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  1. I would send a copy of the Nigerian Prince e-mail in response to this one.
  2. I would take it off, remove the badge to prevent damage, place it over a smooth surface like a matt ou a rug with the concave side facing down, and walk over it until it flattens nice. But that's me
  3. I don't think i'm eligible to the musicians hearing promotion as i'm Portuguese and in Portugal. But i'll look in to it. Another question, i've read on the comments about the mould, do you know if i can do it even in a different country? Any non-UK residents here would care to chip in? How was the process and how long did it take? Thanks guys, it's been very helpful. I've settled for the 17 ones, i do love to hear a flat response and i can't sing, i just need to be able to hear the singer calling out the songs.
  4. Thanks for all your insights guys, very helpful. BC to the rescue, once again
  5. Can you hear your bandmates talking to you during the gig?
  6. I don't mind the low bass thing, in fact i use a HPF at 80hz in the mixer and the GB shuttle has an on-board HPF that shouldn't be much lower than that. thanks for the comments
  7. Hi, i'm in the process of getting a pair of hearing protectors. I've set on the ACS due, mostly, to the good reviews here on Basschat. I do need some input on which model should i choose. I'm between the ACS Pro 17 and the ACS Pro 15 models: https://www.acscustom.com/uk/products/hearing-protection/pro-series/pro-17 https://www.acscustom.com/uk/products/hearing-protection/pro-series/pro-15 I'm playing in a covers band that has a very wide set-list, from soft to funk/soul to hard rock, if needed (we can start the gig with "Ain't no Sunshine" and end it with "Highway to Hell"). Our band lives from our interaction on stage and we often need to communicate with each other mid song. From the specs it seems that the 17 are more suitable for me as they have more attenuation, resulting in less hearing damage from the cymbals but i don't know if it will have an impact on my ability to hear the rest of the band members talking to me mid song. The 17 has a flat response -17dB attenuation all across the board, the 15 model has a -12dB attenuation in the mid-range that slopes to -15dB in the high region. On paper i prefer the flat response, my bass sound and bass gear is as FRFR as i could find. So i'm reaching out to BC to help me get some insides from those who are using them live and have had some experience with them. Will i be fine with the 17? Will they affect the communication with the rest of the band? Cheers
  8. Love it, best colour scheme ever, with the black PG. The classic line, with the old bridge, 2 EQ, old body shape and oval PG in both 4 or 5 strings, for me, is the most apealing line. Lovely bass, and at 4,5kg it's not the heaviest of SR's.
  9. The hipshot wont go down to B, and i use that note in a couple of songs. I also don't like to detune my basses, i prefer to leave all the notes as they should and use the B string if needed (yes, even if i'm asked to play Killing in The Name).
  10. That's one of the basses i would love to add to my collection. Perfect in every way (colour) but missing one string... GLWTS
  11. I'm sure you've heard guano apes but don't remember, look up for "lords of the boards" or "open your eyes", i'll bet you'll recognise them from the radio at least.
  12. Was it Jason Momoa's take on a short "scale" "bass"?
  13. Grunge is a bit subject to interpretation IMO. Lots of good sugestions already mentioned (Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden...) and not mentioned (Melvins, Mudhoney, Meat Puppets, Hole, Smashing Pumpkins...) so i would sugest other bands that set appart from the original Seattle grunge scene but have some origins connecting them to it: Tool, A Perfect Circle, Queens Of The Stone Age, Guano Apes, Foo Fighters. Here are some great basslines to be found, enjoy
  14. you posted while i was writting, for £70 worst case scenario you can take it appart and sell the (few) funcional bits to cover your loss. Will we get a topic in the build diaries? I would love to follow this. Cheers
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