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  1. Hey all, Mark just sold me an octave pedal. Very well packaged and arrived in good time. Would deal with again no worries. Cheers
  2. … just a word of experience from my part. I started with an Boss OC-2, then a HX Stomp a few years ago, my plan was to see what effects I’d actually use then go down the physical pedal route soley. Err, now I’ve got no Stomp (but I have just got a Zoia 😆) and an abundance of analogue pedals that is nearly at peak (is there such a thing as peak + 1 ha ha), loads of actual pedal boards, 4 PSUs, a mountain of patch cables, have to deal with some crazy hum issues and keep having to buy dual lock! While I do like physical pedals, I can’t help but think I would have been better off just keeping the Stomp! Would have saved me a bucket of brass and help me not spend hours tinkering with boards when I should be practicing ha ha 🤔😁. End of the day tinkering with pedals and boards is fun, but I find I can get a bit distracted by all that and not really play the actual bass ha ha
  3. Yeah, I got the price rise email from Barefaced today as well. I’ve already got one though and unfortunately don’t have enough readies or space for a second ha ha. Good price and GLWTS 👍🏼
  4. lol, I actually only took a tuner to my last gig due to a no. of uncertainties. As it’s a Funk/Soul band (but mostly Soul tbh) I faired ok. The board I had planned to use will definitely get shrunk even more now 😎
  5. Hey all, Has anyone used a Volto 3 with a Xotic 18V adaptor successfully? Pedaltrain state in their manual that the Volto 3 is ONLY for 9V analog pedals, I've a Xotic SP compressor that can be run at 9, 15 or 18V. Has anyone ever run one using the adaptor at either 15 or 18 V successfully without any damage etc. I presume it'd be ok, but just want to check before I commit lol. Peace.
  6. Hey all, Just bought a board from Paul. A fine deal and no issues at all. Cheers.
  7. Hey folks, Just bought a pedal from Eddie, all good from my side and would happily deal with again. Peace.
  8. IIRC this was a one off as Tom wanted to try it out. There was a post on the pedal board thread a while ago with it on and I asked about it then. It is a great form factor isn’t it 👍🏼
  9. Recently bought a pedal from Ben, good and quick comms, quick delivery etc. Cheers.
  10. … how do you find the Zoia please? Are the effects available comparable to their pedal separate counterparts? I used to have a HX Stomp but found for a few effects I wanted analogue pedals as the digital counterparts were not quite the same etc.
  11. …. yeah tell me about it, I priced up my main board recently and it was just under being able to get TWO Neural DSP Quad Cortex units…. …. but I like actual pedals 😁
  12. … lol, see what kind of sounds I can get out of this he he 😁
  13. I have a few compressors including the Xotic. Enough controls for me (always on and the odd bit if twiddling but not much really). I love the fact it’s analogue and reasonably simple. It squishes nicely and at low and mid settings no real issue with noise. At high if you adjust the blend control suitably noise is reduced to an acceptable level. I also have a Spectracomp that I like as well.
  14. .. Wiretaps are great pedals aren’t they 👍🏼
  15. … think it keeps your finger style technique more even as it prevents you from digging in too much, maybe 🤔
  16. Hey all, Just bought a pedal from Laurence. It was well packaged, very good price, as described and posted quickly using Special Delivery. All top stuff so would definitely deal with again, Peace 👍🏼
  17. … could I please ask what is the benefit of the G3?
  18. … do you know when Tom at Cog Effects made the smaller T-47?
  19. … playing live this sort of setup would probably be fine for most of the stuff I play. I however have a few more pedals because, well you know 😁😳🤔
  20. Cog Effects Knightfall 66 is a good 2 channel overdrive if you can source one.
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