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  1. … to get the top even neater regarding the patch cables (I use the same ones) try using 3M Dual Lock to mount the pedals. That leaves around a 6mm gap underneath each pedal where the monorail cable can be routed. That way most of them would be hidden from view. Also as the cable is fairly stiff I’ve found I don’t really need any cable anchoring as it stays put fairly well by itself. Anyhow lovely board and a great selection of pedals 😁👍🏼
  2. jimbobothy


    … hey all, just sold a Spectracomp to Matt. No hassle at any point, great comms and quick payment. Would definitely deal with again without hesitation. Cheers 👍🏼
  3. … nice comment, I’ve got a few boards built now so I’ll shuffle them into ‘Live’ and ‘Creative’ categories. I like the train of thought thanks 👍🏼
  4. …. had a Korg SV1 88 Black a few years ago but sold it to the keys player in the band I’m in. Recently felt the pull of the ivories again lol and did a last second bid (much to my missus’ dismay) that won a very good condition 2009 SV1 73. I had the stand and monitors from before. I really got it to play around for my own amusement as I have no plans ever to gig keys 🎹, no that would be funny 😆
  5. Lovely stuff. No idea what you’re on about most of the time but love it anyway 😁
  6. … why aren’t the gaps between the labels uniform, you’re slipping your standards 😝. Lovely job 😁
  7. …. it’s more a matter of using the pedals when needed, rather just because you have them available kind of thing ….
  8. … had a rehearsal last night for the Funk/Motown/Soul band and it’s amazing how many of my pedals I DIDN’T need lol!! Least they’re there if I ever do (and I took one of my smaller boards, oh well 😁). I’m liking the thought of smaller setups at the mo tbh 👍🏼
  9. … love the EWS, just my missus would go absolutely bananas if I bought another pedal at the mo lol 😝
  10. … so if I buy from Thomann or Bax I wouldn’t pay the import and handling charge?
  11. Hey all, Just bought a pedal off Richard and all went well. Great comms, no hassle at all and arrived when it should have. Good BC’er 👍🏼
  12. jimbobothy


    Hey all, bought a tuner from Lawrence where there was a great price, quick postage, bomb proof packaging along with good comms. Would definitely deal with again. Cheers 👍🏼
  13. PM’d re Boss pedal, I’ll have it please 👍🏼
  14. … bit different to my Mk II (control knobs and case a bit different, I prefer yours tbh 👍🏼) but an absolutely fantastic pedal. On another point what does the FV stand for in your title?
  15. … just bought Peter’s MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe pedal. Well packaged, great comms, good price and works as it should. Thanks would deal with again. Peace.
  16. … how do you plug in the one in the pot with leaves 🍃 on and is it by ‘Many Leaves Audio’ 😆
  17. …. I really want this but don’t need it ha ha 😵‍💫
  18. … and now on it’s way to me 👍🏼😁
  19. … yet another reshuffle of the Nano Max. I’ve taken off two larger pedals, a Markbass Compressore and a Cog Custom Dirtbox. In their place I have put a MXR Carbon Copy (love these), a TC Electronic Mojo Mojo, a Boss OC2 and finally a Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor. I’ve also switched from the normal Evidence Audio SIS cables to some Squareplug/Mogami cables. These are quicker, have a slimmer width and tbh are a bit easier to work with as I seem to be changing so much. I guess we’ll see how long this setup lasts then 😁
  20. … put a call out for a replacement Warwick tuner as I was in need. Martyn got in touch and a great deal was done. Thank you very much, fantastic comms, well packaged and very timely. Recommended BC’er 👍🏼
  21. …. how much are they each please?
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