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  1. [quote name='Hot Tub' post='579380' date='Aug 24 2009, 06:53 PM']I guess mine is probably the Status Quo version of "Safety Dance". Closely followed by Girls Aloud's "Walk This Way". What's yours? [/quote] The band I play in , doesn't play cheese , apart from maybe 'Turning Japanese' , or 'Crazy Horses' if the mood suits at the end . But , I used to do a lot of function band work , and the list is endless - 'Four strong wins' by Gallager & Lyle , 'Birdies song'-truely dreadful Holiday camp memories , 'Through the Barracades by Spandeau , '3 times a lady / Hello both Lionel Richie , I mean I could go on but I feel a depression coming on .
  2. [quote name='E sharp' post='576053' date='Aug 20 2009, 08:44 PM']Still sound OK . I thought that there was some distortion but that soon went - probably "thinking it as I thought that damage had been done" and no problems now with the sound . I don't seem to question , but the small light show on all 4 speakers seems a bit much for it to have come from a tweeter bulb , but tell me I'm wrong . And yeah , trippy it seemed , until I realised that although I don't now gig with this cab , it still cost me 1K new and the price of new speakers would be more than the now 2nd hand price . The trip then abruptly stopped [/quote] Cheers for the replies guys
  3. [quote name='Stacker' post='578067' date='Aug 23 2009, 10:01 AM']I awlays pay a visit to DS whenever I'm in London, just to see what's one the go. Some of the prices, esp in V&R, are a bit steep, in my books. Was in there last month whilst visiting a mate in London and spotted a lovely 66(?) Jazz in CAR. Some Spanish guy was playing it and it sounded hot! Him and his missus were going on about it (they looked like they had coin). On the way out I asked how much; '£7k' came the reply. Woooo......... And then on to Andys, where I saw a lovely Danelectro baritone guitar, large bodied, vintage finish. For the first time in my life I felt a purchase at DS coming to fruition but at £800? No thanks. MG are bad enough but their pals up north are the most condescending lot ever! Didn't they somehow get ahold of Chris Squire's old 21-fret 4001 a few years back?[/quote] MG , yeah , didn't they screw up with that golden Hofner that was supposed to be Macca's old bass , but turned out to have been owned by some other bloke . I remember the articals where they said that they'd bought it for a knock down price (probably told the guy that it was a worthless lefty , or something of the like) and that they'd been offered some ridiculus amount , but - "we think it's worth alot more " . How these idiots have remained in business is totally beyond me , it really is .
  4. [quote name='steve-soar' post='575975' date='Aug 20 2009, 07:31 PM']I bet that was trippy. Light bulb, like the others say. Do they still sound ok BTW?[/quote] Still sound OK . I thought that there was some distortion but that soon went - probably "thinking it as I thought that damage had been done" and no problems now with the sound . I don't seem to question , but the small light show on all 4 speakers seems a bit much for it to have come from a tweeter bulb , but tell me I'm wrong . And yeah , trippy it seemed , until I realised that although I don't now gig with this cab , it still cost me 1K new and the price of new speakers would be more than the now 2nd hand price . The trip then abruptly stopped
  5. Last night on a rehearsal , I had a G5 plugged in line (not in FX loop) into an Eden head and speaker . Whilst noodling , I played an open string and went through the G5 settings , changing parameters as I went , to see if I could find new sounds . Suddenly I noticed that on a particularly high pitched "squeally" setting , the speakers developed an orange glow near the outer edge , pulsing in time with the squeal . I showed this to the others to show them and no-one had seen anything like this . Has anyone had this happen ? Have I shagged my speakers or amp . Any ideas .
  6. That looks like the G&L that later on ended up with loads and I mean loads of holes , whilst they tried out various pick up positions.
  7. I came back from Butlins Skegness last week and I can report that the sound on EVERY live show was absolutely crap/sh*te/awful - pick whatever you want . Honestly , even the missus who's tone deaf said "is it suppose to sound like that?" . Err no . There were a couple of bands , the best being some reading guys backing some Britains Got Talent acts . The bass player in particular had a nice Parker Fly bass , although you'd have never known it from the sound . Only bass drum seemed to be loud but not clear , just droning and horrible . The vocals came through in some form , but it was truely dreadful . Even the X Factor acts , including Ruth Lorenzo sounded crap - the backing track mixes were just as bad . Now I've had some good and bad experiences with sound men over the years , but surely Butlins is not some poxy village festival , social club or large pub etc . It's supposed to be on the money , I'd have thought . I've played plenty of holiday camps over the years and always got a decent sound , and if we'd have sounded like that , then word would have spread . Who on earth sorts the sound out at these venues .
  8. E sharp

    A quick snap

    [quote name='ped' post='568549' date='Aug 13 2009, 11:55 PM']Here we are!! Three plebs and our tortured instruments! [/quote] Who's that greedy so and so with 3 . Is it the good Doc ? Honestly that photo has some lovely specimans . Did that come out right ? I meant the basses - you do know that , don't you ?
  9. E sharp

