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  1. Ghost_Bass

    Wich PSU should i choose?

    Yep, manufacturers are paying attention to what players are looking for. Lot's of people using PT and looking for small footprints. Bar/pub stage area is premium in most places. I'm guessing there are more options comming up in the future smaller, with more outputs and more affordable.
  2. Ghost_Bass

    Wich PSU should i choose?

    Thanks for the tip. Didn't know about Strymon, they do look very cool and 500mA per out is excelent. I've seen that they also have a smaller and cheaper 5 way PSU: https://www.thomann.de/pt/strymon_ojai.htm it's just 3mm taller than the Zuma and 30€ cheaper. But the Truetone is still in the lead, i don't have high current pedals in my board, can't say for sure but they all must be between 50 and 100 mA. Keep those ideas comming, there must be many like me that are unaware of the offerings of real isolated PSUs for our boards. Cheers
  3. Ghost_Bass

    Wich PSU should i choose?

    There's this one: https://www.thomann.de/pt/truetone_1_spot_pro_cs6.htm I've been on their site and they say it's isolated like the bigger CS7 and CS12 but in a low profile that'll fit underneath a Pedaltrain. It has 6 outs at 2x500mA 2x100mA and 2x200mA, 4 of them are switchable between 9 or 12V. looks like a winner at 139€. Any comments? this thread is starting to look like a monologue appart from the precious help from a couple of BC'ers. I'll back off on the posts for a bit.
  4. Ghost_Bass

    Wich PSU should i choose?

    Just another question, if i was to choose the Powerplant Jr, wich is galvanically isolated, wich two pedals should i get less noise sharing the same output? I'm guessing the tuner is one of them and will be turned off when playing and the Compressor should be avoided as it's allways on. All other pedals are used very little appart from the GR wich gets most use. Only pedal combo i'm using ATM is octave in to wah in a bridge of one song.
  5. Ghost_Bass

    Wich PSU should i choose?

    I've sent a mail to Thomann and got a reply: I'm very happy for this type of communication from them, a fast reply without any marketing BS. It's just a shame that both suggestions from them cost close to 200€, so one more boutique pedal in that board when we look at it. I'll take a look at the smaller CIOKS offerings to see if any has enough outputs for my board, the DC5 would be perfect if it had just one more...
  6. Ghost_Bass

    What gear exceeded expectations for you?

    Yamaha BB1000S - got it in a trade of a Ken Smith for a TRB5P+BB. Thought i would keep the desired TRB5P and move on the BB to recover some funds. What a sound! Best P i've ever heard and the bridge pickup works all the magic. Has been out more times than the TRB too, still hasn't taken the place of my main bass, a TRB5PII. EDIT: can't wait for the Flexsteels to wear out so i can fit some halfrounds and bring in the rumble!
  7. Ghost_Bass

    Wich PSU should i choose?

    I AB'd the cables. Even some cheap warwick patch cables were making less noise than the George L's. Bought the EBS ones due to their slim design that allows me to fit all 6 pedals in that board and haven't noticed noise when powering with individual PSU's but i'll have another try to see if that's really true. I must admit i was sceptical of such small and thin cables, they don't have a big core area but being EBS it gave me some confidence to try. Were you using any 18V or big amp (+300mA) pedals with those patches?
  8. Ghost_Bass

    Wich PSU should i choose?

    Looks like a no go at the ISO-1 then... here's one of the reviews in Thomann's site:
  9. Ghost_Bass

    Wich PSU should i choose?

    The HB ISO-1 looks perfect for my board, it has the size, the outputs, all my pedals run at 9V neg. center but need to check if it's really isolated like @rmorris pointed out.
  10. Ghost_Bass

    Wich PSU should i choose?

    I started having noise issues rescently, never had them before. First thing i found that reduced a lot of noise was to replace my George L's for the EBS ones, now i'm using EBS in all patches but @dannybuoy's comment has got me rethinking it. I've tried separating the pedals trough several PSU's that i have and the noise goes away. That's the main reason i was considering getting a new isolated PSU. Like i've stated i've been using the same PSU for the past 10 years so i don't know what's new on the market these days. I've looked at the CIOKS DC5 but i would have to daisychain two pedals in order to feed my board.
  11. Ghost_Bass

    Wich PSU should i choose?

    Hi everybody. I'm looking for some comments on choosing a new PSU for my pedalboard. I've been using a daisy-chain type 3A PSU that i bought from "effectpowersupplies.co.uk" almost 10 years ago and it still works fine but i'm up to 6 pedals now and i'm starting to get noise from lack of individual isolation in the outputs. My pedalboard is a Harley Benton, copy of a Pedaltrain and has space and fittings underneath for a PSU. It's this one: And here's a pic of the real thing: I've been looking in Thomann (it's better for me as i can get a joint order with the rest of the band and get free shipping) and i'm between these two PSU's: https://www.thomann.de/pt/harley_benton_powerplant_flex.htm : https://www.thomann.de/pt/harley_benton_powerplant_iso_1_pro.htm : I'm leaning for the second one, the ISO-1 as it clearly states that all outputs are isolated, not sure about the first one, no info on that. The powerplant Flex seems to have a better layout to link the cables though. So, what would the BC community choose? What are your thoughts about them? Does anybody has either of these and can make a small review? I'm also open to other sugestions that would fit in the pedalboard and won't cost much more than the cheapest pedal in that board Thanks for looking Marco
  12. Ghost_Bass

    Dead new string

  13. Ghost_Bass

    Dead new string

    I allways cut the tip of the strings. I'm sure they're cut during manufacturing also so i don't see how it can affect the core. Never had one brake or slip. I allways make sure i gan get 2 to 3 turns around the tunning post plus the bit the goes inside the center of the post.
  14. First thought is that you have crosstalk between piezzo and magnetic. Either a blend pot for both circuits before sending to the jack or a couple of resistors to avoid crosstalk on the end of each circuit before soldering on to the jack - kind of like the old fender stacked vol/tone circuit. This is from my mind, haven't spend time investigating those circuits you have there to be sure of what i'm writting.
  15. Ghost_Bass

    What's up with the Mrs?

    And why not? If you have the space and are willing to spend a bit insulating it and making it more comfortable it's a valid solution with the plus side that you'll be making noise outside of the house