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  1. Once in 1968, during a rehearsal with a ropey old Copy. (All I could afford at the time) Once in 2002, tuning up a Fender Lyte before a gig. First time, changed the string, second time, just said "sod it" and reached for one of my spare Basses.
  2. Nope. I see a hand-crafted bum as well.
  3. [quote name='Rich' timestamp='1470438367' post='3106082'] It's like getting to Carnegie Hall... practice. And practice, and practice. It comes eventually but there ain't no shortcuts. The one thing I still can't do is [i]talk[/i] whilst playing. Sing, yes. Talk? no chance. [/quote] I thought I was the only one! I can sing the full Set whilst playing, with no problem, but trying to tell an audience what song's coming next, while playing the Intro - forget it. I start 'talking in time' and my voice tries to follow the notes.
  4. .....and who strung the E on the wrong side? Well thought out and presented. Or not.
  5. [quote name='wateroftyne' timestamp='1470233895' post='3104350'] Am I the only person that read this in a Robert Plant voice? [/quote] No. You aren't!
  6. [quote name='Surrpaul' timestamp='1467655632' post='3085189'] Where are you? [/quote] He's in Poole, Dorset.
  7. As mentioned above, if it's 'your' sound, you're quids in. I bought a second-hand one to try it out, and the next day, with Behringers 'quality issues' at the back of my mind, went out and bought a new one. Five years later, I'm still using the second-hand one, and the new one lives in my Gig Bag, just in case! Something I feel I should mention though, is that the Youtube videos don't do the pedal justice. It's much better in the 'real world' and in a Band situation, it really comes into it's own, to the point where, on Dep Gigs, I've had compliments from other Band Members on my sound. At that price, you have very little to lose by trying one, to see if it fits you and your requirements. (I've never played through a Sansamp, so the above is all IMHO)
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. [quote name='tom1946' timestamp='1459352970' post='3015720'] what does 'pay it forward' mean? never heard that before. [/quote] I only found out myself a few weeks ago. There's an American film with the same title, and apparently, if you're blessed with a bit of good luck, it's good karma to do something nice for someone else in return. We would probably have said "pass it on" before Americanisms took over.
  10. Borrow a crane, lift it to head-height, and drop it. The resulting earthquake would probably level the street as well! Love these to bits, but Arthritis, and no Roadies, means "Walk away. NOW!"
  11. [quote name='Bassassin' timestamp='1448653815' post='2917265'] Last time I saw one of those, it was in Howard Bass Doc's old shop in Newcastle, a very long time ago. Whatever happened to Howard? Jon. [/quote] Alive and well, and living in Throckley, working from home. ;-)
  12. Did a trade yesterday with Davey, and it couldn't have gone smoother. Just wish it hadn't been his bairns bedtime, because we didn't have long enough to talk about Bass stuff. Nice meeting you, mate.
  13. [url="http://s18.photobucket.com/user/geetbigal/media/IMAG_0766_zpsifqgqqpb.jpg.html"][/url] Straight swap? 300 watts, 8 ohms, 15" Neo speaker, one handed lift.
  14. Nope, not mad, just a GAS Attack.
  15. [quote name='Pete Academy' timestamp='1432913101' post='2786178'] Unfortunately, I'm no longer in Nearly Dan. Long story. [/quote] Sorry to hear that, Pete. Especially with it being your 'baby' to begin with.
  16. [quote name='Truckstop' timestamp='1432109077' post='2778129'] Hopefully someone corrects the dude so he gets the proper amount of money owed to him. I'd like to think that BC wouldn't endorse ripping people off! [/quote] Somebody did.
  17. I love the fact that he can't read 'joined-up writing' and so it's either a 'Hemez' or a 'Hamez'. It'll probably end up a bargain, as not many will put those terms in a Search Engine.
  18. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1431824210' post='2775378'] There's more than enough of it here, all right. [/quote] Advice as well! Welcome to the madhouse, Liam.
  19. In some ways, the standard of illiteracy astonishes me, and I wonder how the hell they managed to get through all those years of school without even knowing how to spell "or"? Increasingly, I find myself reading things like:- "6 are 7 months MOT left" and "pick one are the other" or "should I get the white scratchplate are the red one?" Really?
  20. Around Newcastle (upon Tyne) my Covers Band gigs between 4-8 times a month, the Rent around a lot of the area is as cheap as hell, but there's very little Employment. :-(
  21. So - I'm getting on a bit, and am starting to really 'feel' the weight of my 4x10" / 1x15" stack. Naturally, I'd like to buy some Cabs that are both smaller and lighter, but I play in a full-on Rock Band, and just wonder if the smaller stuff does the business? When I set up and play, the speakers really 'punch' me in the back, and most times, I don't have to go through the PA, as they're powerful enough to fill in the gaps by themselves. ('Rock Trio' with Vocalist/Frontman) Fans of the Band say they love the sound I get, and the lads on stage with me always have smiles on their faces when I dig in a bit, so I'm wondering if smaller gear would compromise any of the above? Just as an aside, it's no use telling me or the Band to turn down, as I'm nearly Deaf, not, I might add, from volume, but other Medical issues, and I can only hear loud music. Which is why I joined in the first place - apart from them asking me, they were the only Band I could flipping hear! Help please, because I can't afford a Roadie!
  22. Just received a pedal from Cameron, and was kept in the loop until it landed safely on my doorstep. Excellent all round, so, as they say on fleabay, 'deal with confidence'.
  23. [quote name='kennyrodgers' timestamp='1421009830' post='2656202'] . The thing is though that he's the father of the guy that runs the band. Personally he's a nice enough guy but hyper sensitive when it comes to mentioning things like his left hand. [/quote] In my opinion only, these two facts would make me run, not walk, away from the Band. You're never going to be listened to by either of them, and in fact, when it comes to the crunch, Family will nearly always 'gang up' on an outsider. Personally, I think you're a saint, because I couldn't have lasted two and a half years without saying something VERY forcefully about the situation.
  24. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1419653874' post='2641637'] Stuff is all over my head. Back in the 60s I don't think we had mids. Just bass, treble and volume. Blue [/quote] Treble? You must have used expensive Amps!
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