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  1. Hey all, I recently sold my Sfx Micro Thumpinator to Jan over in the Czech Republic, and apart from a slight delay in it getting to him (courier issue) it was all great. He had very good and quick comms, paid what I asked no problems and was generous enough to offer to pay postage again due to an issue that thankfully didn't arise. No problems at all dealing with Jan and I'd recommend anyone to deal with him. Thanks for the sale. Peace,
  2. Nice, thanks for the info. I thought a Stomp purchase at the end of last year would be it for pedals, 4 boards later I was wrong. The instant feedback of analogue tweaking is great isn’t it. Still have the stomp on a Nano with a Filter Twin and an OC2 in the FX loops. So small, but that is also a bit of a let down as ‘more’ is always better right 😁
  3. ... may I ask how do you use the two dittos? I saw the MC6 and was half expecting so see a Stomp on there as well ha ha ☺️
  4. Lol, I’ve just seen this and now have 4 boards built, a spare board and want a Nano Max 🙄
  5. Thanks again for the input chaps. I don’t play in a pro environment so can’t presume the phantom power would have been turned on/off from the last time the desk was used. Either way I don’t have any TRS/XLR converters, but I do have a couple of JDi s. I’ll just take them off one of the boards they’re on if I use the HX Stomp straight into the desk. Thanks again for your comments 👍🏼
  6. Great replies chaps, much appreciated. Summarising a DI will convert an unbalanced (ie TS) signal to balanced, a TS to XLR converter won’t. The original query was regards to the HX Stomp and phantom power damage reduction however. If I used a TRS to XLR converter I’d still be at risk of damaging the unit. Simplest solution then is to keep using a DI if I’m going straight into a desk then I suppose?
  7. ... so would the signal from a JDi XLR out be unbalanced as well if it’s only being fed a TS connection?
  8. ... the inputs the lead goes into are XLR, hence the question. Are the outs both balanced on the HX Stomp (ie just using L/Mono output). I’ve changed from a Classic Jr to a Nano so have no room for a DI on the board anymore (it’s now just the HX Stomp with an Aguilar Filtertwin and a Boss OC2 in each of the FX Loops). My old board went into a Radial JDi from the L/Mono output.
  9. .... does anyone know if when using a TS to XLR converter phantom power can travel down, ie. If I used a TS to XLR converter to get my signal from a HX Stomp (not using a DI box) is there any chance if the phantom power was left on the unit could be damaged? I understand if the connector was a TRS to XLR there could be a risk. Any input would be appreciated thanks.
  10. Recently sold some Markbass Basskeepers to Tony, easy deal with good comms. Recommended BC'er on all counts. Cheers.
  11. Hi Jan, PM me please so we can discuss further thanks. Peace.
  12. Another happy BCer here. Great price for a newer design Sfx Micro Thumpinator. Received the next day (posted via DPD) and packaged very safely. Would happily deal with again, Thanks Simon.
  13. Hey folks, I’ve for sale x 2 Markbass Bass Keepers. I’ve had them for a few years and not really used them. For a very compact and lightweight bass support/alternative to a stand they are a decent idea if your cabs are suitable. I’m after £7.00 each posted, or £12.50 for both posted in UK. Any questions please ask.
  14. Hey folks, For sale is a Sfx Micro Thumpinator fixed High Pass Filter. There is loads of information online, you probably know what it does if you're looking anyhow 😁 I'm asking what I bought it for a while ago off here, £80 posted to the UK only. I’d take £75 collected also 👍🏼 It's in great condition and works as it should. The only reason I'm selling is that I have just bought another one off here that is of a newer more low profile design (that'll tuck more easily underneath a Pedaltrain flat design board if needed). It fits fine underneath an angled board (see below for illustration), or if you have space it’ll go on the top side easily due to the small footprint. Peace and any questions please ask.
  15. Love it, made me laugh. I definitely have really enjoyed the process of collecting, designing and building boards. I have 3 after having none for over 20 yrs of playing. I went for a basic compressor only based Nano, a Helix Stomp based Classic Jr with analogue octave and filter, then finally an all analogue Classic Jr. Just wanted to see and hear the difference, if any between them all. However, I’m now wanting to try other board sizes and re-jig them all, and not even had a chance to properly gig them yet. It won’t end will it he he 😁 Lol!!
  16. Fantastic board, my fav so far tbh. Neat, compact, great choice of pedals and single colour scheme. Ace Ace Ace.
  17. ... it has definitely been fettled by Jon as I asked him to do it 😉
  18. Nice bass, fantastic player (err, and composer and studio engineer 👍🏼😁). Keep up the great work Tamas and GLWTS.
  19. ... just bought a 1 Spot from Christian. Great price, sent promptly and works as it should. Cheers would deal with again.
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