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  1. Hi do you per chance have any images of this please? thanks chris
  2. Messages replied too. Looking to audition towards end of July, any more for any more?
  3. Ahoy all. I'm occupying the drum chair in a Nottingham based function/covers/party band. The band has been going for a good few years, and I was one of the founder members, on bass. I left and 6 months ago rejoined on drums. Our bass player has just handed in his notice, for nothing more than family reasons. It's an amicable departure and he is not leaving us in the lurch. However, we must seek a permanent replacement. We are a good band, with a lot of individual and collective experience. Typical gigs are functions, weddings, pubs, parties. The usual type of thing really. Gig frequency varies from month to month, the average being 4 ish per month. However we don't tend to turn decent paid work down, so in June for example we have 8, although this is not typical. Some rehearsal will be necessary to get the repertoire up to speed. Other than that we occasionally rehearse to do new material etc, www.splinter-band.co.uk is the website. Please note that the demo is not up to scratch, and some of the personal info and photos are out of date but you'll get the idea of the type of songs etc. We need a good player, versatile, good gear, transport, reliable bla bla bla. It's a semi pro / pro band whatever that means..... Backing vocals nice but not essential. It's a fun band that plays well and does some good gigs. I'm handing initial responses, so please respond by email to [email protected] if you are interested. Ta v much Chris
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. So, I have a mint condition one of these up for grabs. I'm simply not using it at all, so it might as well go. Thought I would float it on here in case there is any interest Chris
  7. [quote name='KiOgon' timestamp='1388398729' post='2321449'] When did you find out? If it was clear when the booking was made then I suppose you are contractually obliged - but if you only found out today - I would tell them to go look for another band, at one day's notice [/quote] This. If it is in the booking contract then you are stuck. But if not, I would not do it unless they change the terms.
  8. [quote name='Len_derby' timestamp='1388340660' post='2320985'] Hi Chris, would you be interested in a swap with a 'normal' sized Gramma Pad? I've got a Generation 1 Barefaced Bigone which is just a bit too big for the regular pad. [/quote] Thanks, but I have got a normal sized one already.
  9. So, having sold my big cab, I no longer need the big Gramma Pad. Is is basically what it is. Very good condition, I have actually used it, so cannot say it is box fresh, but there are barely any signs of use. It can be collected from Nottingham. Or I guess I could fashion a box and post it at your expense. Cheers Chris
  10. Update, cab now gone. So, all is done here
  11. On hold pending inspection and collection today.
  12. [quote name='harrybgoode' timestamp='1388223528' post='2319556'] Wouldn't my head be overkilling that cab? Thank you [/quote] Only if you turned it up to the max. I think it would sound great.
  13. [quote name='RichardH' timestamp='1388134964' post='2318723'] Is this the painted or tolex covered version of the Neox? [/quote] Tolex covered.
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