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  1. I put a strap on an instrument and leave it on there. Only comes off for major maintenance etc. So, every guitar gets a strap. This is the way.
  2. Presonus Eris 4.5 Presonus Eris E4.5 Near Field Active Studio Monitor (Pair) (dawsons.co.uk) £165.00 - they were a bit cheaper recently - hard to beat at the price
  3. My newest Pinegrove Leather strap arrived yesterday This will go on my Yamaha Revstar RS502 6 string due to arrive beginning of Feb.
  4. It's usually because the red stain has faded; it's the same with burst colours - red is the first to go.
  5. The D'Addario mini one https://www.daddario.com/products/accessories/tuners/micro-headstock-tuner/ sits nicely on the back of the headstock below the E tuner... easy to see for the player. It's a bit fussy about reading low E - needs a harmonic ping.
  6. Yes, run as dual mono or in bridge mode mono, if the amp does this.
  7. LOL. I also dispute the "Perfectly Balanced" bit...
  8. OK, so today I got down to some serious solstice string changing... Put new Rotosound RS66LD RWs on the Precision. Oooh that sounds nice again. Put LaBella 760FS flats on the PJ. Tuning up, first stretch and KaTwap! - ball end of the E ricochets around the room... So I now have a three string PJ. Can't seem to get a single LaBella anywhere... ? Well I'm certainly not stumping up for another set of these - they're not cheap. 😞 So just ordered D'Addario ECB81 XL Chromes on Amazon - say they'll deliver tomorrow, fingers crossed.
  9. If you're recording solo guitar and not guitar to for use in a mix, then try a live room/space with a high ceiling and a nice open ambience. Mix close mic and room mic to taste.
  10. Absolutely flippin' lovely! I have a 1988 and had a 1979 (bought new). Really great basses.
  11. Capo on first fret, press down 17th fret, measure neck relief on E and G sides at 7th fret with feeler guage . Set truss rods for 10 thou on G and 12 thou on E... ?? loosen both truss rods and check relief increases - therefore truss rods are working re-tighten truss rods to get the 10/12 thou relief - if there are still free turns on the truss rods (ideally enough to get some back-bow) then all is AOK.
  12. You could build one with an Arduino and some switches... 10 MIDI Controllers You Can Build With an Arduino | MakeUseOf
  13. A helium balloon on the head end?
  14. All working AOK and as expected here - using Edge browser
  15. Squier Mustang-ish scratchplate on a Squier Bronco - it has the two saddle Bronco bridge but not the Mustang separate control plate or Mustang bridge?
  16. Sounds like you need to shim the neck to get the saddles at about half height. Truss rod won't do this. I've had some old Stingrays where a factory (?) shim has pressed itself flush in to the body over time. Pop the neck off and have a look, try a playing card shim at the head end of the neck pocket.
  17. I've just taken some Labella 760F-MUS off my Mustang; they sound great on the Precision but a bit flabby and loose on the Mustang. They need to be heavier guage for a 30" scale. I'm currently using D'Addario EXL160M medium scale (through-body Mustang) nickel roundwounds. The heavier guage 50-70-85-105 gives better tension and real punch. Liking them. Cheap too. Yet to try Tomastiks (suspect they will be very loose). D'Addario chromes are on the radar for a try... Go with a heavier guage unless you like floppy, low tension strings.
  18. Strings and pickup height are the factors here. My Precision really growls with Rotosound roundwounds.
  19. I'd just darken it with a Sharpie, oil the fretboard and get on with life... 😉
  20. You can control it from a tablet over WiFi https://www.presonus.com/learn/technical-articles/How-To-Network-Studiolive-Digital-Mixers-for-Remote-Control https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h7E4CqBmAQ&ab_channel=AllenAsh https://www.presonus.com/products/studiolive-remote
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