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  1. The new Stingrays are certainly very nice, but they're not THAT nice to pay £3K for. If you shop around and bide your time you can get a 'Ray, with case, for well under £1K.
  2. Could be many things. First place to start is dried out electrolytic capacitors. Have a real good, close look at all the electrolytics, looking for doming, swelling or leakage. A duff decoupling cap could be the culprit.
  3. I wanted to replace the mute pads on my '88 Stingray and I can't seem to source just the pads - whole mute kits are sometimes available. So, I got to thinkin', they're only foam rubber pads... Sourced some EPDM self-adhesive gasket and after some measurin' and figurin' decided that 8mm thick and 20mm wide was ideal. Amazon supplied Neoprene Rubber Black Self-adhesive Sponge Strip 20mm wide x 8mm thick x 5m long: Amazon.co.uk: Welcome and after a bit of Blue Peter with a knife I had new mute pads. Work just fine too. It would be easier to do this at a string change, but slackening off was enough. I've got enough for a lifetime now... 😉
  4. Bigguy2017


    That headstock looks home made - the wiring clip string trees are genius. I've seen that bridge before - on a Framus or Eko maybe?
  5. OK... To start, make up a lead with a jack on one end, for your amp, and a pair of croc clips on the other end. This is most useful for fault-finding... Clip croc clips to pickup wires (pup disconnected from wiring loom). Is the pickup working? - That'll be a yes... 😉 Solder pickup wires to volume pot (outside pins). Clip croc leads to ground and centre pin - does volume pot now work? Solder output cable to pot (centre and earth). Connect a regular jack cable to the output jack - all working? Solder tone control and cap into place - still working?
  6. Sounds like the switch is dodgy. Many of the cheap chinese switches are prone to fail.
  7. Does your pre-amp pedal run off a plug-in DC supply? If it's a regular double insulated power supply it's not earthed (probably has a plastic earth pin), so there is no path to earth. Touching the bass's metal work earths it via your body, and stops the buzz... Normally the pre-amp would plug into a power amp and that would be earthed. Take a piece of single wire and touch it onto the pre-amp's casing (if metal) or jack socket - touch the other end on something grounded . If this cures the buzz you could plug a cable into a spare pre-amp out (?) and ground the cable's screen to some nearby piece of kit.
  8. Now, if only these wern't so darned expensive.... Filmtools Junior Convertible Cart w/ 18" x 20" Nose Plate 5550 - Filmtools Filmtools Junior Competitor Cart Convertible Hand Truck & Platform Cart 10409 - Filmtools
  9. I mark the date on the new battery with a sharpie - when I come to change the battery it's always older than I imagined... The Stingray got a new battery two years ago and it's still OK.
  10. As the other posters have stated, the only way that's coming out is to jam something into the nut. Filing/sanding a slight taper on the flats of a allen key can work. If you can get enough reach with a Dremel and a 'dentist' bit you could cut a couple of slots in the nut (doesn't have to be tidy) and use a large, flat blade screwdriver.
  11. USA Mustang Bass https://www.axesrus.co.uk/ARUMUSTBASS-p/arumust.htm MIJ Mustang Bass Reissue https://www.wdmusic.co.uk/pickguards-c62/fender-basses-c111/mustang-bass-japanese-reissue-c294 Vintera Mustang Bass https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Replacement-pickguard-for-Fender-Vintera-Mustang-Bass-many-colors-/283728492848 ???
  12. Unbelievably good. Complex, subtle and tight. Makes all modern 'gridded' stuff sound totally crap...
  13. Does the small chrome plate on the back hide the truss rod adjuster (wheel)?
  14. Audio-Technica ATH-M50X are hard to beat for true bass extension.
  15. Now make all the pieces the same size and repeat your 'experiment'... you'll then hear pitch change with density. And have made a funky marimba 😉
  16. Round about '79 or '80 I started using Superwounds (the ones with the bare core wire over the bridge, like piano strings) on the Stingray, and really liked them.
  17. If it's only a wee bit out then chop the spring in half - that'll get you an extra wee bit of range.
  18. I was after a new Precision in 1980 and remember the price at £350. I eventually got a new '79 Musicman Stingray for £375.00 in Buzz Music, Hereford.
  19. Sunburst with block inlays... droool...
  20. Yup, pickup position and type are a major factor in how a bass sounds.
  21. First confirm the truss rod is bust - if could have just been excess glue breaking away. Is it a separate fretboard? If so it would be worth trying to steam it off to get at the truss rod - if the neck is knackered you have nothing to lose and can have a bit of fun trying a truss rod replacement.... Taking it to a pro luthier would be too expensive - worth looking for a s/h Squire neck... i.e. Fender Squire Vintage 70s Modified Jazz Bass Neck | eBay NEW Fender Lic Allparts Jazz Bass NECK Maple Unfinished 10" Radius 20 Fret JMO - The STRATosphere (stratosphereparts.com) or equivalent.
  22. Bigguy2017

    Loop switch

    Yes, BrightOnion are a good choice. I'm running a Dual AB Looper with Tuner Mute and it works just fine.
  23. "It's nice if it lines up, but it rarely does with any real precision." It's not just Precisions, real or not... 😉 Have a look at the MM Old Smoothie - 5 pole pickup with 4 strings.
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