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  1. A pity. Too much for my back. I don´t think it will last too long here. Anyway, GLWS.
  2. Does anyone know if the 2nd gen basses are lighter than the previous ones? The web comments on the improvements but don´t say anything about the weight.
  3. Pinewoods


    Bump for a great bass. By the way, Manudepaz is an absolutely reliable, honest seller.
  4. Hi, mate. How much does the bass weigh?
  5. I feel tempted to get a JB 4 in Tidepool. Can anyone say something accurate about the weight?
  6. Just bought a bass from Latif. I was rather insecure and worried at first as I live in Spain but everything has been perfect: nice chat, good communication/ information about the process, quick shipping just after transfer and a stunning bass as described. He´s proved to be an honest man, a great guy to deal with. Highly recommended.
  7. [quote name='baskruit' timestamp='1422742871' post='2676449'] I've owned mine since october 2012 and haven't bothered looking for anything else since. I wanted a modern sound in a lightweight package and the Reidmar delivers. There may be other amps on the market that I'd like even more but this one just works for me. [/quote] +1000
  8. Sorry for the delay. I bought a beautiful Sadowsky bass from Gilles back in 2011. He was extremely patient, kind and honest. A totally trustworthy guy to deal with.
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