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  1. that's cheap! have a bump! I've started using mine with electric bass just for the HPF (notch) ...really great for cutting those ultra low frequencies!!! lots of bass without the boom!
  2. a bit worn but good price https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/bartolini-57cbjd-pickup-set-for-fender-5-string-bass/1284049154
  3. 2X18 feedback

    I just bought Will's Markbass Compressore from the BC marketplace. We don't know each other, & live at opposite ends of the UK but as usual this site instills a camaraderie and trust in one another that so far has always been a positive experience. After many years hanging here and buying and selling stuff on BC I've had nothing but great deals and met some great pals. I'm now recommending 2x18 (Will) as a cool and trustworthy bloke. Great pedal, good price, sent quickly, instant coms. Buy and sell anything with him, you're going to be happy!!
  4. 64 this October.....like in that Beatles tune........who'da thought here's some bass featured tunes posted...and lower down is my jazz trio [url="https://soundcloud.com/palmgrease"]https://soundcloud.com/palmgrease[/url]
  5. [quote name='dyerseve' timestamp='1500590431' post='3339022'] Now sold thanks [/quote]so put it title the title then!!!!
  6. 75 Bitsa Jazz Bass FS/FT

    put 'SOLD' in the title!!!!!
  7. and this cab also 300 watts - 8 ohm 1x15 custom build to Bag End spec loaded with an Ashdown Blueline speaker, [u]not [/u]the blue cone type built with quality beach ply - weighs in at about 14kg net [b]£100[/b] [attachment=247739:$_86 (1).JPG] [attachment=247740:$_86 (2).JPG] [attachment=247741:$_86 (3).JPG] [attachment=247742:$_86 (4).JPG] [attachment=247743:$_86 (5).JPG] [attachment=247744:$_86.JPG]
  8. 12" speaker ... sold..!! 1x15 loaded cab still available [attachment=247351:$_86.JPG] [attachment=247294:$_86 (3).JPG] [attachment=247293:$_86 (2).JPG] [attachment=247292:$_86 (1).JPG] Extremely light weight Celestion BN12-300S 4ohm NEO Bass Guitar Speaker 12" - £65 had this in a cab on it's own driven by a small 180 watt amp. Used rarely for jazz gigs (double bass) Being a 300 watts speaker its had an easy life. I'm using the cab with an 8ohm speaker now and it's part of a bigger rig so this is now surplus. 'Lean business' are selling these at a £115 on special offer, so if you need one here's a bargain opportunity here's the page with the spec 'n stuff : [url="http://www.lean-business.co.uk/eshop/celestion-bn12300s-4ohm-neo-bass-guitar-speaker-12-offer-p-344.html"]http://www.lean-busi...ffer-p-344.html[/url] I've not got any of the original packaging to collection is preferred - I'm in Essex
  9. Decent living room practice amp Two parallel inputs - handy headphone socket for silent practice - also handy only £20 - handy-ish collect from Westcliff on Sea, Essex
  10. some FUNKY bass featured tracks

    [quote name='Highfox' timestamp='1486972072' post='3235873'] Some great chops, touch and groove. Bassrace, love the fast finger style stuff. I feel inspired, but don't think I'm upto it [/quote] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]thanks bro' [/font][/color]
  11. gig tips - session tips

    [quote name='blue' timestamp='1487905723' post='3244076'] The gigs keep coming in and I keep my mouth shut. Blue [/quote]as long as the gigs are coming in...this is probably the most important advice of all...!!!