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  1. are people’s experience of the XR18 generally positive? I have use the soundcraft ui24 before and have found the connection via WiFi to be a little unreliable at times...which is a little disconcerting to say the least. i have to say that looking at the specs it looks ideal for my 2 bands. I drum in one and bass in another, and already have iems and belt clip amp.
  2. What pre Amps are people using generally?
  3. Correct. I need to try it again with something more suitable 👍
  4. I tried this out of necessity a couple of weeks back as you may have seen in my thread. Necessity was that I was “between amps” and had a gig dipping with my old band (which I’ve since rejoined). I was using a fairly mid range (price wise) dB cab, but only with a 10” driver. At home it sounded good, but on the gig that particular cab could only just keep up. I had PA support so all was fine, but only just. Someone in this thread said that it depends on the cab. And clearly it does. Top line PA cabs with more power in reserve, a better tweeter, and probably a bigger driver would probably be great, but they come with a cost. I love the idea of it, but I think one needs to have a bass rig in ones Arsenal to cover all options,
  5. Do you actually move the 610 around?
  6. Ah yes I thought those were the mini cabs. I had some of those years ago and thought there were ace.
  7. Is that a 6by10? And are the others full size?
  8. Oh for God’s sake...this is what I need....👍
  9. Thank you both. There are none in Nottingham to try. How does the string spacing and neck compare to a Stingray 5?
  10. I’m gonna be annoying and say I can’t be bothered to read 124 pages. Would someone be forgiving enough to tell me which 5 string I should buy- 435 735a BBP35 Really, is the 735a much better than the 435 (excepting the obvious fact that it’s active) obvs I need to play some, but I’m currently lying on the sofa so it’s not an immediate option.
  11. If it’s any use, mine at least feels like a standard stingray.
  12. Nice, I’ve got one of these, and in all meaningful ways it is a full blown Stingray. GLWTS
  13. I’ve got a four string of this exact bass. Battery cover broken, bit battered but it sounds bloody ace.
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