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  1. I think this is a German one as it has the SN on the headstock and is solid, but I’m not sure if the colour has just faded as you can see the subtle grain of the body through the paintwork. Not sure if that helps anyone but my thoughts anyway. As others have said, the neck on this is very narrow (and subsequently “fast”) particularly compared to later post-2000 Warwicks with their baseball bat necks (which I also like). Thanks.
  2. @warwickhunt thanks for the info @karlfer might have been Bumflea!
  3. @karlfer I have never listed this on Facebook so not sure which one that was? @vmaxblues I had difficulty pricing it because I see 2 others for sale "on the Internet" abroad and they are very highly priced. I like the bass and the very burpy sound you can get out of it, just needs must unfortunately. As I said, offers welcome!
  4. I am selling my Warwick Dolpin Pro II as I am just not using this, plus my wife has been made redundant. This historic bass deserves someone else to play it as it's great! There's very few of these around, from what I can tell. Very few in the UK anyway. The story behind these basses is that they were made by Warwick in Germany when Warwick was still small (before 2000). Warwick was too small to make them in great quantities so subcontracted to another company, which made items with bad necks and was selling these "out the back door" and thereby giving Warwick a bad name. So they eventually shut them down and moved production to Japan. This is one of the few that actually came from Germany, from what I can tell - 300 originally made I think? Unlike post-2000 Warwicks, this has a fairly thin neck. It has Just-A-Nut I on it (brass) where each string has an adjustable saddle to sit in on the nut. This is from 1990 so a super early one. Someone has done a bit of mix-and-match with the colour of the knobs (gold/black), tuners and bridge but I think it looks alright. Although the labelling has worn off the pickups, this has MEC pickups in it and a two-band EQ. Unlike some others, this DOES NOT have a passive toggle on the volume control so is active only all the time (9v battery at the back). This looks to have been bashed around before I owned it (perhaps it fell off a stand due to its awkward shape) so has spots of damage on the edge and a ding on the body that someone has filled. I've tried to photograph these as best I can, but it is nearly 30 years old, remember. Pictures and a demo video are available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BNQtEDbgzp42jifoiISAjXjr3M3pUwrp Any questions please ask. I am just outside Worcester, Worcestershire and would prefer not to ship this as I have no case for it (didn't go outside the house) and I have no cardboard to package it. I am happy to drive up/down the M5 a bit if this helps you for travel purposes. If you feel this is priced too high, please make an offer. Cash or Bank Transfer please, ideally bank transfer when we meet. POLITE NOTICE: I've had timewasters on other sites like Gumtree and those that think this bass should be 20p or free due to it not being a Streamer / Fodera / a thru-neck / not made of titanium / more than they want to pay. I've had quite a few daft requests and people believing I should be giving this away because it doesn't quite fit with their hazy dream of an ideal bass, eg. it's not a thru-neck... I've had people not show up when they said they'd buy it and all sorts of clowns and jokers. Let's leave them at the circus!
  5. Very, very good. And great that you're doing it all yourself. I recently read Yngwie Malmsteen's autobiography, and he was stating how marvellous it was to be able to go and capture ideas and be in total control of the ideas he was producing thanks to the wonders of modern digital recording instead of having to explain the sound "in your head" to a drummer or keyboard player. It certainly seems like you have a fantastic set up - will look your album up!
  6. I cannot believe this hasn't sold. It's in the best colour - blue.
  7. Hello everyone. Offers welcome, and if it would help me to post I can consider it? Or drive a bit further to meet?
  8. Thanks for the correction! Much appreciated.
  9. FNA as an acronym is a Formally Named Artus, complete with spelling mistake using “formally” instead of “formerly”. They did call it an Artus but had to change the name for some reason. It’s a Stingray in Warwick clothing! I have had a few FNA Jazzman 5 basses which are from the “bad” period but I love them. Really versatile basses. They switched to using ovangkol instead of wenge for the neck due to inability to enough of the wood due to war in Africa, so I believe. The ovankgol neck is thick but I have had no problem with it. The ovangkol needs to be thicker because it can’t be cut as thin as wenge apparently. They are definitely thicker than the early ones but roughly similar to other basses I’ve played, eg stingray, MTD. I had 2 basses made in the early 2000s when the prices were reasonable and those basses are fine. Necks are fine, jacks fine (I’ve always used a right angle jack and put it through the strap so the pressure or strain is on the strap, not the cable). One pickup fell out after years but it was the small brass item that pushes into the wood. I glued it back in. One has gold hardware but the finish is still mostly on it - perhaps other players are really sweaty. But other than that, zero problems. Both are not bashed up - you see a load of basses for sale that are really bashed up but people don’t look after them it seems! These have had JAN2 on them but they’re not bust at all. Have had basses with JAN3 where they changed the material. Have had Korean ones too, all good! I think the price rises recently are pretty insane but then most basses these days of extreme quality are pretty darn expensive. I have tried RockBass and they’re pretty bad in my opinion. I haven’t tried recent German Warwicks because I’m not sure there’s a distributor for them in the UK these days??
  10. [font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif]These are indeed pretty great. You can hear one used extensively on Bryan Beller's View album I think: tracks "Bite" and "Projectile" have the full valve distortion cranked up so as to give you an idea what the gnarly distortion sounds like. [/font] [font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif]But on lower gain settings, these sound great as you can get a bit of "edge" and breakup or just warmth, plus you can blend with the dry signal to get a perfect blend. Plenty of variety in these things.[/font] [font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif]And rather rare these days too! [/font] [font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif]I must say that Disssa's website is a helpful place for info on many many preamps.[/font]
  11. Bought an Ampeg BSP from Paul - good player and really friendly guy. Also very informative and knowledgeable on a wide range of bass topics (and more!). All great - thanks!
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