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just not sure about this Fender what d'you think?

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Guy says it's an American Standard Jazz but a few things don't seem right.


I sent two messages and he replied almost instantly.
Thing is, the replies left it even more confusing and I trust this even less, although the machine heads are right, the serial looks misplaced.
There's so many things wrong about it, and things right about it hence the title of this post.

If the seller is a member of this community I invite him to comment....thanks.


Here's my messages and replies, start from the bottom (ooh er misses)



Hi there no it came straight out the factory like that and ive never modded it , its got the fender noisless N3 pickups in there. Cheers

Your previous message

Ok thanks,
What’s the active eq thats in there then ? Is the passive originals still available with the instrument? (sorry to be a pest but very interested in your bass)


Hi this is the American standard Jazz bass with custom active electronics and its not a Deluxe model thx

Your previous message

Unfamiliar with this model, can you give more info on it?
The ‘AmericanDeluxe’ has 21 frets and string thru option which this doesn’t and is why I’m asking. Thanks
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26 minutes ago, Lozz196 said:

US serial number but no thru body stringing, Fender hi-mass bridge but not the one that comes on US models, passive/active switch in a different place to where they are usually. I’d say genuine neck/tuners, rest put together.

however, the serial looks haphazard like its in the wrong place to me.

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2 hours ago, gjones said:

My guess would be a Mex deluxe body and a US neck. A US body would be string through.

I think you're correct. Neck looks kosher and has, according to online Fender serial number checkers, a Corona S/N (although it isn't possible to find whether the number relates to a complete instrument or just a neck). Body, however, appears identical to this Mex Active Jazz - Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass, Maple Fingerboard, 3 Colour - Andertons Music Co..

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There are five days left on this so called auction which started at £400.

Here it is again... eBay item number:164836123964              

Can't wait to see at what figure the bidder below * drops out and the other magic shill boy does likewise.

At which point some lucky eBayer will stand a very good chance of winning a totally unique bitsa.

*  private listing - bidder identity protected £820.00 28 Apr 2021 at 11:30:09am BST

After all - using a private listing is a completely acceptable way of setting a minimum price and it's so much fun. Why would you not involve your friends?

Or maybe both boys(completely unknown to each other - of course) have been just a tadge greedy and it will end up for auction yet again.

Anybody asked how much it weighs ?  Or if it stinks?


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