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  1. I cringe with embarrassment now but I was young and basses like the Rivoli were seen by some as a bit dated by the early/mid seventies. I took a chisel to it and added a bridge pickup. Actually, it didn't look bad and it sounded fine but its originality was lost forever. If I'd had the sense to leave it alone and hang on to it then it would be worth quite a bit now, I suppose, as it had the original hardcase too. I was never bothered by the shorter scale but the intonation was a bit iffy with that bar bridge. I don't think any pictures survive.
  2. Apart from the bridge and the E logo on the scratchplate this looks pretty spot-on to the '64 Rivoli that I bought in about 1972. I did two shameful things to that bass; the first thing was just too awful to recount a forum like this and the second was selling it about twenty years ago. GLWTS.
  3. That' a corking looking bass! GLWTS.
  4. That's a very nice looking bass but that rear button seems pretty high up - how does it balance on a strap?
  5. If it's just 'badge' engineering this is a giveaway price! I've had a Streamliner 600 for about five years and close to a hundred gigs with never the slightest glitch. It's only bass-players who worry about the name - bandmates just care about the sound/reliability and the audience don't give a $hit what you're using!
  6. That is uncannily similar to GB Streamliner heads - the fascia has a couple of extra push switches but the layout at the rear is identical. A 900 in disguise methinks!
  7. Hmmm thanks... just watched a couple of YT reviews that were a bit mixed. Think I'll stick with my nice OBBM cables!
  8. Watching a band at a local pub recently I noticed the lead player had a nifty little wireless thingy plugged into his Les Paul and its mate plugged into his amp. Sounded great, no cable to trip over and ideal for sound-check as he was also operating the PA. I had a quick word with him afterwards and he said it had only cost just over a ton. I didn't catch the name but suspect it was the Xvive available online for around £110. Any experience or thoughts on this?
  9. Cor - that's humongous! Assuming they are 8 ohm drivers I'm betting it's probably 5.3 ohm altogether. GLWTS.
  10. Why is no-one saying compressor? I've never owned one or any other effect but it's the sort of thing I keep thinking I ought to get without really knowing why. I've watched a lot of compressor demo videos but the A/B difference is usually slight (to my old ears) so would it even be noticeable in a live band?
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