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  1. I wonder where these are made and under what sort of conditions....
  2. I started learning War Pigs last night after watching that girl rip into it thinking, 'well, if she can do it...' Hmm anyway, not so easy as it turns out.
  3. Roger Waters, for all his alleged faults, is still edgy - even in his old age - and I like that. All this recent attention prompted me to watch the 'Us and Them' tour film from a couple of year ago and there's a rawness to the music that is often lacking in performers as they get older, Gilmour's comparable efforts being a case in point.
  4. people seem to rate these https://www.studiospares.com/Microphones/DI-Boxes/Studiospares-DI-BoxPreamp_458190.htm
  5. 78 is Heart of Glass by Blondie
  6. It's interesting how we've come the same conclusion - I've not come across this guy before but I watched about 2 mins of this, got the general gist of the issue and thought 'blown out of all proportion'
  7. could it be the string making contact with the pickup pole piece ?
  8. Like you, I started out using stubbies in whatever thickness it was that allowed a bit of flex but found that they broke too easily. I then changed to tortex jazz picks but eventually got fed up of the scratchy noise they made on the strings. The best compromise I've found are standard fender heavy picks that give a nice bright round tone and are very resilient. The only downside is that they are flat and smooth so don't offer much grip - not a problem for me so much but might be if you have sweaty fingers.
  9. Hi Andy - another wakey lad here
  10. surely it's not a good idea to post your bank details on an open forum?
  11. they're all good but that first guy is stunning on the gnr track
  12. Phil_T

    Zoom B1 Four

    I've had one for a couple of weeks now - I think it's great. You can't go wrong for the money
  13. my CTM 30 is a bit baffling in that regard. I spoke to Dave Green (the amp's designer) when I first got it and he advised that 12 noon on all the dials was pretty much flat so that's how I ran it for a while but always felt it was very bright. Eventually I did a bit of knob twiddling and found much more pleasing tones with some very wierd settings. The eq knobs all seem to affect each other to quite a large degree so I can only suggest playing about with it and not being afraid to try settings that might seem 'wrong'
  14. Love this colour - I built my own cheapo version of this bass last year and had a go at a light relic finish (mainly because my spray job wasn't perfect)
  15. yes, there is copper strip bridge earth. I haven't taken the pickup out yet to check thats it's connected properly but the eveidence suggests that it is
  16. Yes, I expected to see a ground wire connecting all the pots to the jack which is why I was a bit confused. It only occurred to me that the control plate might be in the circuit while I was typing up the the original post
  17. by metal plate you mean the chrome control plate presumably, not the copper plate?
  18. This is a photo of the control plate from 91 MIJ squier jazz that I bought this week. I'm puzzled about why there is no ground wire connecting to the jack. The copper plate that I pulled out sits in the bass of the control cavity and has three black wires soldered to it, 1 from the front pickup cavity and 2 from the back pickup cavity (I assume these are from ground shields in the pickup cavities/bridge but haven't looked yet). Two further black wires, one from each pickup cavity are connected to the back of the first pot and a wire then connects the pot to the copper shield. None of this, however, is connected to the jack ground unless it's somehow going through the control plate itself. Weird, anyone know what's going on? The bass isn't particularly noisy so it appears to be working somehow. There's very little hum and what there is reduces when the strings are being touched. Touching the poles of the bridge pickup introduces a bit of noise but not much wheres the front poles are really bad so they are obviously not grounded.
  19. It cuts out a specific frequency. The screenshot below shows a notch filter being used to cut most of the bass guitar from an mp3 file but in the case of a DI for live use it would, I assme, be used to tame a troublesome resonant frequency in the room
  20. Phil_T

    obbm's feedback

    Easy transaction with Dave for some pickups, no problems at all and would happily buy from him again.
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