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  1. Shonks

    SOLD Zoom MS60B multi pedal

    hope you don't mind me posting this, should help with the sale or convince you to keep it. I recommend this pedal, particularly for the compressors, HPF, and octivider There's new firmware mk2 for it and now a free editor for you computer...get it here: https://tonelib.net
  2. God!..i can't believe I just read through this again!!! it's the bloody sold one -- the seller still hasn't bothered to edit the title...BUGGER!!
  3. put 'sold' in the title for gawd sake!
  4. put 'sold' in the title please
  5. Shonks

    Bass Bits Clearout

    are the jazz pups the alnico 5 type?
  6. since 1/3 of my trio (Palmgrease) retired to Ireland recently I've decided I want to put a duo together. I need a jazz guitarist that can happily knock out tunes from the real book, play some Charlie Parker heads in unison with me on bass - impress the audience (as if). Perform favorites like Autumn Leaves, All the things you are,other well know standards. Some sambas, some bossa : One Note Samba, Ipanema etc We'd be sharing solos, swapping fours lot of improv and thoroughly enjoying ourselves Two players means all kinds of gigs would be available, that regular bands couldn't do. Small bars, restaurants, even old folk homes. It would be a great way to advance your playing skills & repertoire. So.....If you know anyone who might like to get involved please put them in touch. only guitarists between the ages of 18 to 95 need apply (give or take) Shonks Live Palmgrease trio at the bottom of the page on this link: https://soundcloud.com/palmgrease
  7. Shonks

    mike.kennedy feedback

    cant find any feedback for Mike so allow me to be the 1st: i put up a post in 'Wanted' for some black tape wounds' and Mike offered some up. He let me know, agreed a price, I paypaled him with a friends and family gift and two days later they're are on my bass and I'm a happy plonker. Easy deal, ..lovely Shonks
  8. that's cheap! have a bump! I've started using mine with electric bass just for the HPF (notch) ...really great for cutting those ultra low frequencies!!! lots of bass without the boom!
  9. a bit worn but good price https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/bartolini-57cbjd-pickup-set-for-fender-5-string-bass/1284049154
  10. Shonks

    2X18 feedback

    I just bought Will's Markbass Compressore from the BC marketplace. We don't know each other, & live at opposite ends of the UK but as usual this site instills a camaraderie and trust in one another that so far has always been a positive experience. After many years hanging here and buying and selling stuff on BC I've had nothing but great deals and met some great pals. I'm now recommending 2x18 (Will) as a cool and trustworthy bloke. Great pedal, good price, sent quickly, instant coms. Buy and sell anything with him, you're going to be happy!!
  11. 64 this October.....like in that Beatles tune........who'da thought here's some bass featured tunes posted...and lower down is my jazz trio [url="https://soundcloud.com/palmgrease"]https://soundcloud.com/palmgrease[/url]
  12. [quote name='dyerseve' timestamp='1500590431' post='3339022'] Now sold thanks [/quote]so put it title the title then!!!!