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  1. i would think thats because the cheap ones are only a modified wave ,,,,
  2. leisure battery and a pure sine wave inverter ?
  3. sorry to be the one ,,,but is the pup's name Bruce or Jack or a combo of both ?
  4. did they let you get back in at the top ? 😁
  5. uriah heep live '73 bursting out made in japan frampton comes alive ( over-rated by some here i believe )
  6. if you happen to be near sittingbourne and you want to have a play with the RM 800 head thru a 1 x 15 let me know . ( ive got an ashdown and a barefaced )
  7. and if it was me i'd also tell them i was going to name and shame and tell the whole world what a bunch of shysters i think they are .
  8. jacksons get back film is now a six hour documentary ( over three days ) on disney plus ,,,,,
  9. presumably to protect the cable from the socket to the appliance.
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