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  1. If it had been 5 strings, I would have snapped it up!
  2. If at all possible, simplify the Bass Line (to Root Notes if you have to) and concentrate on the Vocals, as these are what are causing the confusion. By the time you have the Vocals off to your satisfaction, you won't have to concentrate on them so much, and can gradually bring the Bass Line back up to scratch. It takes a little practise, but it's eminently do-able.
  3. It seems like a fairly common addition, whatever it is. There's even a neck for sale on here with the same letters at the end of the number. [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/194662-fender-jap-57-ri-maple-neck-fender-tuners/"]http://basschat.co.uk/topic/194662-fender-jap-57-ri-maple-neck-fender-tuners/[/url]
  4. [quote name='tonyquipment' timestamp='1357458956' post='1922802'] Headphones is what I use. Or earphones the noise cancelling kind [/quote] On stage?
  5. Welcome Adam. There are a few of us from the area on here, and they'll probably all be along to shout abuse in a minute. It's mandatory, to make you feel at home, before we all start being helpful. Stick around, it's good craic.
  6. [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1355578571' post='1900140'] Says on the email orders placed over the weekend won't be processed until monday anyway. [/quote] Placed the order on a weekend...2 extra days wait. This close to Christmas...could be even longer in the Post. The word "Masochist" springs to mind!
  7. Predictive Text? I don't live anywhere near, but good luck anyway.
  8. [quote name='bigsmokebass' timestamp='1354042418' post='1881362'] Not sure if its my iPad but . . . That is hard to read :S BSB [/quote] It isn't your iPad. That's weird!
  9. [quote name='LemonCello' timestamp='1353695290' post='1877633'] I wonder if Mick will comment on the ticket prices?......I think not! [/quote] Dunno if he did or not. As usual, I couldn't understand a word he was saying.
  10. Thanks for the thought, but I'm sure someone will be along in a minute who's a lot closer than me.
  11. [quote name='BassTractor' timestamp='1352141129' post='1859303'] It's just that he meant a "(" , which is Shift-8 on the keyboard, best, bert [/quote] You've got a funny keyboard. "(" is shift-9 on mine. Which is all diverting us from saying a proper Welcome! to Cumbo.
  12. 9 Grown up kids! I'm surprised you had any time for playing Bass! Welcome to the Site, mate. It's a veritable mine of information, even if GAS isn't present. (Yet)
  13. I got problems with it regularly when I used to use a plectrum. It must have been the angle I held my arm or something. Swift steroid injection from the Doctor, switch to fingers, and had no bother since.
  14. [quote name='brensabre79' timestamp='1350912768' post='1844955'] To be honest i don't really know the difference between them myself. [/quote] It's easy. They've got different numbers.
  15. You aren't going to be able to get away with that, I'm afraid. The "rules and regs" say you HAVE to state a price.
  16. I bought a set of pickups from Andy, and they arrived exceptionally quickly, well packaged and exactly as described. He even threw in the wiring and pots for free! Stuck them in my back-up Bass and they worked perfectly. I would recommend him without hesitation.
  17. Don't take this the wrong way (Naturally, somebody will!...) but I find a few Bass Players have very selective hearing. They listen to a song, of whatever genre, and only seem to concentrate on the Bass Line. If the Bass is brilliant, the song must be. However, there are some out there, myself included, who like the 'whole' sound of a piece of music, and if the Bass Line is excellent, well that's a bonus. Because Funk and to an extent, Reggae, feature prominent Bass parts, then the slightly selfish attitude of some of us thinks instantly "I'd love to play that" which in turn means it must be good. I've played songs with absolutely rubbish Bass parts in the past, but thoroughly enjoyed the experience, because I've been part of the ensemble performing it to Joe Public, who in turn seemed to enjoy themselves. As a case in point, Pino ALWAYS plays brilliantly to my way of thinking, but he's worked for people who (in my opinion only) turn out pile after pile of sh**. Nothing can detract from his performance or skill, but he's part of something I don't enjoy, so I can't listen to it. The same goes for a lot of Funk Bass Players-brilliant at what they do, but the music is the finest aid to insomnia that I know of personally. I'll get my flame-proof overalls on now, and nip off to listen to a bit of.......well, that would be telling, wouldn't it?
  18. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1347791185' post='1804914'] Wrap your cable around one of your speaker handles before plugging it into your amp. [/quote] .....and your p*sshead of a vocalist (at the time) stumbles across the stage, tangling your cable round his legs, doesn't stop floundering, and pulls your stack over!. I bought an AKG wireless set-up (after I'd punched his lights out) joined another Band, and have had no problems since.
  19. Get back in there quick, and delete the two centre photo's, then read the "Rickenbacker Copies" thread. It's been deemed naughty (by Mr. Hall) to show images of his headstocks.
  20. [quote name='fryer' timestamp='1345660004' post='1780218'] Well, I play bass guitar, love Genesis, live near Basingstoke, and work in Southampton. Don't know what you mean by bass pedals though ? [/quote] Those things that Geddy Lee and loads of other people play, when they need to keep the Bass line going with their foot, whilst playing another instrument. (The kind of thing you find on old organs) Google 'Roland Bass Pedals' for examples.
  21. He uses a plectrum on that bit when he's playing live. Not a clue about the original recording, though.
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