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Musicman Caprice Heritage Tobacco Burst

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I got this recently but unfortunately I need to raise fund, so for sale my lovely Musicman Caprice in Heritage Tobacco Burst. The condition is like new - pristine and immaculate. Comes with original Musicman Caprice hardcase.

The bass is light - only 3.8kg.


Demo Videos:



















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Mine was for sale too, but I've decided to withdrawn it. The necks on these basses are really great which makes the bass easy to play. I like that. From the factory, the nut was cut a little high, so I lowered it... It's so comfortable now.

And of course the caprice sounds awesome in all settings.. This might be a future classic! 

Good luck with the sale. Though you might rethink once you play it again :)

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@SurroundedByManatees Thanks!

It is an awesome bass indeed. Would not be sellling it if I don't need to raise fund. Of course if I managed to sell my other basses, the Caprice will stay 😊

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5 hours ago, chris7273 said:


is it still available ?

thank you

Yes still available.

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Thanks for thinking about me!

I’m in an odd position now, been after one for a while and nothing came up, so commuted at weekend to spend a whole load of $$ on my old ‘71 campervan so that I can hopefully get out for a break when this craziness starts to come to an end, later this year

might have to tap my better half up 


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Tinglings of GAS after seeing the below demo video (which is also in the OP's listing) led me to search the forums for more info on the Caprice and it seems they are now discontinued.
Love that tone.

Dare I ask if this is still for sale?

I also now need to listen to some Tower of Power...


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