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  1. With several people mentioning trip hazards I want to highlight this as I took a tumble this morning answering the door in haste. Bass was pulled off stand and very luckily fell onto soft chair edge and my Ashdown Mibass amp crashed on floor. Gear ok and just a sore wrist for me luckily, us old fossils don't bounce as well as we used to. Do take care everyone.
  2. Fantastic transaction with Dave. Like new condition item , very well packaged and speedy delivery. all exactly or better than described. 5 star service, thank you
  3. Peavey Bass just arrived in exactly as described condition. Thank goodness it was very well packed as it had been well beaten up by Parcel force, bloody couriers are getting worse by the week it seems. Deal with confidence and very smooth transaction. Thank you Matt very nice bass
  4. Rosewoods Dalbergia spp. Cites II 2017.01.02 Includes finished wood products exceeding 10 kg; musical instruments exempt (except for Brazilian and Siamese rosewoods) Taken from this Database at if anyone is interested..... https://www.wood-database.com/wood-articles/restricted-and-endangered-wood-species/ Cites appendix I are very likely banned woods, so do please be careful of both source and species.
  5. Just a quick bit of feedback for MattW. Item at a fair price, promptly shipped, goods exactly as described and well packed. Pleasure doing business with you Matt and thank you. Dave
  6. Must be the ol' noggin failing, could have sworn they started as a trio. cheers skb558
  7. I thought Martins brother was the original guitarist, he's name eludes me. They advertised for a guitarist in melody maker and couldn't choose between Ted and Andy so both joined. That is the story as far as I am aware. But please correct if i am way off the mark.
  8. Terence Michael Joseph Butler has been known to write a few songs. I'll let you work out what the hits are......... https://www.allmusic.com/artist/geezer-butler-mn0000193848/credits
  9. Oh good, I chatted with Sonja a few years back and she said Mike might be playing again. How about Wishbone Ash? I think Martin Turners Wishbone Ash has the only original remaining member. Guitarists Andy Powell and Ted Turner (no relation) joined later.
  10. Now that I did not know. Must check to see it with own eyes as I always believed otherwise. Ty Dad3353 given me another tangent to explore. Well I never, all the years thinking that intonation was needed before a harmomic check. thank you for enlightening an old fool ** update ** As a fan of the floor/pedal tuners which I seem to recall it is based on and specifically naming 4 and 5 string bass it might be worth a punt? https://www.boss.info/us/products/tu-02/?utm_campaign=boss_pidd_0131&utm_medium=email&utm_source=activecampaign&utm_content=button2&utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=New+pedalboards%2C+tuner+++wireless+tech&utm_campaign=BOSS+Launch_Jan21+-+US Damn, looks like March 1st release date.....
  11. To OP. Sorry if I am teaching you to suck eggs but make sure intonation is spot on first.
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