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  1. A very interesting bass if you manage to tame its natural agressiveness. Very versatile, too. And at a very good price, by the way. GLWTS.
  2. Just bought a bass from Carlos. Easy, smooth transaction. Well packaged and the bass as described in the ad. He´s a completely trustworthy guy.
  3. A pity. Too much for my back. I don´t think it will last too long here. Anyway, GLWS.
  4. Does anyone know if the 2nd gen basses are lighter than the previous ones? The web comments on the improvements but don´t say anything about the weight.
  5. Pinewoods


    Bump for a great bass. By the way, Manudepaz is an absolutely reliable, honest seller.
  6. Hi, mate. How much does the bass weigh?
  7. I feel tempted to get a JB 4 in Tidepool. Can anyone say something accurate about the weight?
  8. Just bought a bass from Latif. I was rather insecure and worried at first as I live in Spain but everything has been perfect: nice chat, good communication/ information about the process, quick shipping just after transfer and a stunning bass as described. He´s proved to be an honest man, a great guy to deal with. Highly recommended.
  9. [quote name='baskruit' timestamp='1422742871' post='2676449'] I've owned mine since october 2012 and haven't bothered looking for anything else since. I wanted a modern sound in a lightweight package and the Reidmar delivers. There may be other amps on the market that I'd like even more but this one just works for me. [/quote] +1000
  10. Sorry for the delay. I bought a beautiful Sadowsky bass from Gilles back in 2011. He was extremely patient, kind and honest. A totally trustworthy guy to deal with.
  11. Just bought a bass off a friend of Marco´s. He´s been very kind and helpful with all my enquiries about his friend, who is not a basschatter yet. I recommend him as an honest, trustful man to all the potential sellers/buyers. The transaction has been clean, easy and fast. Great guys, both him and his friend Vitor.
  12. I am the happy new owner of that blackie Yamaha monster of a bass. Easy and quick transaction. Fiendly and trustful Portuguese friends. You can buy/sell with confidence. That said, Bump for a gorgeous Bongo. Rodri.
  13. Pinewoods


    [quote name='risingson' post='1316006' date='Jul 25 2011, 05:39 PM']You've summarised what I've been in agreement with all along... it's personal preference![/quote] That´s it ! + 1000
  14. Pinewoods


    [quote name='Chris2112' post='1314019' date='Jul 23 2011, 06:00 PM']Pound for pound, the 'off the rack' Sanberg basses are better than the basses Sadowsky make. The most impressive thing about Sadowsky is their reputation and their price tag, as the playing experience doesn't really stack up. Sure, they make a fine jazz bass, but you're [i]always[/i] paying for the name. Which is madness, considering the competition is making better jazz basses cheaper. I'm not sure what disappointed me most, the Metro or NYC stuff. The Metro stuff was bad because it felt quite cheap and wasn't terribly impressive. But I expected that in a way because they are the buget models. The NYC stuff was also a big let down because, whilst you could see it's handmade roots, they were nothing special save for a few nice pieces of top wood with a massive pricetag attached. I love handmade, custom basses but the competition is so far ahead of them now.[/quote] Sorry but I TOTALLY disagree.
  15. Pinewoods


    I had a Sandberg California JM 5: simply a good bass. I had a Sadowsky Metro UV70-5: a wonderful bass. I sold it to buy a NYC. I got a Sadowsky NYC Ultra Vintage J-4 seven days ago. I can´t be happier. Pure butter. There are a lot of basses as good as Sandbergs out there but few basses as good as Sadowskys; they play in another league. Price difference means something. If you can afford a Sadowsky, don´t hesitate. Go for it!
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