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  1. I'm not gigging and I need some cash so am thinking of downsizing my rig quite drastically. I have a Bass Buddy and it says it has enough oomph to power a cabinet, has anyone done this? What size of cabinet do you reckon the wee Buddy could power or any recommendations for cabs to do this? Ta!
  2. Difficult to say if that's the best without seeing the other permutations, but I think that looks great! Understated enough to be acceptable but just enough bling to bring out the best quality of the woods used. Chrome just wouldn't have worked I don't think. Another great job Andy!
  3. So they arrived last night. They are very blue! but that's what I was looking for. Initial impressions are good, quite bright but not offensively so. Tension is a touch higher then DR Black beauties I reckon. Only got about 45 mins playing on them so will see how they go. Downsides: Some imperfections in the coating which does concern me how long the coating will last. I'll update this thread as I discover how long these strings last! Have some more photos: [url="http://goo.gl/photos/TVypGi6n17oHHC6k9"]http://goo.gl/photos/TVypGi6n17oHHC6k9[/url]
  4. I'll try and get down to this one day, seems like there was some nice, shiny toys to be seen Regarding the 15 minute quiet period, Couldn't you insist all exhibitors with noisy things to plug them using timed sockets so they just turn off at a set time? Just an idea.
  5. Erm....I don't think Ibanez quite finished these basses. That or they have a wood ant problem http://www.notreble.com/buzz/2017/03/05/ibanez-celebrates-30th-anniversary-of-sr-bass-with-limited-edition-models/ I'm sure it sounds lovely though!
  6. Thanks for your recommendations, I was specifically talking about the Aurora and Arkay strings as they are colour coated which I like from an aesthetic point of view
  7. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1190327953' post='63392'] Here's todays selection. More Germans, this time [url="http://www.lefay.de/"]LeFay[/url] And a Piccolo Bass Although the fretless steel fingerboard on the Remington Steele seems to be referencing Vigier, overall to me these basses have a lot in common with Basslab, almost as though they are the more conventional wooden versions. It's the sculpted body shapes and pickup and electronic choices that makes me think that way. My German isn't good enough to get all the info, so if anyone knows any more let me know. However there seem to be too many design features in common for it to be simply co-incidence. Still a nice range of eclectic designs. [/quote] Huh, I was just browsing through this thread and could swear I've seen that bass recently.... I have! The Maruszczyk Paddock Headless looks remarkably similar [url="http://www.instagram.com/p/BPLcgd6AOmY/?taken-by=maruszczykturkey"]http://www.instagram...aruszczykturkey[/url] Wonder if an ex-Remington employee was involved at all....
  8. I've taken a punt at the £14.99 Arkay "discount strings". Will let you know how it goes....
  9. Thanks Saved, I'm well aware of Newtone strings and their reputation but I really like the look of black strings on my white G&L. At £25 these strings are too sore on the pocket if they are crap anyway
  10. Just found these on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251865899904 Anyone used these before? I'm a sucker for a set of black strings and have heard that DR have changed their coating and are a wee touch expensive. I also found these Arkay discount strings http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252313291249 apparently the same as Aurora but not silver coated(?) Any views welcomed!
  11. Ah thanks Bigwan! I'll get to rewiring mine tonight. Also I'm not convinced the neck on mine is quite right so may ask for some comparison pictures from yours if that's ok? Of course I'll do my own investigation on it first. Thanks again.
  12. Sorry to dredge up and old topic, I just picked up one of these. Any chance you got a wiring diagram?
  13. Sorry to hijack, if anyone feels like offloading a B3 or B1Xon in favour of B3n I'm in the market for one! But I'm also intrigued to see how people with B3 find the B3n....
  14. Sorry to dredge up an oldish topic. Currently looking at these Zoom units. For people with the B1Xon, is having the expression pedal a big bonus? I assume it can be set as a volume pedal where an expression pedal is not needed? Cheers!
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  16. Just saw this on Facebook, the official launch day of the bass department in Guitar Guitar Glasgow. I was in the other week and he has a good range of basses in, better than most shops in Scotland. [url="http://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/news/article.asp?id=137094"]http://www.guitargui...e.asp?id=137094[/url] When talking to Paul, he mentioned that he would be trying to get the Fodera P and J Classic models in at some point. There is also mentions of FREEBIES I'll probably be there, got to support those bass departments that aren't just 5 Fenders hanging on the wall
  17. Colour me intrigued.... http://newatlas.com/joyo-jam-buddy/47882/ A wee practice pedal thing with speakers, although I'm not convinced how good it would make your bass sound (headphones is probably a better option).I like the inclusion of bluetooth for this pedal. Fire any song you want to play along with and jam away.
  18. Hello, I may be wrong, are the strings on your electric bass roundwound? They generally produce finger noise for everyone, just the nature of the strings! If it is really irritating you you could buy flatwound strings (the same feel as D Bass strings) which would reduce the finger noise. Hope this helps!
  19. Can't provide advice but where did you see that bass? I don't need a Jazz but now I WANT one
  20. Hello, I've asked this in my NBD thread but thought it might be more appropriate here. Basically I have a SUB Ray5 and want to switch the hardware to gold, as I think a Black and Gold Ray would look pretty sweet. My question is this, apparently the string spacing on the factory bridge is 16.25mm while the only replacement bridges that look like they will fit quote their spacing at 16mm. Here's the bridge I'm on about [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/150295089370"]http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/150295089370[/url] Will the 0.25mm spacing be noticeably different when playing? I've never really had 5 strings so string spacing hasn't been an issue. Any help or advice is welcome
  21. Yes I'm very pleased. EQ is a bit disappointing so far but I haven't tried it at proper volume yet so that could be the key to getting a tone dialed in. Just looking at replacement bridges. For all intensive purposes this looks like it should fit [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/150295089370"]http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/150295089370[/url] Any reason this shouldn't drop right in? EDIT: Although it might make the string spacing unnecessarily tight, apparently the SUB has a 16.25mm string spacing and this bridge is quoted at 16mm. I have no idea but will this make a noticeable impact?
  22. GAK have got their hands on one, very interesting.... [url="http://youtu.be/6NjGX0c1tDs"]http://youtu.be/6NjGX0c1tDs[/url]
  23. [quote name='blablas' timestamp='1486399782' post='3231462'] I've also made this one (that's on the bass moment). Still not sure which one I prefer. [/quote] Personally I prefer the first orange one, looks like it fits better. To my eye this draws attention that the rest of the pickguard is technically "missing" but that could just because we are used to seeing white pearloid pickguards on a Ray5 Don't get me wrong, both look great!
  24. Side note. What are peoples experience with steel strings on U basses? Is it worth just sticking with the rubber(y) ones?
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