    A quick snap

    [quote name='ped' post='567513' date='Aug 13 2009, 12:20 AM']Just playing with my new camera... got a quick snap here, it's a bit blurry actually but will get some better ones tomorrow. Just wanted to ask though, on my monitor the picture is very clear and sharp, but having posted a black and white pic on here before some said it was very dark on their monitors. Over at Flickr I have looked at the pics in the black&white section and they all seem about the same levels as mine.. so how does it look to you? Cheers ped [/quote] I've been on the look out for a passion like this for years - either missed out or no money at the time . Always wanted a white one , and non of that 90/10 malarkey - it's graphite only for me on everything now . I know that you'd probably never sell , but I'm going to be cheeky and ask .
  10. Dan's (DOOD) interest in the PA option is one that I once looked into . I tried to find a flat response system , but could find non . EA stated that their gear was flat response - I heard harsh . An Aggy rig in BGM was described as flat response , but it's got a shed load of valves in it - thus colouring the sound . Eden used to say that their gear was 'pure' - it colours . Why do all the supposed flat response systems all sound different - shouldn't they all be the same ! A pure sound is subjective to the listener . I would have thought that a digital system would be more flat than a valve , bi polar or mosfet etc , although being a technical dunce of sorts , I hope to be corrected and maybe learn a bit . By the way , I use an Eden WT400 and Epifani 610 UL and this rig is not flat reponse , but I love what it does - all that matters I suppose . Though if DOODY ends up with one of Alex's cabs , I may yet pester him again for a try out as they do look mighty interesting .
  11. [quote name='Bill Fitzmaurice' post='559679' date='Aug 3 2009, 09:30 PM']It claimed to allow switching from 8 to 4 ohm impedance. It consisted of a capacitor, switched in and out of series with one woofer of a parallel pair. When in circuit a DCR measurement would be twice that of when it was bypassed, since the capacitor wouldn't pass DC to the second driver. When an actual impedance sweep was done there was no difference, of course. There are only two possibilities for the origin of the circuit. The first is that the A-G engineering staff did not know the difference between DC resistance and AC impedance. The second is that they knew and tried to pull a fast one. Neither explanation is excusable. A-G never came up with a plausible explanation, the switch unceremoniously disappeared from their cabs and literature. They continue to make SPL claims that defy the laws of physics in this universe and at least two more that we know of. [/quote] I seem to remember a couple of their cabs being reviewed in Bass Player a few years ago . They picked up on the switch issue (the technicals are a bit beyond me , and I defer to Bill and Alex on this) and Accugroove's reply was a bit snotty . Haven't Epifani come up with a similar silly switch recently ?
  12. E sharp

    Old Stingray

    [quote name='steve-soar' post='549451' date='Jul 23 2009, 10:13 PM']Cheers Martin, it is very nice. Only problem is that new strings need to be without windings to get the silk off the nut grooves. Sound is amazing, not many choices but massive and meaty tone. [/quote] Don't often see them in that condition . My stingray rear and front loads and strings used to be an issue - just look around , though Elites are all silked from what I've seen . My mate's promised me his pre ernie ball natural one , but only after he's snuffed it . Oh and I heard ' Love and Pride ' on the radio the other day with a nicely prominant early stingray tone if memory serves from concert footage from the 80's . Good song and great tone
  13. E sharp


    [quote name='dood' post='541528' date='Jul 15 2009, 06:54 PM']Hi there E Sharp!! That's some lovely lovely gear you have there! - I have indeed replied to your PM, lookin' forward to having a good bass chat with you! Welcome![/quote] Thanks for the reply . I was looking at Saturday morning (just in time to buy it and take to the outdoor gig I'm playing at and crank it to buggery) , but alas the car is off with the wife to somewhere called the 'Next Sale' . So as I have your mobile # , I'll ring or text on Saturday afternoon to find out when is good for you - maybe Sunday or Monday evening ? I'll be in touch .
  14. [quote name='Marky L' post='540434' date='Jul 14 2009, 04:16 PM']That and having a retarded singer who thinks it'd be great to clamber up on top and the whole lot comes crashing down![/quote] Well looking at that singer , I don't think that's gonna happen
  15. [quote name='dood' post='539919' date='Jul 14 2009, 12:03 AM']- This cabinet would be an awesome pairing with a certain Epifani UL902C for sale on this very forum![/quote] PM'd
  16. E sharp


    Hi everyone . I've been a 'member' since the start , but never got around to making an honest womam of you all . I've now done it at last - mainly because I'm after Dood's 610 ul - I'll be in touch -I'm in Norfolk . I'm just turned 40 , playing since 15 . Married , 2 kids . Gear - Stingray with Modulus Quantum neck , Status 2000 , '79/80 Precision , 70's Jazz with Vongunton graphite neck 2 humbuckers and Status 2 band , Framus Star bass , Eden WT400 , Eden 410 XLT 4 ohm , Epifani UL 401 S1 4 ohm and some pedals that never get used . Bit of a luddite with computers , so it may take a while for photo's etc . Anyway , Hi guys and gals , it's a pleasure to finally arrive .
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