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Just in case you missed this on Facebook

Happy Jack

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Next month:

"7 reasons you can't play metal on a strat"

"How to convince yourself that watching YouTube tutorials all day is improving your playing"

"$150 vs $5000 Les Paul: why only a true Gibson will do for your bedroom rig"

"Dave Grohl explains why cocaine was the best thing to ever happen to him"

"A look at the barre chord, and why you might as well ignore all other shapes"

"Reliability is over rated - a run down of our favourite valve amps"

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"Perception vs Reality Workshop" - How to look like you can play even though your really have no clue.

"Tuning Workshop" - Busting the myth that playing in tune is necessary in this day and age.

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2 minutes ago, stingrayPete1977 said:

Does he then wander off talking to people? We're not in the same band are we? Lol

He does 😂 Plus he tends to put his amp right next to mine when he has about three feet of empty space the other side 😯

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