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Yes, you're a musician....

You don't have two pennies to rub together...

Let's face it, you've given names to those moths living in your wallet and even they ain't got no respect for you, you're a bum!!


But look on the bright side... Those four gigs you play each year, yeah, you're winning then!



Never mind that they only pay £160...



“Mate, don't forgot your fuel costs, vehicle wear & tear, equipment cost, fortnightly rehearsal space hire and those two J20's you bought at the bar..."




Needless to say, with the exception of the beautiful, the dumb and those riding coat-tails, REAL musicians very rarely get paid... unless of course you count the priceless commodity of “exposure" as a form of payment... Which it ain't!  ¬¬


So here's what I'm gonna do to make the harsh reality of life as a musician just that much more bearable...

I'm gonna offer up my rather stunning STERLING RAY 34 by MUSICMAN at the equally attractive price of £495 :swoon: :swoon: :swoon:


“Is he mad?!" I hear you ask...


Well, to answer that question, “yes, yes I am..." :i-m_so_happy:



So, for those of you that have been hiding in a bunker since first hearing news of the “Y2K Bug" back in ‘98...






Above: a plush toy resembling a scaled down version of the “Y2K Bug"



The Sterling Ray 34 bass guitar is endorsed by the one and only “Music Man".

Now, whilst I'm not entirely sure who exactly the “Music Man" is, I am led to believe that it is one of these two men...




...Timmy Mallet or Rod Stewart...


...either way the Sterling Ray 34 is an instrument of exceptional quality with design, sound, hardware and finish that far surpasses it's RRP... (Rock & Roll Peanuts)


Basically, the Sterling Ray 34 is constructed using the same components and materials as the Music Man Stingray and also has the same body, neck and setup of a Music Man Stingray... effectively it “IS" Music Man Stingray with a different decal sticker on the headstock and with the instrument's construction outsourced to an overseas “Music Man" factory.

To put it briefly, there is very little difference between the Sterling Ray 34 and the Stingray and when played side-by-side only the most discerning Rod Stewart or Timmy Mallet fan might differentiate between the two...




Teaser pic... “Wait, is that a Stingray?!!!..." “No!!!"



“This is a Stingray!!!" ...

No it's not!! It's an eagle ray (apparently...)




THIS IS A STINGRAY!!!  (hopefully)




"This!!! Is a STERLING RAY 34!!!!"



So basically, the Sterling is in Excellent condition all round with no marks, dents blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...  The pick guard has minor markings from plectrum use, so evidently has served it's purpose. The pick guard markings are faint and only noticeable in certain light.  Obviously the pick guard can be replaced if you would want the instrument to look “Brand-Spankers"...

Finish be a rather alluring “Antique Maple", which looks rather funky and potentially retro in my opinion... You know, afros & perms, ya dig?...

Scale is 34" with gorgeous Rosewood board, MM AlNiCo Pole Magnet Humbucking Pickup!!!  (In tha' sweet spot!...) Plenty of classic Stingray Punch!!  3 Band active preamp, the works...


Included is an official Sterling Ray Padded Bass Case and a comfortable padded guitar strap with Dunlop strap locks.


Here's all the features collated;

  • Antique maple finish 
  • Ash body
  • Maple top
  • Alnico pole magnet MM pickups
  • MM design Bridge & Saddles
  • 34 inch standard scale
  • 21 Fret Maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • MM design premium tuners
  • Sterling Ray 34 Padded Case
  • Locking Guitar Strap Holders
  • Locking Padded Guitar Strap


Feel free to message me and ask about my thoughts on sandstone paving slabs, or I could just save you the message and tell you now...


“They're ok." 




Trial / collection of the Sterling is more than welcome, I could also arrange a part-meet for fuel cost and as always courier is an option so please message for further beetroots...


Behold; antique maple seduction...


Mmmmm..... Delicious!!


Edited by Ted Theodore Logan, III
because he clearly needs to brush up on his knowledge of Sea Rays
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"Phwoaaaar, it' s braaaaaahhhhn."

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All things considered that is quite a nice looking bass.

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What is the weight Timmy? :D

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On 24/02/2020 at 10:54, Ted Theodore Logan, III said:

There is no weight!

The Sterling Ray is available NOW!!!







....oh... ahem... :$



4.2kg... ^_^


😁 Best add of the year.





Edited by cascanicoff
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I  am missing the previous garden-based backdrops in your more recent sales.

One can only surmise those leaves have still not been swept up and rather than face the scorn of the BC Massive as to your gardening prowess, you have defaulted to a less contentious music-room-in- the- loft shot.

