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  1. I’d encourage anyone who wanted to learn a bit about funky bass playing to listen to The Meters. The bass player, George Porter Jr, lays down some terrifically funky lines. Generally not too taxing to play, (and brilliant to play along to) George’s feel for the bass, and his brilliant use of space (i.e. every note counts, and there’s often tons of space between them), for me, make them essential listening. I wish someone had steered me towards them earlier in my bass playing years!
  2. Same here! I thought he’d left the music behind with The Invisible Girls... turns out he had!
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. At a guess (and it is a guess as I have no knowledge of the bass other than from Bubinga’s post) I reckon Mark will be aware of how it’s listed rather than it slipping through the net. I’m a fan of Mark and Bass Direct but I’m surprised it’s listed the way it is - I personally think they’d have been wiser listing it as a parts bass, with specific reference to the vintage neck and then other quality component parts. But, hey-ho, it’s not my business and I’m sure they can see the logic in what they’re doing!
  5. These get a good write up, seems a decent price too... https://www.andertons.co.uk/bass-dept/bass-guitars/modern-bass-guitars/sire-version-2-marcus-miller-p7-alder-4-string-black
  6. To add a bit of context... whilst I’m not saying that I think the neck is worth it, if you were to look to buy an early 1970s Jazz neck then it’d probably cost around £1000 on the conservative side - as I say, I’m not defending the cost, just giving some context on one of the component parts. Add the cost of the body, finish, Aguilar p/ups and other hardware and it would probably cost what it’s listed for to put together - and yes, I’m aware that it’s entirely possible to put together a bass of similar/superior quality for less money!! Also bear in mind that, given the type of bass it is, then it’s also entirely possible that it’s a commission sale where Bass Direct will be taking circa 20%. If it came up for sale on this excellent site for circa £1000-£1250 it wouldn’t be a great surprise (to me, anyroad!) if it were to sell. As I say, I’m not trying to justify the price (as it’s worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it!) just trying to add some context regarding how much it would cost to put together the same bass, esp. with the cost of a vintage neck included. And personally, if it were my choice, I wouldn’t be listing it as a Fender either...
  7. ... well there is that to it! Where are Half Man Half Biscuit when you need them?
  8. That, my friend, sounds like the makings of a terrific set. What else do you do? I’ve tied myself up in knots with the Roadrunner track. I’ve convinced myself that we used to listen to a single version where, once you’d got to the end of the A-side, you’d flip it over and the B-side would be a continuation of the track. I can’t find any confirmation of this anywhere, so can only imagine that I’m, erm, imagining it... Edit: Ignore that, I’ve just looked at Wikipedia...
  9. I’m putting it solely down to cheaper or cut price tickets, but the midnight train seems to have had its fair share of passengers over the years... Sometimes it can be fairly definitive in its destination, and sometimes not!
  10. Whilst not as bad, due to me being not ‘up’ on the popular beat combos of our time, I thought the band was Nigel Hitter and the track was called Shame! But, yeah, your misunderstanding is worse!!
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. I was 17 when I first heard it. A mate bought the album and knew a bit about the situation in South Africa and told me more about it. As with you it was this song that led me to learn more about Apartheid (I became a member of Amnesty International as a result - actually physically writing letters in the pre-online/internet/email era!). Again, like your good self (and in line with the other song of the era you’re referring to), since those days I too have also met nice South Africans! The Biko track is an amazing piece of music, IMVHO...
  13. This was released around the time I really started to learn the bass. Along with tracks like Roadrunner by The Modern Lovers and Spanish Stroll by Mink DeVille, the Wreckless Eric track was great to try and play along to. As I fumbled through it was the first song where I was aware of hearing/properly noticing a high bass noodle! - it blew my mind! (edited to say, I think Derek Forbes played a similar noodle on the intro to Simple Minds’ debut single Chelsea Girl - and what’s good enough for Mr Forbes..!) Hearing this on the radio was a breath of fresh air...
  14. I love this. Didn’t realise for many years that it was actually a cover!
  15. Another song I loved as a kid. This had a real other-worldliness about it. Something different going on. I think Errol Brown was a really underrated songwriter. Can’t think of many songwriters who have a breadth of work, in terms of Top 10 singles, that can be unashamedly ‘pop’ one minute and then cover subject matter such as suicide and interracial relationships the next. A talented guy...
  16. Bass arrived from Germany today via UPS. All good. Hope deliveries arrived safely for others on the thread...
  17. Just to add a bit of context, the “news source” may have supported remaining in the EU but the journalist in question has advocated us leaving the EU for decades. So whilst the source may be a surprise the views of the journalist aren’t. (that’s my one political post of the year out the way early!)
  18. Excellent! If you like that then definitely give their 2019 album, A Song For Paul, a listen...
  19. Ghost Funk Orchestra - An Ode to Escapism https://open.spotify.com/album/6AX1AtiHx6eDnD9srRxEIR?si=jwicOAiuSxOhunMsC8XVqQ
  20. It certainly can be, which is why it’s good to check around in the way you’re doing. I’ve had a couple of near-misses when buying in the past, but I genuinely feel that it was more down to people’s lack of knowledge and them not doing proper checks than any deliberate attempt to rip me off - that’s how I choose to view it, any road! Have you got your eye on anything in particular?!
  21. I bought a ‘65 Jazz from them about six/seven years ago. Gary was brilliant to deal with, he brought the bass over beforehand for me to try. He also spent loads of time before I purchased the bass giving me a lesson on what to look out for when buying vintage instruments! I’d phoned around a few vintage dealers before buying the bass and when doing so asked who else they’d recommend (not an unfair question!) and Gary’s name came up a number of times as someone to buy from...
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