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  1. i wouldnt have thought that is a pup problem. more an earth thing.
  2. not sure why 3 laughing smilies. maybe im missing something . but yes frets originally
  3. not sure why 3 laughing smilies. maybe im missing something . but yes frets originally
  4. see how good they are ? just a phone call to Dave and hes already calling you babe 😁
  5. i like to take the p155 out of anyone who i think deserves it and i dont give a pile of pootin if it upsets them ..and in writing this i hope ive upset loads of people .thank you.
  6. i see what you did there 😄
  7. looks like mr Sting has sold his back catalogue as well. must be hard up or something
  8. have just bought a 1x10 cab from Happypants . good prompt comms, item as described, and he was good enough to save me from entering the low emission zone by coming out to meet me .would buy from Jason again.smooth and quick transaction . thanks.
  9. all i will say is the establishment has already been mentioned in this thread ....just not by me tho
  10. i had put the order in and hit the buy button .the money was showing as a pending transaction so had been taken off my available funds in the account .not sure if that would be considered that i had actually paid in law .anyway a moot point now .
  11. whilst i agree , i just couldnt be *rsed to fight about it . what could i do threaten legal action ? lifes too short especially when youve turned 60 .😁.anyway im going to buy the cab i was after from a BC member today so all will be right in the world .( in a small way at least )
  12. I'll have a quick look then get back to you cheers
  13. i shall be patient ,,,,,
  14. noted gentle people thank you
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