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  1. Thanks Visog.....it’s not making it any easier to sell😂
  2. Warwick Streamer Special. 1989 No 37 of 100. Birds eye maple, Ebony fretboard, brass jumbo frets. Single Bartolini. 9v. Custom birds eye maple truss rod cover (original included). In good condition for a 31 year old instrument with usual wear marks ( my thumb has worn an indentation just on top of the pick up. One machine head replaced (in photos see pick of rear of headstock, one says schaller as opposed to Warwick) Always oiled and waxed and everything works as it should. Plays beautifully with as many different tones as you’ll ever need. I bought this in 1992 and I am only selling due to current crisis!! Still not sure about whether I can let it go. An opportunity to own a very original and rare instrument. I don’t want to post and to be honest why would you even consider buying such an instrument without playing it first. If you need any more information message me.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. I have two swr workingmans 10 combos. They are rated at 80w standalone or 100w output with an 8ohm extn cab. I have been using them for small gigs driving each comb from the stereo outputs from one of my effects pedals. It’s sounds great but would I gain more SPL using one combo with an extn cab as opposed to the two separate combos. Any advice greatfully appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the advice, will have a dig around and find out the values.
  6. I have an Olp Levin bass. The pots are all pretty naff....mainly either on or off as opposed to a linear action. What do I need to replace them? The pots are volume and bass, mid and treble boost cut with centre indents. Any advice welcome. Thanks
  7. Hi, are you interested in a trade including my Ashdown little giant class D? cheers, Nick
  8. Hi all, Looking for some advice. The blacksmith has two speaker outputs and the amp can run at 2ohms. Does this mean each output will drive a 2ohm load. Also, if I’m running 2x4ohm cabs would be better to daisy chain them into one output, i.e creating a two ohm load on one speaker output or run a 4 ohm speaker from each output? thanks in advance
  9. Cab is now sold. please remove from listings.
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