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  1. Thanks so much Daniel, was lovely to meet you today and the bass is wonderful. Cracker.😊
  2. Hiya...whereabouts in Brighton are you? 

    1. Simonsbass


      Hi seven dials 

    2. steerpike65


      Elm Grove here. I'd be interested in trying the bass...but it's a bit tricky with current lockdown rules!

    3. steerpike65


      Hey Simon...never heard back from you. I'd still be interested in trying the bass if it's possible?

  3. Hi I'm interested in one of the amps if it's still available. I'd need it delivered to Brighton. Ta. Simon
  4. I have had an SVT and an 8 x 10 for the last 30 years. I used to use them all the time, but now Im in my early 50s, I have to be careful with my back. That said, I took the Ampeg rig out on a gig for the first time in years last Friday, and it really is unsurpassable, and as many others have said here, it makes the actual playing just so much more pleasurable. You want to grin with the sound, it's so musical. And crucially, it changes how you play. The sustain makes you want to play less, because you don't need to play so much! The way the valves compress naturally and react to the light and shade of how you play makes it as if you are playing another instrument. Of course, now Ive played it again, I want to be using it all the time!
  5. Bought a Markbass cab from Gary, who was kind enough to deliver it to me. Great communication and a thoroughly nice chap to boot.😊
  6. Bought a Fender Custom Shop Pino Precision from Tonci. Communication from start to finish was excellent, with pictures and information at each stage of the transaction. Bass arrived safely and was carefully packed, and he's a top bloke to boot! Cheers!
  7. Thanks Chris...was nice to meet you and a pleasure doing business..
  8. Hi...I would love to give this a play..am after a preCBS precision, but looking for the right one!
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