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  1. Ghost_Bass

    Phill Jones Bass Compact 8 Lite

    Thanks Dan, that's the kind of comments that i need to read.
  2. Ghost_Bass

    Phill Jones Bass Compact 8 Lite

    The SC doesn't go high enough (on the highs) and it's 8Ohms. Would be closer with the BB2 but still, only 8ohms. The Phill Jones, like the S12T, has a trolley handle and casters. Back problems means i must avoid carrying stuff as much as possible.
  3. Ghost_Bass

    Phill Jones Bass Compact 8 Lite

    Hi, been looking at this as a replacement/backup for my Barefaced Super12T. A bit lighter and less power but should cope well with the Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2. I'm looking for opinions regarding the sound characteristics/quality, SPL, and most importantly about Frequency Response. The S12T is fairly flat, i'm looking for something close to it in smaller/lighter/portable package. Don't mind about low-end rumble, HPF in shuttle makes sure all the mudd is removed. link: https://www.thomann.de/gb/phil_jones_neo_power_compact_8_lite_bk.htm?ref=intl&shp=eyJjb3VudHJ5IjoiZ2IiLCJjdXJyZW5jeSI6IjIiLCJsYW5ndWFnZSI6ImVuIn0%3D thanks
  4. Doesn´t look like silicone to me, looks like hot glue (the craft type). That should be the way i would fix it, just two bits of hot glue on each top of the magnet to secure it to he existing glue. Simple and easy to remove in the future, if needed. Another option is to use contact glue to secure the magnets directly to the pickup housing in the bottom. Again, a secure way to fix it and not so difficult to remove if needed.
  5. Ghost_Bass

    Quick question regarding Zoom B3

    Excelent! Thank you!
  6. Ghost_Bass

    Quick question regarding Zoom B3

    Hi, anybody tried the B3 with phones plugged directly to the output/phones jack? Does it have enough signal or the phones need to be amped? Thanks
  7. Ghost_Bass

    Fender Roscoe Beck 5 String Sunburst

    Hi, do you know the weight of this bass?
  8. Ghost_Bass

    What features should all bass guitars have?

    A Yamaha logo on the headstock!?? 😂😂🤣
  9. Ghost_Bass

    Which Yamaha BB to choose?

    For me it's the best bass they have buildt. It's miles ahead from the current TRB100xJ and TRBX. Eben the BB's aren't at par with this, it was top of the line before being descontinued. Why Yamaha did it without bringing in the TRBIII i'll never understand. Got it here for a steal price of £900 about 10 years ago. He's the reason i joined BC in the first place and never left. It's been my #1 bass since, it's the ONE, it has "my tone" completely flat and straight to a flat mixer if needed, the balance knob and right hand position give me all the tones i can possibly dream of. It will NEVER EVER EVER leave my hands, will be passed on to my offspring with joy when i retire from playing. Mine has the Ovangkol top, i've tried the Maple and Bubinga ones (the bubinga belonged to Nick Fyffe and belongs to a friend now), i found the Maple too trebly and the Bubing too dark, may have been the strings but i found this one is more balanced to my playing style. More pics, next to the ex-fyffe's:
  10. Ghost_Bass

    Which Yamaha BB to choose?

    Well, next time you can point me to the next great deal for a used BBNE2. Al needs to rest for a while... Now for some gratuitous pics: The NE would fit nicely in the collection
  11. Ghost_Bass

    Which Yamaha BB to choose?

    wow! a grand for the 1100S? How much would be worth my Japanese BB1000S then?
  12. Ghost_Bass

    Which Yamaha BB to choose?

    A bass feeling light whilst having a great tone , IMO, is an indicator of a higher quality instrument and one i'm always looking for. Boutique builders base a lot of their business in building great sounding instruments that are easy to play and are light to help players with fatigue and back problems (Smith, Jerzy, Sadowsky, etc.). I would happily pay again the same amount i've spent on my TRB just to be able to shave 1kg of it and retain its sound, but i know that's impossible. Yamaha is a great brand, they're hard to beat in quality vs price, their attention to detail is huge and they carry it through the bottom of the line. My opinion is, if you feel that bass suits your hands and tone needs then you can stop looking, but make another trip (or two or three) to the shop to try it again. If after that novelty period you keep finding yourself drawn to it, its a keeper. Don't worry about the price tag
  13. Fair enough but i said i wouldn't call it a port because the size of it makes it look closer to an open back cab, IMO
  14. Sorry but no, that won't cut it, that's good for bedroom practice. Even in rehearsall i would be affraid to blow the driver as this is clearly a Guitar combo that stated it can also handle bass (it won't, at least with the sound/tone a bass is suposed to have). It can have all sorts of HPF to prevent over-excursion but that will come at expense of low frequencies. Just looking at the "porting" (i wouldn't even call it that) we can see its made for guitar not bass:
  15. ^^^ This, and also tell us wich gear the guitarist uses and how hard the drummer hits. A good indicator is to crank it in the rehearsall space and see if you can compete with the drummer when he's hitting a bit harder.