days.... then it sounded even better 😁
  5. Great idea , you could end up as rich as Jeff Bezos 😁
  6. Flares and big collar's GROOOOVY love it. Thanks for turning me on dude. Gonna learn that bass groove tomorrow.
  7. I sing mainly harmony BVs in a Jam tribute band, but take the lead on a couple of Bruce Foxton sung tunes. My approach to singing and playing is this. 1 learn the bass part ( you must be able to play it without thinking about it.... so go over it many times. 2 learn the lyrics ( I often find this to be the most challenging thing to do ) because you will trip yourself up, when playing, if you're having to think about "what comes next lyrically" ? 3 Try to play and sing both parts together. You may find certain parts are a bit tricky, especially up beats in a fairly busy bass line. So slowly play and sing those parts, and work out where the word / words fall on the up beats.... and play those sections, over and over until it kinda syncopates with the bass. (You will find , you have more time and space in the song than you originally thought) Then go into rehearsal full of confidence......and completely f**k it up. REPEAT steps 1,2 and 3 until you nail it. It's not easy, but with time it gets easier and faster to learn new tunes. * We'd just nailed " Beat Surrender" in rehearsal , ready to gig new tune, then the pandemic hit.....Gutted. Stay safe everyone and keep practicing.
  8. Really don't like gold hardware , and some exotic wood finishes, like buck eye burl. Oh and black hardware . And finally I would have any colour bass over shell pink 🤮
  9. I've been enjoying listening to The liquorish quartet from ex Jellyfish members Roger Joseph Manning jr, Eric Dover and Tim Smith. From a forthcoming Ep
  10. Love Sean Hurley, very tasteful playing, serves the song, not flash and a p bass tone to die for.
  11. Like what I'm hearing, thanks for posting.
  12. Go for it. If the song requires slap bass, you've got to do it, and it is a cracking bass line, not "poncey " in the slightest.
  13. There's a band in Manchester called " Cheese puff death squad " I'm not suggesting something as outlandish as that, but it's better not to take choosing a name too seriously
  14. We use passive EV 15 tops, with 1x active 750w EV sub. 2 vocals, bass drum and bass, for a bit of sound reinforcement, so that the bass doesn't have to be silly loud on stage trying to keep up with 2 Orange 50w valve amps. Always sounds punchy and full sounding. I would like another EV sub, but they weigh a ton.
  15. What's going on, Marvin Gaye Tempted, Squeeze Penny Lane,
  16. I only wear certified organic cotton. What a relief !
  17. Nice work, I think most members would like one of these.
  18. Good to hear from a Jellyfish fan, I agree with everything thing you wrote. Such well crafted song's with killer hook lines/ choruses. Some of the song's sound like they were written in the late sixties or early seventies. I remember seeing them on MTV and thinking they looked pretty groovy, I think the video was "The king is half undressed" absolute perfect "power pop" tune. I've just ordered the deluxe edition CDs and I've heard the extra live tracks and spent the last two weeks trying to find as many live performances on YouTube...... I'm almost obsessed with them.....it's almost like discovering The Beatles for the first time. I don't think there's a bad track on either album. Certainly no justice in the world, when a band is so talented both playing, and in songwriting that they fall by the wayside. Check out on YouTube "produce like a pro" for one and a half hour interview with Roger Joseph Manning jr , where they go through the whole of Bellybutton. It's really interesting.
  19. I,ve only just discovered Jellyfish albums Bellybutton and Spilt Milk... how did this amazing band pass me by. I can't get enough of these super talented dudes. The song writing, musicianship,vocals are to me, as good as it gets. And they could pull it all off live equally as well. Any more Jellyfish fan's out there?
  20. We're gigging on bank holiday, main stage, in Bury town centre. Last year there was around 700 / 800 people in the audience. We've not rehearsed for a month, cos the singer has got problems with tinnitus. And we've also got a dep lead guitarist ( but is a top knotch player). I don't usually suffer with nerves, but I think this gig might make my bottom twich slightly. I tend to believe that if the bass and drums are tight ,then everything else just drops into place. But I will probably run through the set at home over the weekend. " Fail to prepare"..... etc.
  21. I use Music Speed Changer app for Android phone. Really easy to use . Octave up / down , adjustable tempo as slow as you need and A / B looping. Also has EQ and waveform slider. Plug phone into preamp, headphones in, done. I used to use Ableton , but this is dead handy, and it's FREE 😀
  22. Nearly spat mouth full of tea everywhere, when I read that SpondonBassed v funny 😁
  23. Although I would like some fancy donkey gear. 😁
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