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  1. The guy playing is the author of this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Soul-Fingers-Legendary-Bassist-Donald/dp/1495052923 I adore Donald's playing, I'm certain he'd sound the same on any old bass. I'm strangely not at all into Labellas & that's the overwhelming impression I got from those clips. RIP 😭
  2. I've been a P person for donkeys years... I just had my first rehearsal with a lovely new-to-me AVRI62 Jazz bass. I could hear it all! Every nuance. And that was with flats. Chef's kiss.
  3. Bought a rather nice J Bass from Mark a couple of weeks back, great comms, easy meet up, perfectly smooth transaction, lovely chap, thanks again!
  4. Hi all, I just signed up to this, I'm not affiliated. For aspiring Jazzers, Morley College (Paul Westwood) is running an online "Jazz Bass" course Thursday evenings 18:30 - 20:00 from Sept 2022 to Jun 2023. It's actually split into 3 separate semesters, I missed the boat for last year, but had a very promising 1:1 with Paul. https://www.morleycollege.ac.uk/courses/course/jazz-bass/
  5. Quick update... Typical me, I got back from my jollies with a shiny new Ampeg SCR waiting for me. I love it! P bass with flats + SCR w/ ultra lo + a flat ABM600 + Barefaced SuperCompact is something special. All other bass/amp/cab/EQ combinations are in the same ballpark. Thanks all!
  6. Another: jazz is the ultimate tool, it has it all. Listen & Learn & Play jazz.
  7. 🤓a.k.a. share your brain & save others some pain One revelation for me, a very light picking hand often gives a better tone (the quintessential sound of whatever it is you're playing - clearer, more balanced across frequencies, more consistent across strings, more detail... beautiful 🥰)
  8. I made a seemingly fair deal with my ex; for every new bass I got, she got a new top. Notice how Debenhams has gone under?
  9. Oh I see, I haven't for a long time, I thought it did some weird compressing, I'll give it a blast next week
  10. On the ABM? Yes it is nice, I think of Ampegs being tighter. I actually prefer the ABM500 III to ABM600 IV... Too late now!
  11. Hmmm 2 votes & I already have the Quilter...!
  12. Hi folks, I'm in my next want-not-need phase, I will lock things down & try before I buy. After years of an underpowered Ampeg B2RE & lusting after Ashdown, I got into ABMs. For a short time it was heaven. Now, different styles & tastes, I'm lusting after Ampeg. I want a quieter vintage thing on one hand, and a full bore grindy scoop on the other. I actually think SansAmp & poweramp might be the magic, but to entertain authenticity I'd appreciate your branded experiences... (I use a Barefaced SuperCompact or One10 right now, but tempted by lovely Eminence drivers & a tweeter again) As I've mastered the one-trip load-in, "fridge heads" are right out. SVT3 hybrid looks like a perfect package, but expect I'll wish it went to 11. SVT4 is overkill & a bit of a behemoth, but I expect does it all and more. SVT7 & PF-500/800 - great lightweight class D packages, but *still* seem to be tainted with overheating/cutting out issues all these years on? PF-50T - I have no reference for valve power sections, are we into "very loud, no clean headroom" here? Thanks! Mark
  13. I have an email from Allianz saying their cover includes leaving stuff unattended on/by the stage "under the supervision of CCTV / venue staff". Plus I got unattended vehicles, all be it in a fixed luggage compartment. Both important in my opinion.
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