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Status Updates posted by Phill

  1. New basses incoming 👌 I should not have done that 😂

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    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      Ooooh - what have you bought? Do tell.....
      I must admit, the fact that it's more than one does make suspicious that you have won the lottery ;) 

    3. TheGreek


      You're right you shouldn't have...as your punishment you should have to send them to me so that you learn your lesson.

      Harsh maybe, but sometimes tough love is the best way.

    4. Phill


      New Overwater soon & a P Bass coming today hopefully lads! 

  2. I got one!



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    2. Phill


      Sadly not Greek 

    3. AinsleyWalker


      Ah that's amazing!! Body looks like mine, cept with the proper old school bridge + mutes. Really love the bound neck as well



    4. Teebs




  3. Got the GAS for a fretless Stingray at the moment! 

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    2. Higgie


      I had GAS for one of them once. It didn't end well for my bank balance.

    3. petecarlton


      And a short-scale (sigh).

    4. BassTractor


      My 5HH was such that I didn't need to practise. I just opened the case and it would start to play.
      That's the mating call of a true musical instrument.

  4. New Overwater is all specced out apart from top wood!

    1. DiMarco


      European black walnut! yum!

    2. Phill


      That does sound nice! Still can’t make my mind up! It’s based off of the new hollow body single cut bass. 6 string fretted 👌

  5. Finally working on my specs for a new Overwater 😁😁

    1. Rich


      Ooh! Share plz? :) 

  6. Looking for a pedal bridge of sorts from a UK manufacturer, only finding American providers who don't ship to the UK!

    1. HazBeen


      Ikea shelf insert and some tweaking might work. Will cost an hour and 3 quid.

  7. It's been so long since I've been able to browse the forum properly! I've got a new update blog to share too 👍 https://www.phillcourtmusic.com/single-post/2019/11/16/Bassicly-Speaking-November-2019-Update

  8. Thanks for the help with the driving licence title change guys & gals! My title will remain a mystery but if you like you can call me Lord for now 😂

    1. Teebs


      Yes, your worship!


    2. Ricky 4000

      Ricky 4000

      Pictures (of the licence), or it didn't happen! 😛

  9. Does anyone know who is currently playing bass for Rita Ora by any chance?

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    2. Phill


      Sibob you genius! Thank you!! And Hiram too! Much appreciated! 

    3. Drax


      and not one mention of him playing a Ritter Cora..  

    4. Soledad


      Hot player. And nowt wrong with Rita either. Respect.

  10. Just took delivery of the collectors Joe Dart edition of BGM plus this cool t shirt :)


  11. Glad I could help out Average White Band! They gave me a few goodies too 👌 hope he gets his Jazz back ASAP! 


    1. SpondonBassed


      Nicely done.

    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      Very nice indeed! :)

    3. PhilAllGaps1


      Nice Phill! I know Freddy V the sax player very well and he mentioned the theft of the instruments, what a drag for Alan and Onnie, however I'm sure Alan was very glad to be leant such a killer instrument!

  12. Alan Gorrie is borrowing my Overwater for the Average White Band gig in Cardiff tonight, as his bass was nicked last night! Glad I could help out though!


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    2. Phill


      It already is! 😂


    3. lowregisterhead


      Any word on Alan's bass?

    4. Phill


      Nothing yet mate 

  13. Just put my Moog Sub Phatty up for sale or swap 😏


  14. Could anyone who has a current Bass Guitar Mag subsrciption do me a massive favour please? 😊

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    2. ead


      Do you know which issue to look in?

    3. Silvia Bluejay

      Silvia Bluejay

      Happy to help, but you should really give me a more precise description of what I should be looking for! PM me if you prefer. :)

    4. Phill


      @ead Either the latest or the one before it 

  15. Heres a post I've written about my new Overwater Custom P5 including pics, videos & specs https://www.phillcourtmusic.com/single-post/2019/05/14/My-Custom-Overwater-Bass


    1. SICbass


      Thanks for that. Some nice sounds and tight playing.

      You may have ordered/designed what just about adds up to being my dream bass. I hadn't particularly thought about an Overwater before but that really does tick a lot of boxes.


      ..and thanks again from the review.

    2. Phill


      @SICbass Thank you for the kind words! Originaly I was gonna get a Sandberg VM 5 which is similar, but a lot of my mates have custom/signature Overwaters & I had a great deal on a custom built bass 

    3. SICbass


      You lucky bar steward 😉  Love the surf green btw.

  16. Giving the Mono Betty short strap a go, nice and comfortable so far 👍

    1. ezbass


      I have one of these, very comfy. However, you might find that the buckle slips. What I did was, once I'd found the right length, just put a couple of stitches each end of the buckle - sorted.

    2. Phill


      @ezbass It does slip! thanks for the advice I've just stitched it now 👍

  17. Update! Glad to be back! My custom Overwater should be here within the month & I've been successfully nominated to the Musicians Union Exec Committee :) 

    1. SpondonBassed



      Because I said congratulations first, would you forgive me for (briefly) harbouring this image of you right now?




    2. Phill


      Of course haha!

  18. String delivery day! Thanks to Optima for my RB Flats, Studio Golds & Protos for double bass. A very happy & proud endorsee!


  19. I've been working on patches & soundscaping on my Moog Sub Phatty this week. Diallin gin some great sounds for live shows & recording 


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    2. Phill


      Give me a message if you want a hand etc

    3. bartelby


      Cheers Phill. It’s part of an ever growing system... I built a new module yesterday, that’s not in this photo, and I have another 6 to build...3CC09450-F1F4-4F44-8D23-E8E7D04CCF2C.thumb.jpeg.b2f8fc65acaeb235c38adb44a6f8f850.jpeg

    4. Phill


      Fair play! 

  20. 16 gigs came in today! MD'ing 13 of them too 👌

    1. owen


      That is a good day.

    2. SpondonBassed
    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      Wow! Great news :)

  21. I'm back after a very long break! Heres what I've been up to & what this year has in store for myself & bass playing career https://www.phillcourtmusic.com/single-post/2019/01/13/Bassicly-Speaking-September-2018---January-2019

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    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      Hello from another fellow South Walian. 
      Nice precis of what looks to have been a busy few months :)

    3. Phill


      Hey JapanAxe! Good to know! 

    4. Phill


      Thanks Marc!

  22. My custom Overwater will be ready to pick up in the new year!!!! :D 

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    2. Happy Jack

      Happy Jack

      Which new year did you have in mind, Phill? :|

    3. Phill


      This coming January :) 

    4. Marc S

      Marc S

      New year..... new custom bass! What a great thing to look forward to :)

  23. Good news! My ear is working again!! Still ave to have another op but I can hear 😁

    1. prowla


      It's good to hear!

    2. discreet


      Yay! ...I said, 'YAY!'

  24. I've been  very quiet as of late. I've gone profoundly deaf in the right ear due to an infection & have not gigged or undertook any music work in weeks. I've got an exploitative operation tomorrow & my first gig in months Saturday. Look after your ear health.

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    2. Phill


      Thanks! No luck so far, but managed to get through a gig earlier 👍

    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      Ooooo, sorry to hear that Phill. Hope you're not suffering, since the gig. And I hope they sort you out, asap :)

    4. Phill


      Thanks Marc, The gig went well but there was such an overwhelming amount of noise coming into my good ear, it was hard to concentrate.

  25. Went to the Welsh premiere of Bohemian Rhapsody last Wednesday, really enjoyed it too. A few inconsistencies but overall thourougly enjoyed it 👍 

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