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Status Updates posted by Phill

  1. For the first time in years I'm back on the wedding circuit for a few weeks! 

  2. Looks like I'm the new owner of a bass with great provenance! Pics to follow when it arrives 

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    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      Ooh - tell us more, and pics asap please 

    3. Happy Jack

      Happy Jack

      I trust this bass has 19mm provenance, or is it a 35" provenance bass?

    4. Phill
  3. Can anyone help ID these Fralin pups? Or is there just one set they do? 




  4. Recording session for Netflix today! 🎸


  5. Got some smaller & new practice diaries for some of my younger & F2F students 🎸


  6. A sad bass related day today. My 1976 (first year of production) Musicman Stingray Fretless Bass is leaving my studio for the last time. 


  7. Really enjoying online teaching with some post graduate & international students at the moment! 

  8. I am very proud to say I am now an endorsee for Aguilar Amplification! A huge thank you specifically to Pete from their UK distribution Barnes & Mullins! 


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    2. acidbass


      Can you feed back to them that 40hz centre for Bass control is way too low to be usable as anything but a cut? 😉

    3. Steve Browning

      Steve Browning


    4. LowB_FTW


      Well, that's a bit exciting for you. Nicely done.



  9. Booked in a new bass synth student this morning 🎹


    1. Harlequin74


      Nice. Where r u based?

    2. Phill


      @Harlequin74 South East Wales but I do online lessons also 

  10. Can anyone identify these tuners I’ve just found. I know they’re Hipshot Ultralight's but not the exact model 


    1. Rich


      Looks like a HB6C 1/2" in matt chrome?



    2. Phill
    3. Rich


      The 1/2" is a guess; you'll need to measure the string post diameter to establish if it's a 1/2 or a 3/8.

  11. Bit of an emergency. Dep required Tomorrow 12 midday 08/01/24 for paid rehearsal in Pontypridd South Wales paid half MU performance rate plus travel expenses (out of my own pocket) 

    I have all the dots and setlist with links to the tracks 

    I’ve dislocated my shoulder and broken my little finger falling down the stairs

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    2. Phill


      Got cover for now 

    3. Rich


      Bloody hell, I bet that didn't hurt at all O.o here's to a swift recovery

    4. Marc S

      Marc S

      Only just saw this @Phill glad you're sorted for cover.
      Hope your shoulder and finger are on the mend asap.

  12. Looking for a new/different amp company to try that has good artist support in the UK/Europe? 

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    2. Sibob


      Of course, it depends on one’s gigs and what we expect from our backline….my experience is not others etc etc 

    3. Kickass
    4. Lozz196


      I`d agree with the Ashdown comments, great sounding amps and very good customer service. Their smaller Class D range, the RM amps are very good and make touring nice and easy.

  13. I'm doing a little series today. A Day in the life of | Pro Bass Player over on my Facebook & Instagram @phillcourtmusic

    1. dodge_bass


      Missed it but followed you on the 'gram anyway! 


  14. Huge thanks to @walshy of Vintage Bass Room for sending down some goodies! Amazing!


    1. walshy


      Thanks dude, pretty cool if I do so say so myself. Hopefully big things for us both on the horizon 🙌👌❤️

  15. Baby is due in 8 weeks. Panic has started!

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    2. rory


      I've done a lot of cool stinky poo but becoming a dad beats it all, you'll be fine

    3. LukeFRC


      No one has asked yet...
      A actual baby or have you got Jon Shuker or someone building you something?

    4. Sibob


      We're due in 13 weeks! Excciitttiinnngggg


  16. I'm very pleased to announce that I am now endorsing/an endorsing artist for La Bella Strings!


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    2. franzbassist


      Well done, but how did you manage to swing that as it's quite the endorsement?

    3. Phill


      @franzbassist Thank you! I left another endorsement earlier this year and they seemed to like my portfolio etc really 

    4. Lozz196


      Many congrats @Phill, a very prestigious feather in your cap there

  17. Got booked on probably the most amazing & biggest session of my career for this month & now the date has been moved so I’m unable to do it. The ups & downs of the music industry. Maybe next time!Got booked on probably the most amazing & biggest session of my career for this month & now the date has been moved so I’m unable to do it. The ups & downs of the music industry. Maybe next time!

    1. snorkie635


      Always the way - I feel for you bud. 😣

    2. Phill


      I know its just scheduling problems like but still haha

  18. Got some La Bella rounds from a very helpful Bass Direct on the way!

  19. Been working on a special project for the last few months! 


    Deadline - Christmas Day 2023! 


    Baby Court making their debut 25/12


    1. TheGreek


      As a near Xmas baby I can say that's really cruel. I also have two friends whose birthdays are on Xmas day. Baby Court will always hear "I got this for your birthday AND Xmas....". They will never have their own special day.


      I think they should ban sex in late March!!




      BTW Congratulations!!

    2. plankspanker


      My late Dad was born on Christmas Day and given the middle name of Noel. It really didn't suit him and he never used it.

      Oh and congratulations!

  20. Lovely cable just arrived from @Chienmortbb 😁

  21. Phone interview with an artist tomorrow for some studio & possibly live work!

    1. TheGreek


      Good luck...🤞

    2. LowB_FTW


      How did this go, Phil?



    3. Rich
  22. Lehle Mono or Stereo volume pedal for a theatre tour?

    1. BassAgent


      If you don't use stereo effects, go mono.

    2. Phill


      @BassAgent clues in the name i suppose! haha! Thanks 

  23. Anyone setup up a Double Stop Extender from Hipshot? I'm in a pickle!

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    2. Phill


      @prowlaIt's black, got my tech on the case right now 

    3. prowla


      Hope it gets sorted.

      I have some gold Hipshot tuners where the finish has degraded and they're a bit grindy...

    4. Phill


      @prowlaGrindy is the best word for mine too actually 

  24. Off to Sunny Carlisle this weekend to visit Overwater Basses & pick up a little something ;)

    1. LowB_FTW


      How did this go for you?



    2. Phill


      Amazingly well! There'll be a NBD post up later 

  25. New bass from Bass Bro's on the way 😁

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    2. Reggaebass


      Fender 🤔

    3. Phill


      @ReggaebassBingo! Unfortunately it's been delayed though!

    4. Reggaebass


      Nice, hope it reaches you soon 👍

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