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What are you listening to right now?


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18 minutes ago, Barking Spiders said:

Scientist Meets The Space Invaders, one of the best albums by the King Tubby prodigy

Nice  choice 👍 that’s a great album, some classic Flabba Basslines there 

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Today was a tattoo day. We usually have a bit of hardcore punk playing but today we started with Sepultura.  Since the new Gojira album has more than a hint of Sepultura's Roots album and the tattooist said she'd not heard them I suggested she put some on. It went down well and the ink was flowing in to my arm quickly. 

The drumming on this is pretty special.


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Smashing Pumpkins - Cyr

Finally got around to picking this up. Corgan does an album of 80's synth-pop, 20 songs of it. While each song by itself isn't too bad, it gets crushingly repetitive after a while. Having Chamberlin in your band and having him play straight fours on an electric kit or, worse, replacing him altogether with a poxy drum machine, is close to unforgivable. I hope this is Corgan's mid-life crisis out of the way. Weak sauce.


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3 hours ago, Dad3353 said:


Excellent stuff. I went to see Blixa Bargeld at the Preston Guildhall about 15-20 years ago in a solo performance, just him and a microphone. An interesting evening indeed. He had an ongoing spat with the soundman all night, whom he referred to as "Mephisto" At the time, I knew nothing about the Faustus legend and Mephisto or Mephitopheles, despite having a couple of Faust records in my stash, so thanks @Dad3353 for the memories and let's have......


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