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  1. and the one i use pops and crackles when the batteries in the sender unit get low .
  2. she sings better than she drives I believe !
  3. I like #28 in that TB thread ,,,,,,,,,,did you uhmmm ever buy the hat ,,,and err like ya know ,,,,consume it ?😁
  4. Gary Thain https://images.app.goo.gl/12KPo8HhNWxnmqdW6
  5. hello FB ,,where did you get the valves from ? I see Watford valves has got the 81 and the 82 ,,,and they aint cheap .does it really change the sound much ?
  6. talking about the demise of J.F.K. I quite like Dallas 1 PM by Saxon .
  7. thanks itu . so it could be any number of things ,,,that 'll teach me to not get distracted whist playing around with different cab combinations. ta
  8. is there a particular component that dies/fries goes bang when impedance is mismatched with an all valve head,as in 8 ohms into a 4 ohm cab ? or could it be anything and its down to pot luck ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,im asking for a friend of course
  9. we do have a depot there ,,,,but im based in kent
  10. I think one might have a less sore &rse if one used sandpaper than the stuff I carry ,,,mind you if people got really desperate I do carry 26000kgs on the trailer ,,,,,,,
  11. I drive a truck .and I deliver reels of paper that ends up being made into cardboard sheets for boxes /packaging .if you know dave smith ,you'ill know who I work for .
  12. they are still on ashdowns ebay outlet for 399 ( ashdown-bass ) I don't need one though but ive just ordered one anyway ,,,,actually phoned ashdown to see if it was their ebay shop and it is ,,,
  13. why cant the ampeg do a single 8ohm cab ?
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