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Dark theme (testing)


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I've noticed that the 'remove formatting' button doesn't.


It seems when someone using light mode pastes into a message, they create a block of black on white text that is then impossible to make white on dark grey without stripping its formatting in something like word.


I'm thinking of the lists in Bass Bash threads that get copied and updated many times.


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Apologies if this has been mentioned previously but when I view any page, at the bottom it says, "Recently Browsing: 0 members" and "No registered users viewing this page". Including me. It's only when I refresh the page that I can then see who else (if anyone) might be viewing.

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On 11/09/2021 at 16:15, jrixn1 said:

Suggest if possible that you remove the ability to customize text colour.  E.g. presuming this looks fine on a dark theme, but it's close to unreadable on the default theme.

CC @will4bass


It’s unreadable on the dark theme. 

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38 minutes ago, ped said:

That's because people are pasting in formatted text - I've set it so that from now on any pasted text will be de-formatted. Watch the complaints flood in 😆


Damn. Now we won't be able to tell who's recycling Facebook...

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