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  1. If it's just 'badge' engineering this is a giveaway price! I've had a Streamliner 600 for about five years and close to a hundred gigs with never the slightest glitch. It's only bass-players who worry about the name - bandmates just care about the sound/reliability and the audience don't give a $hit what you're using!
  2. That is uncannily similar to GB Streamliner heads - the fascia has a couple of extra push switches but the layout at the rear is identical. A 900 in disguise methinks!
  3. Hmmm thanks... just watched a couple of YT reviews that were a bit mixed. Think I'll stick with my nice OBBM cables!
  4. Watching a band at a local pub recently I noticed the lead player had a nifty little wireless thingy plugged into his Les Paul and its mate plugged into his amp. Sounded great, no cable to trip over and ideal for sound-check as he was also operating the PA. I had a quick word with him afterwards and he said it had only cost just over a ton. I didn't catch the name but suspect it was the Xvive available online for around £110. Any experience or thoughts on this?
  5. Cor - that's humongous! Assuming they are 8 ohm drivers I'm betting it's probably 5.3 ohm altogether. GLWTS.
  6. Why is no-one saying compressor? I've never owned one or any other effect but it's the sort of thing I keep thinking I ought to get without really knowing why. I've watched a lot of compressor demo videos but the A/B difference is usually slight (to my old ears) so would it even be noticeable in a live band?
  7. I'm confused! The first post says 1x1000w Klystron head, the second post says 2x1000 bolted together, the 16th Feb post says "each 2000w head and the photo shows a 1000w head. How many amps are for sale and are they 1,000 or 2,000W?
  8. Very nice - could you say how old it is and whether or not you are interested in trades amp-wise?
  9. Thanks, Nancy - er I mean Paul - after I posted that question I came across a review which gave the same figures you've given above. I would like to put an offer in but not sure when I'll be up that end of the M4 next. At least once a month, usually, I come up the M4 and cut through Bracknell to the M3 and the south east but no immediate trips planned. Will be in touch a soon as I know anything.
  10. Hi Nancy. I looked at the Cutsheet in the link but it's not clear to me whether they mean these are the dimensions of the carton or the actual cab. Is 27x18x17.75" correct for the cab? Sorry to be picky but room in my little Golf is at a premium! Thanks in advance.
  11. My eyes are useless! That's a pity as it would have been ideal for a little project I have ongoing. Thanks.
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