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  1. And there's the feminist version "Your Husband Loves His Jon Shuker Bass More Than He Loves You (Which Makes Him An Even Bigger Bastard Than The Rest Of The Men, All Of Whom Are Of Course Bastards Anyway)" by Germaine Gruesome and Fem Braburner.
  2. Rich

    Lakland DJ4/5

    [quote name='P-T-P' post='55672' date='Sep 5 2007, 12:16 AM']I paid £700 for my white DJ5 with batolini pre-amp fitted back before Christmas 2006.[/quote]And what a bargain. That is a [i]fabulous[/i] bass.
  3. Yeah... my Squier Jazz has a Fender decal on it, but I'm not selling it so it's not an issue. If it went up for sale, I'd remove the decal and probably get a humorous one instead. 'Blender Jizz Bass' or summat.
  4. Ibanez GW1005 Gary Willis fretless for me please A Marcus or Geddy Jazz would be nice too. Overall though, I’m dead happy with my own personal signature Shuker.
  5. OK, some more info courtesy of the seller: [i]"The Overwater basses and guitars were made about 20 years ago for school use only. How or why they had the commission from ILEA and others I don't know. The instruments were made of mahogany - looking at the edges of the cracked headstock proved that. The instruments were appointed with EMG Select pups. You can imagine it was quite a thrill to see those instruments when they arrived in school - they were quite different to the Westones and Japanese jazz copies of the time. "The reason they were damaged was not the fault of fledgling bassists and guitarists. It was lax supervision in the music department that allowed a thuggish element to use the instruments as cricket bats. Your bass came from a school in North West London. A student of mine rescued it thinking he would make a fretless bass out of it. He abandoned the bass and passed it on to me to repair." [/i] Cricket bats! The little bastids. No respect, some people. Thanks to M for the extra info, I'll definitely keep the diary going with any progress I make over the next months.
  6. I lurrrve that body shape 'Tis gonna be fabbaroony
  7. Any idea who played on Thelma Houston's "Don't Leave Me This Way"?
  8. What can I expect if I join a progessive or instrumental rock band? A LOT OF FUN! [quote name='The Funk' post='53252' date='Aug 31 2007, 11:55 AM']Expect... The Unexpected[/quote]Ah, but if you're expecting it, it's no longer the unexpected...
  9. [quote name='Rich' post='53165' date='Aug 31 2007, 09:48 AM'][b]Status Shark 5[/b]. There's one on fleaBay at the moment, starting at 250 if memory serves. CK had one for a while, he could give you the gen.[/quote] D'oh! Sorry, my bad. I did of course mean [b]GROOVE[/b], not Shark. What a twerp. [url="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=120156209022&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=002"]Yer tiz[/url].
  10. How bout the classic DOD FX25 Envelope filter?
  11. Hey, I might take you up on that. I think my first job will be to lose all that black finish so I can see exactly what I'm up against.
  12. [b]Status Groove 5[/b]. There's one on fleaBay at the moment, starting at 250 if memory serves. CK had one for a while, he could give you the gen. EDIT: bass name corrected due to earlier numptyism
  13. [quote name='EBS_freak' post='52836' date='Aug 30 2007, 03:39 PM'][size=1]If you are going to be playing at any sort of volume, you will really will benefit from the 4x10 setup... however, your back and the general effort involved after a gig when loading the car and getting the gear back in the house is a bit of a git. I went for two 2x10 cabs and its one of the best moves I made. I can fit the 2 cabs on their ends next to each other in the boot of the car, something I could never do with a 4x10. It may cost you a little extra, but I think the hassle factor of the 4x10 is well worth taking into account and maybe investing a little extra money... As an aside, you will get the full power from your head/combo (e.g. a 2x10 combo with a 2x10 extension). I have found myself putting the speakers in all different combination. Short of space? Stack the speakers vertically. Want seperation/monitors, play with one speaker one side of the stage, one the other. I've even had the speakers on a shelf to make more room on the floor for the drummer. Of course, when I do the small quiet jazz noodle gigs, I take just the 2x10. It works for me, it may work for you. Get a couple of Warwick 2x10s or a couple of Edens and you'll have no problems.[/size][/quote] +1 on the 2x2x10 idea. A single 2x10 wouldn't (I fear) be enough. Have you decided against 12s? I noticed that one Eden combo is the only 12-equipped kit on your list, and you've only really mentioned 10s.
  14. Interesting advice, thanks... I'm thinking of fitting a MM-style pickup to my latest project bass, so this info could come in very handy! I'd best get practising.
  15. OK, these are the pics sent to me by the seller... as you can see, he also had one of the matching guitars up for sale. The headstock repair has unfortunately resulted in the Overwater logo being painted over -- I have emailed those lovely O/water people to ask if there's any chance of a new logo decal to put on it once it's finished, not had a reply yet. [attachment=1996:Project_...__guitar.JPG] [attachment=1997:Project_...r___body.JPG] [attachment=1995:Project_...adstocks.JPG]
  16. Hah! Mine's not black. [attachment=1993:me_stroud_mercia.jpg]
  17. I have a new project bass, bought off eBay for a small amount of folding last week... it’s one of the short-scale basses Overwater made for schools some years back. I believe they only made 200 or so of these things, and I suspect that 190 of them probably got smashed to bits by the little darlings. This one hasn’t escaped unscathed either, the headstock has been snapped off at some point and reattached, and there is some other damage to the body and neck. These areas look relatively superficial judging by the pics. I don’t have the bass in my possession yet, the seller lives in London and so CK was kind enough to go pick it up for me. I’m looking forward to getting hold of it and finding out just what a challenge I’m facing..! My plans are to strip off the black finish, then make good the headstock repair and attend to the other damaged areas, fit a new pickup and electrics, renew any hardware that needs, errm, renewing, and refinish it. Depending on what the wood is like (mahogany, I believe?) I'll either go for a clear finish of some sort (oil? wax? lacquer?) or perhaps a sprayed finish (either a solid colour, or perhaps a baccy sunburst like my JD). If anyone knows anything more about these instruments, please impart your knowledge! I’d love to know more. Pics will follow.
  18. Able to read? not necessarily Play complex lines/playing ability? Yes definitely Play complex time sigs? Yes definitely Good theory? wouldn't have thought it's a definite must-have... like dood said, just a bit of imagination will do Extended range? well, 'only' 4 strings never did Geddy or Squire any harm!
  19. Slightly (all right, completely) off topic, but my first thought when I saw the title of this thread was "someone should have told that to Steve Irwin"... FWIW I wouldn't touch that eBay item with a bargepole's big brother. It screams "DODGY" to me.
  20. Rich

    Tune Basses

    Ever played an [url="http://www.atlansia.jp/SOLITAIRE.ARS.JPG"]Atlansia Solitaire[/url]? Man, there is some weird stuff on their site [url="http://www.atlansia.jp/"]http://www.atlansia.jp/[/url]
  21. Rich


    I've sent 3 basses with parcel2go so far, they've all been delivered on time and without the merest scratch to the packaging. I even entrusted them with taking a £1000+ Sei to the Isle of Man.
  22. Damn... I'm only 40 mins away across the water, but tonight I'm seeing my kids and then got a rehearsal. I'd have been there otherwise. Have a good one anyway, and "vielleicht das nachster zeit"
  23. Rich

    South East Bash

    Cambridge would almost make it an EastAnglia Bash...
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