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  1. In general the first song should have an impact and get attention (in a good way). As always, it depends though. I've done Masonic gigs and you start playing when peeps are eating! So in this case, something milder and lower in volume and tempo would be better. Did a dep last week and even though these guys are seasoned pros they have no idea how to put a set together. Singer was looking through a pre-arranged set list and calling out random tunes based on heaven knows what! Arranging a set is part of "band-craft". Experience and common sense are all you need but in this business the latter is in short supply.
  2. I live on the coast and feel that i should have the same rights as others, i.e. to choose if items are collection only or available to post. My problem if i limit the number of buyers from my restrictive attitude. I would never post an amp - ever.
  3. All the boys in my family are/were. Dad piano, bro drums, me bass. Done 100's of pro gigs together in our time.
  4. Dad was a pro piano player, bro is a drummer so i got bass. We ended up all gigging together in a little 3 piece doing long stints at posh hotels in the Middle East for a spell. Fun times. In the olden days I'd listen to records (or tapes) over and over again. Couldn't loop stuff back then so it was a real PITA. Also spent a lot of time round other peoples houses jamming and hanging out with other bass players and swapping ideas. I'd take gigs and have to learn a set list quickly which keeps you on your toes. Without any serious commitments or wanting to do anything else it was fun but crucially i had the time to do all that. These days you can be more efficient. Great resources on the net and forums like this, lessons online, software that helps loop tracks, midi files etc.
  5. This is about as lightweight as it can get. One of these plugs into my bass. Phone goes into it as backing track source. Boom. Works ok when on the road and in hotels.
  6. Kicked someone when i was a lot younger - they were hassling a harmless girl singer incessantly. I kept an eye on the guy and as he lunged toward the stage i aimed a kick at his nuts. I missed - made contact with him though. His mates cracked up laughing - he walked off sheepishly though gave me the evil eye all night. Wouldn't dare do that now but when you are 22 you feel invincible. Fortunately, those type of gigs are a rarity and our current girl singer looks like she won't take no messin'.
  7. [quote name='cheddatom' timestamp='1474460546' post='3138168'] Great playing BottomE - how do you resist the urge to dance?!? [/quote] Thank you, very kind. If i move n stage i either get a trombone in the face or a singer/sax player knocking themselves out on the head-stock of the bass (not always a bad thing). I'm dancing inside
  8. Big Marquee in farm field. Another new dep played and although the overall band sound was a bit dodgy there were some nice things happening. Importantly the punters were pleased.
  9. My LH changes all the time depending on things like position on neck, style e.g. walking bass vs slap vs octaves vs tempo etc bla bla. Never really thought about it until this thread.
  10. Aside from the music - can you understand what Jools is saying in between songs? His diction is awful for a TV presenter. Just don't get what he says. While we're at it - same for that Dara O Brien guy. They both eat their words. Or maybe its my hearing...
  11. [quote name='Dan Dare' timestamp='1474659492' post='3139745'] I had a L2000 Tribute for about a year. Wonderfully versatile tonally, well built (a touch heavy but no bad thing in a bass) and people commented on how good it sounded. However, having played a J Bass for more than 30 years, I really couldn't get on with the neck. It was flat and wide and just didn't suit me. I really tried to get on with it - it was much more versatile than my Jazz and perfect as one instrument to cover all the basses (pun intended) and saved me taking more than one instrument out with me. Eventually, I gave up and got an active P Bass Special, which feels like my Jazz and covers what I need. I have to admit it doesn't have quite the tonal range of the G&L, but it's got enough. Sold the G&L. Shame. It was a great instrument, but just not for me. [/quote] Exactly the same experience. It was great in the studio - really quiet electrics - just not a Jazz bass feel. Do miss it though.
  12. Wanted to share the horns. Someone recorded bits of the gig (on a phone) with reasonable quality. First track was a surprise that i hadn't played in years. Drummers count-in between breaks was interesting. 6 one time, 5 the next? [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-4VrxeQ-3Y[/media] Second track - not cool but the punters love it. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI_dLAbBEf4[/media]
  13. Years ago in a galaxy far etc etc i did this in a band. Can't remember how we played it though.
  14. Horn section turned up impromptu at gig. This tune was announced, I'd last played it about 12 years ago! Eeks, count of 6 at the end of the "verse" - blagged it a bit. They have threatened to come along again (have known trombone player for ages) - that would be so good. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-4VrxeQ-3Y[/media]
  15. [quote name='ivansc' timestamp='1474224517' post='3136366'] Last November our singer was diagnosed with what the docs thought was pancreatic cancer & had his op on dec 20th 2015. Came out of it OK and we thought we would be in maintain mode for two or three months. Found out he had lesions on his lymph glands & he underwent some major chemo and radiation therapy. Looked like a walking corpse. W did a benefit gig for him In late July and he got up and did a couple of songs and seemed like he was doing better. Three weeks later the docs confirmed he was 10)% clear! YAY!! So last night was our first gig back with the regular lineup. Could not have been a better one. A club at one of those caravan and chalet holiday park venues in Northamptonshire, where we played to an absolutely packed house, who really made the night. Up and dancing to the first song, lengthy applause after each and every tune and THREE encore at the end of the night. I was pissed off - knackered and way past my bedtime. A great welcome back gig for Paul. Oh and we were offered 3 gigs for next year on the strength of it. Ker-ching. [/quote] Nice ending. Hats off to you for supporting your singer.
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