Whilst on the subject, did you drop one of your gardening gloves in the last shot as a subtle hint?

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Gorgeus bass, by the way. Just mentioning... 😉

Edited by cascanicoff
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    • By Doctor J
      The good people at Ishibashi sent me this old Bacchus Grooveline. I reckon it’s early to mid-2000’s. I’ve been looking for a Stingray with a J neck size for a while and this really fits the bill. It’s a dinky J ash body, weight is a sweet 3.5kg. Maple neck with with blocks and binding is always a winner.
      It’s a fixer upper and that was reflected in the price, but these Handmade logo’d Bacchii are always superbly built and the pickups are amazing. Such is the case here, it’s a really good player, even with a duff fret job, old strings and that criminal bbot bridge in place of the Deviser Tune-o-matic. What were they thinking?
      I will sort out that crack and replace the bridge and broken tuner. I’m thinking of stripping what is left of the finish and refinishing in an emerald green stain. The previous owner had fingernails like Wolverine, by the looks of it. I’ll also sort out the frets, a level, crown and dress awaits.
      Anyone know where a man can buy Gotoh tuner buttons?

    • By Salotti
      Hi all,
      i'm selling this beautiful and quite rare Sterling USA made, Classic model. Made in 2011, i'm the second owner:
      - ash body, classic shape (no contours)
      - higly figured flamed maple neck (jazz bass style nut width)
      - 2 band EQ (boost only)
      - Series mode humbucking pickup (VERY fat sounding)
      - vintage bridge with mutes
      - brand new DR hi beam strings on it
      - original hard case and tags included
      I can ship worldwide at cost and risk of the buyer.

    • By iSeal95
      Here I have a beautiful Musicman Stingray in translucent Teal Blue.
      The neck and board are maple with some light birds eye maple figuring that give it some extra cool points especially up close.
      Made in USA, California, this is a perfect representation of what a Musicman Stingray is and should be! 
      Official Musicman hardcase and also a lovely Levys gun bag style bass case made in Canada back when they used to make them for Musicman.
      The weight is 4.1kg
      I'm open to trades, looking for something traditional and ideally 5 string (fender usa jazz, precision, lakland) but I'm open to offers of anything so try me.

    • By Hellzero
      MUSIC MAN (ERNIE BALL) StingRay 5 fretted with a rare one piece light ash body and the "shell" pickguard.
      For sale only as I'm thinning down the herd (again).
      Asking price including shipping fully insured with tracking number to your place in these European countries (ask for other countries) : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (excluding French overseas departments and territories), Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom : £1175 GBP !!!
      In fully working condition and in excellent overall condition.
      Here are the specifications :
      Body : one piece light ash body
      Neck : 6 screws bolt-on maple
      Fingerboard : rosewood
      Frets : 22 (no wear)
      Headstock : typical Music Man 4 + 1 shape
      Pickup : Music Man AlNiCo
      Preamp : Music Man 3 bands with 3 positions switch
      Controls : volume, treble, mid, bass, 3 positions switch (series/series filtered/parallel)
      Tuners : Music Man
      Bridges : Music Man
      Strings spacing at bridge : 17.5 mm
      Nut : bone
      Strings spacing at nut : 9.5 mm
      Knobs : original black metal
      Scale : 34 inches
      Hardware colour : chrome
      Truss rod : 1 (fully working)
      Finish : natural gloss slightly yellowed with original shell pickguard
      Land of craftsmanship : USA
      Serial number : E29111
      Year : 15th of March 2002
      Weight : 4.3 kilos
      Action : from 1.5 mm under the G string to 2 mm under the B string at 12th fret (can go lower, but was perfect for me)
      Will come with the original Music Man StingRay hard case (which was still a paid option in 2002).
      Non-smoking environment as usual.
      I'm only selling this bass because I'm thinning down the herd as I've just acquired a Status S2 Classic 5 headed fretless, which suits my taste better than any fretted bass.
      Here is the link to the StingRay 5 page : https://www.music-man.co.uk/instruments/basses/stingray-5
      The bass has been fully set up professionally by Christophe LEDUC. It has a new battery and is fitted with a brand new set of D'Addario EXL170-5 nickel round wound strings (45 - 65 - 80 - 100 - 130), which fit the bass to perfection.
        What you see is what you get !
      Look at the pictures taken under different angles to see the real condition : almost in new condition with the very few scratches, the most "important" ones being on the headstock (bloody low ceilings).
      Don't hesitate to ask for more.
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