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  1. [quote name='pete.young' post='85450' date='Nov 8 2007, 01:52 PM']Technique helps. I've got small hands too, and I find it's much easier to put my thumb on the back of the neck than to try and rest the neck in the space between thumb and first finger.[/quote] Unfortunately, that's one option out of the window for me! The lump of metal that they stuck into my thumb means I can't play like that anymore-it won't bend! Thanks for all the help, guys. I'm in the process of sorting something out with a couple of friendly Bass-builders round this neck of the woods. Not full-time Luthiers, I hasten to add (I'm not made of money!) but lads who know what they're doing, and what I can cope with now. Fingers crossed!
  2. I have read a lot of the guys on here saying that the necks on various Basses are "too thin" for them. My problem is very different. I have fairly thin and shortish fingers, and to top it all, I am looking at even more operations to replace my thumb/finger joints through arthritis. I am starting to find the Precision neck a bit of a painful stretch on some numbers, but I can't imagine NOT playing in the future. With this in mind, what Basses have you come across where you find the necks too thin/skinny for you to comfortably play? The thinner the better as far as I'm concerned, so I have a chance of reaching all the frets in my dotage! All comments welcomed.
  3. [quote name='King Tut' post='81525' date='Oct 30 2007, 11:12 PM']How do you use the 'quote' function?[/quote] Click on the "Quote" button. When you see a red "-" sign, click on the "reply" button. Type away!
  4. [quote name='Spikyhedgehog' post='81465' date='Oct 30 2007, 08:57 PM']I have a Korg DTR-2 that I'm looking to sell. Fancy it? [/quote] Picture and price would be excellent, please!
  5. [quote name='rohan' post='60923' date='Sep 15 2007, 07:05 PM']Bump. This has just had a new jack installed and been set up proffesionally. Will take £200 with the flight case?[/quote] Don't sell it that cheaply! I have personally been offered £300 for mine, and it's EXACTLY the same as yours, so there are people out there that want them! Stick it on the bay with a reserve, advertise it in one of the "Ad-Mag" type papers, or even shove it on Loot. It's worth a lot more-don't panic!
  6. I would check the P pickup. This usually happens when you get the wiring inverted.
  7. +1 for the La Bella Flats. I've been using them for ten years now, and I'd never change back.
  8. How heavy are some of your Basses? There is constant reference to "lugging it round" as though it were a ton weight. It's a Bass for goodness sake! As to the "I can change a string in 0.5 seconds" --not very helpful if a crappily soldered joint falls off in the middle of a song, is it? Happened once to me, after a "Technician" had replaced a pick-up. (That was a story in itself, because the pick-up started crackling loudly in the middle of the set). On both occasions, I grabbed my spare, and kept going. I have had expensive batteries die quickly and annoyingly in my Radio gear after I had just replaced them, (rechargeables as well) crackly jack sockets, snapped a string (once) beer splashed on the Bass during a Bar fight, and various other mishaps over the (too) many years I have been playing. EVERY time, I grabbed for the spare, finished the set, and got paid. Sometimes I even got congratulated for "not missing a beat", or "not dropping the band in it". Carry a spare. It WILL happen to you sometime. You can guarantee it. If it hasn't yet, you've been lucky, but rest assured it will!
  9. It won't let me send you a flipping PM! If you still have it, I'd like to have a bash at fixing it, mate. My old practise amp has just gone Bang! for the third time, and I'm not wasting any more time on it. (I can't pick it up with the weight of all the solder as it is.) AL.
  10. [quote name='yellowisfriedegg' post='17562' date='Jun 14 2007, 01:17 PM']Hello , I wonder how many old faces I will recognise ?[/quote] Gawd knows! There's loads of new faces found their way on to here. I'm actually a bit miffed at being called a Newbie, just because I found the flipping site at more or less the same time as all the young'uns.
  11. Too much gear? You're a Bass Player-There's no such thing as too much gear, just too small a house to keep it in!
  12. [quote name='Tinman' post='16892' date='Jun 13 2007, 02:19 PM']MACKEMS? Darken not this forum with your filthy utterings! I will have no further mention of those foul creatures. Also speak not of smoggies or monkey hangers. [/quote] Aye-ye can tell ee's a forriner! Having said that, I played in Morpeth recently, and one of the punters said" Oh, South Shields, you'll be a mackem then?" He gets out of hospital next month!
  13. [quote name='warwickhunt' post='15927' date='Jun 11 2007, 10:05 PM']I checked out your website... nice one. What are 'you' doing now, still Ashbone Wish?[/quote] Yep, and that's all I can manage for the moment. Just got the news that I've got to go back in for another op, to replace the rest of my thumb bones with scrap iron. That's going to mean a couple of weeks off, and taking it easy gigging with the plaster on afterwards.
  14. [quote name='warwickhunt' post='10695' date='Jun 1 2007, 06:31 PM']Just an update! I'm growing weary of running 4 bands at the moment when I'm not 'really' enjoying what I do with 3 of them. So I'm, thinking of phasing out 3 of them! However, I still want to play more but I want to do stuff that I'll enjoy. So... does anyone know of a NE based band who need either a bassist (or bass and drums) who are doing something fun, funky and that my lass can fraggle dance to?[/quote] Not round here! Not at the moment anyway.
  15. I still use mine every weekend. With it being active, it really[i] growls[/i] when I need it. Bump for a good'un!
  16. Lots of people swear by them, but all the ones I have tried made me swear AT them! I can get away with the "quirky" look, but the sounds available, (through lots of different amp and speaker combinations) and playability leave a lot to be desired.IMHO. If you feel you MUST have one, I would "bug" the life out of as many Music Shops as will put up with you, until you find one that "does it" for YOU. At the end of the day, it's you that will be playing it, and you're the one you have to keep happy!
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