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  1. me too ,,,i mixed up 'you' and 'u'. As a side note i always thought it was a rainbow original ,,,,,apparently not. "Since You Been Gone" is a song written by former Argent guitarist Russ Ballard and first released on his 1976 album Winning. It was popularized in a version by Rainbow in 1979.
  2. try cutting the silk off .
  3. `the bit that gives it away is the third picture down from the top that says min load 4 ohms
  4. way ahead of your time with that title,,,,,,,,,,,,,,could you not re-release it preceded by ( dont ) ?😁 as inthedoghouse said not really my thing but i liked it really good.
  5. ive got the 58 pup and the loom on a mim p and i love it .it sounds more smooth than harsh twang .the strings are 45 /105 fender flats .
  6. thanks. in that case i think ill get one and join the club .
  7. whats the difference between them ?
  8. ashdown have got the RM 800 b stock for £367 delivered. sounds like a reasonable price to me .
  9. pedant hat on. a taste of honey isnt a Beatles cover and its Herb Alpert .
  10. well if you believe everything you read in the news papers ...............
  11. is that a young Jimmy Page @ 6;10 ?
  12. i think the first thing id do is check the plug fuse and if theres any fuses in the amp rather than than buy something else.
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