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  1. [quote name='Bassassin' timestamp='1477333582' post='3161531'] If it's got proper routing for the neck pickup - none. If not, probably black would work best. [/quote] I have a feeling I've looked before and I don't think the routing isn't suitable for no pickguard. Just did a quick mock up and black doesn't look bad at all.
  2. Ah man, I've wanted one of these for so long....Shame the piggy bank rattles a bit too much for me to make an offer. For others, these cost £1449 new from Bass Direct, pretty good price on offer here!
  3. Just out of interest what colour pickguard would look better? I've been thinking about it for a while but can't think of what to change it to....
  4. Interesting.... I have a Fretless version of this. Same brand. Different headstock and control knobs, I think I paid £50 for mine with a more traditional shape headstock. Not a bad bass overall but I'm not sure whether it's walnut/maple or a veneer.
  5. How much would postage to the UK be? Cheers!
  6. If you are up for a project and near Sheffield this might scratch the itch.... https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/sg-bass-project-mahogany-hand-made/1194600527 I know I'm not helping
  7. Well that escalated quickly....Checked it 10 mins ago when I found this post, £132. Now at £343. Great news for the charity!
  8. Afternoon all, NOT MINE FOR SALE Found this on Gumtree in Vale of Glamorgan. A bit bashed up but still £350 for an export colour Aerodyne Jazz Bass isn't bad. They aren't going to get any cheaper that's for sure. [url="https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/fender-aerodyne-bass/1192701589"]https://www.gumtree....bass/1192701589[/url]
  9. So...it appears I have damaged all 4 of the drivers [url="http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?&app=forums&module=extras&section=legends#"][/url] Not really sure how but that's the case. Synergy are waiting on replacements to come in from the US. Hopefully I get a fully functioning amp back soon and fingers crossed the repair bill doesn't make me
  10. [quote name='DarkHeart' timestamp='1475805065' post='3148911'] I have a bigman in my Alpher see my avi, awesome pickup were you adding a preamp as well? [/quote] That's a real looker!! If it's not too much hassle could you tell me how far the pickup is from the bridge? It looks to be in a similar position as the routing on this body. Yup, I think a preamp is pretty much essential for this pickup. Would probably be a Nordy just for consistency...What do you have in yours?
  11. Sorry this has been so quiet, as I'm sure many of you know life just gets in the way. I have a plan to make it a single pickup and put a Nordstrand Bigman in the bridge position, but I'm not sure it's close enough to the bridge to get a good Musicman growl. Anyone got a Bigman in their bass or proivde a recommendation for a MM style pickup in this location? Cheers
  12. [quote name='WalMan' timestamp='1475268651' post='3144686'] Was in a guitar shop in Ayr that had an M & an L series Tribute in and tried the M, which was fine but despite what others say about the Tribs being as good as the US ones I still prefer my US [/quote] How long ago was this? Also which guitar shop? I'm in the market for a 5 string G&L and would be great to try one before hand! Didn't think many places in Scotland would carry G&L
  13. [quote name='darkandrew' timestamp='1475262983' post='3144604'] Are "Luther built" basses any better than those produced by larger manufacturers? I wouldn't necessarily expect a guy in a backstreet garage to build a better car than a well known manuacturer in a multimillion pound factory. [/quote] Oh that's a can of worms opened right there. The only way that statement is reasonable is if you are looking at accuracy, even then that's insulting to the people who dedicated hours to making sure the instruments are as close to perfect as possible. A single person or small group with limited resources may not be as accurate as a highly expensive CNC machine when it comes to cutting very small margins. Otherwise the amount of care and dedication put into these instruments will always outweigh a model that's been churned out in its thousands for me.
  14. Here's a fun thing for all us G&L fanboys. Not an official creator but quite fun to mock up your ideal G&L http://www.glguitarsgenerator.com/
  15. I've got an 80's USA L2000 and I love it. It sustains for days. Looks more interesting than a standard Fender. More versatile than a standard Musicman. Perfect workhorse basses IMO. Side note. If anyone is selling a maple board 5 stringer let me know
  16. Here's a question for those of you who have commissioned/owned custom made basses. Since there are so many luthiers making incredible instruments around the world, how did you choose? A lot of them do tweaks on the classics and some do very individual shapes and styles. When you commissioned yours what was it that drew you to that particular luthier? Since you never really get to try and fully custom bass before it's built it's a bit of a gamble. Was it the body shapes? A specific feature of that bass? The reputation or recommendation from someone for that luthier? The price? I'm not in the market for a custom bass (no where near enough coppers in the piggy bank) just a question that's been on my mind recently Look forward to hearing what made you take the plunge and enter the waiting room!
  17. Hi all, NOT MINE but was casually looking through Gumtree to see if there was anything interesting being sold and came across this. £100 for a Vintage Modified Fretless? Absolute bargain in my opinion https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/squier-vintage-modified-fretless-bass-guitar/1190076168 If you're near London and need a fretless not a bad place to start.
  18. My dad used a power bank (I'll ask specifically which one when I am home) to power his pedal board. It worked BUT he did say that it produced a lot of interference that he couldn't work out why, just a heads up. I'll ask him more and get back to you later with a better description.
  19. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Norman-Watt-Roy-Custom-P-Bass-Faith-Grace-Rhythm-Stick-Blockheads-JKG-London-/112111035590?hash=item1a1a56a4c6:g:WOAAAOSwFc5XwdTl Stumbled across this, some serious GAS! But again, like a previous post where Norman sold one of his basses, why does he need to? Or in this case, why does the luthier need to sell it to fund the other build?Maybe he has a very strict one in one out policy Anyway, a really lovely bass no doubt!
  20. [quote name='EMG456' timestamp='1474540769' post='3138644'] Did you find anyone closer? My local tech in Hamilton has identified possible strategies for repair but as the fault on mine is intermittent, there are no guarantees so it seems I'll be sending it down to Synergy. Certain fairly well known valve amp builders in Glasgow were worse than useless. Cheers Ed [/quote] Sadly not Ed, my Suitcase is currently down with Synergy. Luckily my parents were driving down that way so it was dropped off. Not so sure how am I getting it back yet, I see an slightly expensive courier in order. I did think about taking it to another amp tech nearer but since I feared it might be a blown or damaged driver I wanted to send it somewhere where they know their Phil Jones products What is the issue with yours? If it helps from what I told them over the phone they said it could be something as simple as dried out capacitors although I haven't had this confirmed to me yet... Cheers
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  22. [quote name='Grahambythesea' timestamp='1462010184' post='3039535'] Believe it or not but you can buy a product called"sticky stuff remover" by a company called De-Solve-It. It works really well. [/quote] This. I had a bass covered in stickers and this takes the residue clean off after a couple of goes with plastic scraper or even a membership card of some sort. Doesn't hurt the finish at all
  23. Thanks for the replies guys. The reason this interested me is because it is a jazz bass but with a rear routed body which is quite rare at this price point, also with the parallel/series switch already routed too. I like the look of the half scratch plate as well. I may wait a while and see if anyone pops up saying they have one or I might just take the plunge.
  24. Have to say I'm very close to pulling the trigger on this. Found one for only £113 for a slightly different looking Jazz with a series parallel switch already wired in? I assume this is similar to the Fender S1 system? Anyone played one? Seems like it would be a perfect base for modding in the future http://www.staggmusic.com/en/product_detail/sbj-50_bk.html?backp=1
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