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  1. Ghost_Bass

    Fender '61 Flea Bass Woes

    You should still contact the store and Fender, maybe you get lucky. The warranty has just passed but they may choose to be decent persons and fix your problem regardless. It's a situation that shouldn't happen, a truss rod can't break on its own, surely a design flaw. They should take responsibility for that.
  2. Ghost_Bass

    Is there a simple pedal to add a "rythm guitar" sound?

    If you're happy with just adding a note one octave up then buy a octave down pedal, and then simply play that line on the upper octave and let the pedal put out the bass. Cheapest alternative!
  3. Ghost_Bass

    Advice please

    Is it too late to sell the rack case and buy a new one with the correct screws: or even better, with adjustable screw spacing:
  4. Ghost_Bass

    Trace Elliot power cable

    Sure. Go ahead, as long as they're in good condition, i use them all the time.
  5. Ghost_Bass

    Markbass CMD121P - FRFR EQ help

    The room is fine and will be filled with people. There's a house sound tech to control the PA and he will get a DI PRE-EQ mix. My sound for the band is the sound of my TRB, unchanged, only louder and maybe a bit of high-pass filtering in the muddy end. I'm using Genz Benz amp and Barefaced cab to get this FRFR result and sounds great on stage. This is the reason why i'm looking to get a flat'ish Eq on the amp as all my diferent tones will come from the bass (and a bit of fingers). The bit that worries me about the MB are those honky/boxy mids i've heard on other MB gear i've tried in the past.
  6. Ghost_Bass

    Markbass CMD121P - FRFR EQ help

    No Parametric EQ here so i will have to find some time to EQ it to my taste. Maybe use the filters to attend to the voicing, lik eyou're saying. A bit of VPF to tame the mid bump and a compromise of VLE/High/Mid High to try to get rid of the hiss and bring in those missing useable highs? I don't want to take more gear than i need to, i would prefer to take my shuttle 9.2 with the 10" cab from my Promethean combo but i'm trying to make things easier as possible and avoid lugging unecessary gear.
  7. Ghost_Bass

    Markbass CMD121P - FRFR EQ help

    I think i undestand what you're saying. Is there a parametric EQ to boost those "lower highs"? What about the VLE and VLF? They're my main concern, what do each do? I think one is a mid scoop but don't know what the other does. I'll download the manual and have a read but any input from people who ownes or had owned one is very apreciated. Cheers
  8. Ghost_Bass

    Markbass CMD121P - FRFR EQ help

    Hello everybody. I'm in need of a few pointers from BC'ers regarding this combo. I'll be playing in a venue in the end of this month where i'll be using this as the house backline. I'll be going through the PA so i only need advice for stage monitoring. I'm looking to get a EQ as close to FRFR as possible. I've never owned markbass but i've tried a few and they're voiced a fair bit. Add the VLF and VLE controls to that and i'm looking to spend a bit of much needed time for other things on getting it to sound flat. What would you good people, who know your way around this combo, advice as a starting EQ point to get me in the ballpark of a flat response? Thanks
  9. Great! I'm glad it worked out
  10. Ghost_Bass

    New Schaller strap locks!

    Fitted my new ones. They're great. The latch-on system is a nice addition and the new nut is awesome. The button to pull to get it out is a bit smaller than the older version, it shouldn't been changed. the strap button with the build-in screw is also a miss in my opinion. I think Schaller only needed to add the new nut and bevel the latch-on system in the old unit to have a winner. Maybe gen3 will sort this once and for all.
  11. Ghost_Bass

    3leaf enabler failing

    You should try contacting Spencer directly at 3Leaf. Who knows, maybe he offers to take a look at your pedal even out of waranty.
  12. Ghost_Bass

    New Schaller strap locks!

    I also check them before every gig. They won't come completly loose during a gig unless you're playing bass whilst jumping in a trampolin for 3h straight
  13. Ghost_Bass

    New Schaller strap locks!

    Been using Shaller strap locks for a few years. I love the concept but had some minor issues. The nut in mine comes loose from time to time, and even using a wrench to tighten them they get loose after a few weeks. I use a Minotaur strap that's a bit thick but it shouldn't be a problem, but every time a step on stage my routine is "pick up the bass - insert jack - re-tighten strap screws by hand - tune bass". Luckly i've found these new locks in Thomann a few seconds before doing the checkout in a recent order so one of the new sets is comming my way as i'm typing. Good thing i spotted them last week as i've only seen this thread today. I think the grub screw on the new nut is the key to solve the main problem with the old ones.
  14. Ghost_Bass

    Fender Jazz - a one trick pony ?

    Fender Jazz = 2 pickups =/= one trick pony Enough said
  15. Maybe try messaging @KiOgon on this forum, he does some nice wiring looms for basses, maybe he can build you what you need.