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  1. Yes. I thought I had edited the post but it seems haven't. Sorry Hammer
  2. Manufactured in 1980 I've has this bass since 2001 and it was my main gigging bass until 2008 but I only use it at home now so it needs someone to look after it and use it regularly. It has loads of tonal options and an active/passive switch . It is strung with groundwound/halfround strings and there is a little wear of the fingerboard but given the age of the bass it is in good shape. There is one major ding on the body under the jack which was like that when I got it. This is not a light bass however and one of the reasons for sale is it is pretty heavy at just over 11lbs. I don't have a case for it so it would be best collected from North Somerset. Ian
  3. Surplus to requirements so must go. Ian
  4. Great amp with so many tone shaping options. 750 watts at 4ohms 1000 watts at 2ohms I bought this from a basschatter a few years ago and it has served me very well. At 19 lbs its pretty lightweight but I need the cash for a new cab so it has got to go. Based near Bristol. Rack ears included in sale. I have added a fan, on the recommendation of EA, to ensure it doesn't get too hot when I run it through my two 4ohm cabs but that is just extra insurance and you can remove it easily. Ian
  5. Hi everyone This must go so if you are in Bristol you can collect it for nothing. Hammer
  6. We are moving so want to minimalise the gear we take with us so this is up for sale. It's a 1980s 1×15 combo bass amp. Seen lots of wear and tear but it has been in a cupboard for a few years and is not going to get used any time soon. One of the handles is missing and the input is a little crackly but given its age it deserves a good home. I am based in Bristol and the buyer would need to collect.
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