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  1. Dingwall Super P

    still for sale this great bass
  2. Dingwall Z2 Custom

    Up. Great killer bass
  3. Dingwall Super P

    tuesday up
  4. Dingwall Super P

  5. Dingwall Z2 Custom

  6. Dingwall Super P

    [quote name='krispn' timestamp='1509198755' post='3397276'] Is the neck profile on these the same as the Super P5? The Super P5 neck is wonderful! [/quote] i guess so
  7. Dingwall Super P

  8. Dingwall Z2 Custom

  9. For sale G and D strings from Pirastro. Flexocor. used 5 days and not for my bass. Price includes shipment to EU. Strings really as new
  10. Tube amp

    Hi all, I am looking for tube amp in particular orange ad200 or even better mesa boogie 400 or 400+ for your information it has to be delivered to Italy.
  11. Mesa Boogie 400+

    Hi Paulie, is it still for sale?
  12. Dingwall Super P

    Saturday up
  13. Dingwall Z2 Custom

    body in swamp ash neck maple fingerboard wenge passive electronics with this configuration and option: [url="http://www.dingwallguitars.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Passive-2x-Toggles.pdf"]http://www.dingwallguitars.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Passive-2x-Toggles.pdf[/url] weight is 3,8kg it comes with original dingwall bag, tools and dunlop strap pins