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  1. Bump for a seriously good rig! Phil Jones definitely produce some of the best bass gear out there. Would love to buy one of the 6Bs but being a student restricts such purchases Good luck with the sale M
  2. Laney Richter R2 Bass combo For sale here we have a Laney R2 120 watt 1x12 bass combo. Looking for about £120 ONO. This is a very versatile amp and will give you the right tone for almost any genre. This amp has been replaced by the RB5 if you want something to compare it to. Here is a list of its features: 120 watts. 12" Celestion and switchable horn. Normal and High inputs. Bass, Parametric Mid, and Treble EQ. Enhance switch. Presence switch. Switchable Compressor with ON status LED. Switchable Limiter with ON status LED. DI XLR pre-EQ. Tuner output. 8 ohm external speaker output. FX loop. Plywood construction Dual position "Kickback" cabinet design. Metal corners, rubber feed, strap handle, and metal grill. This is a great amp for beginners or more experienced players. I have gigged this amp a few times with the 1x15 cabinet that I also have for sale and it is a perfect rig for small/medium sized venues. The amp has a bit of wear and tear from these gigs. So pick yourself up a bargain today. There is a review here : [url="http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/bass_amplifiers/laney/r2/index.html"]http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/bas...y/r2/index.html[/url] Laney Richter 1x15 bass speaker cabinet Looking for £110 ONO This is the 1x15 cabinet from Laney’s Richter series. I have been using this along with a 1x12 combo and its sounds awesome. Laney have revamped the series and this is now the RB115 but it is exactly the same. Here are a list of features: Power RMS 250 Watts Inputs 2x Jacks Impedance 8 Ohms Drivers 1x15" Celestion Driver Cabinet Design Black metal corners, gloss metal grille, metal side handles and rubber feet Ports Dual Front Ported Kick Proof Metal Grill Yes Frequency Response 35Hz - 4KHz Sensitivity 98 dB/[email protected] Weight 25 Kg Dimensions Width 579 x Height 493 x Depth 40 As you can see in the pictures there are a few scuffs but nothing major. This cabinet will be a great addition to any rig as it is LOUD and very compact Pictures for both combo and cabinet available here: [url="http://bit.ly/ia4jT3"]http://bit.ly/ia4jT3[/url] (more photos available on request) Postage/shipping can be arranged but a pickup from Perth/Central Scotland would be easier. I’m happy to meet you anywhere around this area to deliver. I use www.senditquick.com for shipping something like this. So the shipping costs will be £14.75 for 24 hour delivery. £200 FOR THE COMBO AND CAB!
  3. [quote name='Chris2112' post='969834' date='Sep 27 2010, 06:29 PM']Absolutely, I've spoken with Stu a few times and he's been more than happy to just chat or answer my bass geek questions (I blame Stu for my love of Kubicki basses, nothing else gets that sound!). Probably the best night of live music I've ever seen (aside from Rush) was seeing Joe Satriani live for the third time. Stuart was playing bass and me and my brother had front row seats right in front of Stu. I was mesmerised all night, he is amazing. He even gave me the pick he used to play "Flying in a blue dream". Seeing your hero in front of you on stage is just incredible, and I suppose Stuart Hamm is the musician who inspired me to move in the direction I did with bass playing![/quote] Oh i totally agree. I paid a rather large sum of money a couple of years back for the Steve Vai EVO package(included meet and greet/Q&A plus sitting through the sound check). The tickets also got you front row seats and i was placed right in front of Billy Sheehan, totally amazing. Shook his hand at the end aswell. Think i'll buy the dvd though seems worth it from the intro video Michael_S
  4. Hi all Just wondering if anyone had heard of/used this set of bass lessons. I'm interested in them as i just spend my life messing around my I'm practicing more info can be found here [url="http://truefire.com/bass-guitar-lessons/fretboard-fitness/"]http://truefire.com/bass-guitar-lessons/fretboard-fitness/[/url] Cheers Michael_S
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  6. Hi everyone I'm Mikey, been playing bass for 7 years now. I listen to pretty much everything. My favourite bassists are Victor Wooten, Billy Sheehan and Michael Manring. Basses: 80's G&L USA L2000 Squier Musicmaster Shine 6 String Wolf Fretless Jazz Bass Amps: Phil Jones Suitcase Yamaha BBT 500H(soon to be sold) Laney R115 cab Cheers
  7. Hi all I'm currently inbetween jobs and looking for a project to occupy my time with. Just looking for ideas for modifying this bass, like pick up/bridge replacements Thanks in Advance
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