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Fender Precision 1964


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Thinking of trading this rather lovely 1964 Fender Precision for a Fender jazz, late 60s or early 70s, bit of cash either way if needed, however I very well may have a change of heart!!
She has had a refinish in the original Fiesta red, and also neck has been refinished, and replacement period correct decal. Great refret done by Stuart at Electro music in Doncaster who was able to keep the original nut.
Pots date to june 64
Original black bottom pick ups
Original bridge
Original tuners
Beautiful Original mint pickguard which has been screwed down to ply since I took it off, and original metal shield
Original pickup cover (no bridge cover)
Original tug bar
Currently wearing a rather exquisite aged 60s speckled burgundy Spitfire tort pickguard imported from the US which cost £300 (it’s beautiful)
Clay (or whatever they were) fret dots on front and side of fretboard (late 64 they changed to pearloid)
Beautiful Brazilian board

Pictures of neck, pot codes pickups etc will follow on Tuesday when I have a little time.
Cavities are currently shielded and she runs lovely and quiet, this can obviously be reversed pretty easily.
I do love this bass so I’m very torn, however I find myself preferring my jazz bass and have a 73 Precision which covers the P bass options..









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[quote name='chrisanthony1211' timestamp='1508173987' post='3390269']...
Pictures to follow when I find a site that will let me embed photos, photobucket is not what it was!...

Using the BBCode link supplied by an external photo account such as Flickr, Imgur or Imgbb is a good idea; the photos are better presented and it uses no BC server space. I use Imgur (it's free...); here's what it looks like (the correct link for Basschat is in green...) ...

Others are similar (assuming use of a PC; I know nothing of other devices...). Hope this helps; meanwhile...
Have a nice day

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Few more photos, there are a few marks on the back of the neck, but it’s lovely and smooth.





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[quote name='CH161' timestamp='1508181275' post='3390348']
What a great looking bass!

I take it the finish is in nitro?

Do you happen to know the neck date?

Does it have its original case?

Finish is quite an old nitro and it’s starting the check, more so on the back than the front, but can’t really capture it on the camera though, my recollection is the neck date being June 1964, but will check on Tuesday when I have time to take a look. No original case I’m afraid.

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pots date to 26th week of 1964, which would have been the end of June.





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