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  1. I am withdrawing this from sale for the moment due to lack of interest in the UK, and prohibitive costs of shipping to the EU. Thank you all for your interest.
  2. Thank you for the information and tips. I have found it to be very expensive too so probably won't be shipping it abroad.
  3. Thanks for the info, very helpful. I should probably have read more about them.
  4. Hello I am just asking to see if anyone has any suggestions for European shipping. I have interest on a bass I am selling from various places (Norway, Croatia etc.) so trying to get prices. Since the case is massive and wide, it seems astronomically expensive for shipping so I am not sure if I am looking in the wrong places? I can see Eurosender is offered a discount for basschat; I've also looked at transglobalexpress.co.uk, Parcel Force, parcelmonkey etc. but wondering if anyone else had suggestions? Thanks, Rich
  5. I should mention that the case included with this is the standard rockbase case which is €300+ shipping. https://shop.warwick.de/en/cases-bags/bass-cases/electric-bass-cases/15755/warwick-standard-line-star-bass-flight-case?c=3061
  6. Hello everyone I can now ship this within the UK. I went to Halfords and got some giant boxes from bike shipments and so can wrap the case in cardboard. I also have a giant "loo-roll" of bubble wrap so the bass and case can be wrapped up and secured, and then cardboard placed around the outside. I am not certain the cost of shipping but will find out if anyone is interested. Thanks! Hope everyone is ok!
  7. I've done a short demo video with my phone. Please excuse the poor playing. I am not driving the amp hard at all (it's on very very quiet) so you'll probably be playing far louder but hopefully it should give you some idea what this is like. The cab is a Bergantino HD210 so not neodymium magnets in the speakers. https://youtu.be/gh3AwpHkDy0
  8. Thanks for the well-wishes. It's a lovely bass and when I look at it I wonder if I am making the right decision... Anyway I weighed it as best I could on the scales and it was 4.3kg. The case itself is something else! I have had German Warwicks (albeit solid bodies) before and I can't really tell the difference with the build quality on this at all. I have tried Rockbasses before and they felt quite horrible, but this feels fine.
  9. Not sure on the weight, I will weigh it on my bathroom scales and post details. I never found it to be heavy particularly compared to solid bodies. I know the case is like a coffin and is rather heavy.
  10. I should mention that although I do not have a box etc to ship it, I will happily pack it and send it if you want to arrange sending me a giant box / courier etc. Also, if you feel the price is too high let me know and send me an offer! Offers really are welcome.
  11. WITHDRAWN I am selling my Korean "ProSeries StarBass 5 Gold Metallic CHR passive/passive MAP fretted" (that's Warwick's description). I am trying to play fretless more these days and this is just not getting played enough. This is a passive instrument (no 9V batteries hurray) and is capable of "vintage" tones so it doesn't sound like a midrange-heavy solid-body Warwick. Serial number WPS B-000087-11 (2011 I think??). Construction wise, it has a solid maple block down the centre and hollow wings. The neck is maple (but painted in luxurious gold) and the fretboard wenge. This has Just-A-Nut III on it so is adjustable at the nut. (Just-A-Nut II was prone to breaking so the III is better). It has volume and tone for each pickup, and a selector switch in the style of a Les Paul (neck, both, bridge). I played this on 2 gigs but then the band disbanded and it's been safely at home for many years. As you can see, it is in tip-top/excellent condition, with the only minor issues being pictured: a. slight decoloration of the tuning pegs (someone must have had sweaty hands before I bought it) b. There is also a blemish on the neck paintwork but that's under the lacquer c. There is a tiny slight mark above the neck pickup d. There is a mark near the fifth fret that looks like a construction issue that was filled in. e. Some slight marking on the pickup covers where enthusiastic playing has likely bashed a string onto the pickup cover (but it's under the string and I think you’ll struggle to see it) All of these were like this when I bought it. All of these are pictured and I think you'll struggle to notice these. This comes with a colossal excellent Warwick hardcase to keep this safe. This isn't pictured but is included. It’s a very good case! I have priced this appropriately I think, given that it's a Korean Pro Series and NOT the Chinese RockBass series which seem to have increased in price somewhat (hasn't everything?), but sensible offers are welcome! I enjoyed playing this bass a lot and will miss it but I need to be realistic. I would provide sound clips but there's plenty of demos by Andy Irvine back when he was working with Warwick on YouTube, if not somewhat slap-happy. I am in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire and would prefer not to ship this as it's massive and I have no cardboard to package it. I am happy to drive up/down the M5 a bit if this helps you for travel purposes. Worcestershire is in Tier 2 at the moment so I cannot travel to other locations. Cash or Bank Transfer please. If you want to put it on a credit card and pay via PayPal you can but I shouldn't get any fees so you'll have to send it as a "gift" to friends/family. Thanks. Pictures are here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yTSfW2OrA-XqisVwEMtrpU_S0t6eB2q9
  12. Sold subject to collection / payment. Thanks everyone for your informative input and interest in it, much appreciated.
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