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Black basses

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My 2... pbass, black on black, roasted maple neck. Ibanez srx360. Also have an old Yamaha RB-something-bobby-basic but that's not black...


Some really nice gear on here.



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Originally a 2003 MIM with rosewood board. The only original bits left are the body, bridge, and knobs!

My only black bass and my only bass!

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I know I already spammed pictures of it in the thread I made when I ordered it and the Ibanez owner club thread, but pretty thrilled about finally owning my first 6 string bass, and I am actually slowly getting used to play it too.

I tuned it in D standard though (as in 3 half steps above regular 6 string bass B standard tuning or 2 half steps bellow regular 4 string bass E standard tuning), using D'Addario XL bass strings gauge .105 - .080 - .060 - .045 - .032 and the .024 string from a D'Addario's Fender Bass VI string set, which makes the tension of the individual strings pretty similar to that of the strings of a D'Addario 4 string bass gauge .095 to .040 string set.


An Ibanez SR306EB in Weathred Black finish, 34" scale, 54mm nut, 16,5mm string spacing, Naytoh body, 5 piece Maple/Walnut neck, 24 medium frets, Jatoba fretboard, onboard preamp with 3 band active EQ :


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