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  1. Hi, are you interested in a trade including my Ashdown little giant class D? cheers, Nick
  2. Hi all, Looking for some advice. The blacksmith has two speaker outputs and the amp can run at 2ohms. Does this mean each output will drive a 2ohm load. Also, if I’m running 2x4ohm cabs would be better to daisy chain them into one output, i.e creating a two ohm load on one speaker output or run a 4 ohm speaker from each output? thanks in advance
  3. Cab is now sold. please remove from listings.
  4. I feel your pain with couriers!!!
  5. Bump.....do I need to give this away for free?
  6. SWR golight 1x15 cab. 300w 8ohm 20kg out of flight case. Fantastic cab and only selling as I cannot find a similar 2x10. Excellent condition apart from a small nick on the top. Price includes flightcase. Prefer pick up but happy to courier if you organise. Trades for Vanderkley 210 MNT
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