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  1. So, I hastily purchased this preamp online from Darren Riley's Guitar and Amp Shop as soon as it became available with the intention of replacing the stock Fender Preamp (with no passive tone control) in my 2013 Fender American Select Active Jazz Bass. Well to my disappointment, the control cavity route is too small to fit this preamp ☹ It wasn’t cheap! I paid 200 USD for it. The price was no object as these are currently hard to come by and a year and a half of COVID/telework has been good for the wallet but bad for my GAS! Doesn’t come with the battery, output jack or pickup connector assemblies, but it your handy with a soldering iron and have 3 & 4 pin module connector wires like from a Flexcore preamp laying around (like I do) they will fit and you can make it work as I planned to do. Also, Fender Gen 4 Noiseless J pickups come with the connectors attached if you want to go that route. I included a diagram to show wiring layout. I have no problem holding on to this in hopes that maybe one day I’ll run across a bass the it will fit into. Just trying to recoup what I paid for it, as it is totally unused. Trade option: If you have a Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass preamp laying around, you know the ones from 2010-2016 with A/P switch and passive tone control we can work out a trade deal of equal value. Why a Fender preamp you might ask? I own a bunch of other preamps (John East, Audere, Flexcore, Bart etc)…none of them do the “wide mid boost/cut” thing for me like a Fender preamp! IMO 😉 £150 or 170€ +postage delivered Specs Master Volume, Pan Pot (Pickup Selector), Treble Boost/Cut, Midrange Boost/Cut, Bass Boost/Cut, Passive Tone, Active/Passive Mini Toggle
  2. Yes, the battery will fit in the standard j control cavity. You just have have make sure you leave enough clearance underneath when mounting the pots on the control plate.
  3. Up for sale is my 2013 Atelier Z M245 Custom Jazz Bass ordered direct from Japan. Original owner, excellent condition, no dings or scratches that I can see. Rare super light weight +/- 7.5 lbs = 3.4 kg Most I've seen are in the 9.5 to 10 lbs range! Atelier Z softcase and all case candy included. £1650 (1900€) Specs: Neck Scale: 34"(864 mm) Fingerboard: Maple Frets: 20 Frets Nut: Bone Nut Width: 38.5mm Body Body Material: Ash (2 piece) Hardware Tuners: GOTOH GB-30 Bridge: ATELIER Z BB419 Finish Chrome Pickguard Acrylic Clear 3mm Control panel Acrylic Clear 3mm Pickup Fence ATELIER Z ZPF-4500 CR Electronics Pickups: ATELIER Z JBZ-4 x2 Preamp: Bartolini XTCT+Spectrum Boost Controls: F.Vol, R.Vol, Treble Boost, Bass Boost/w sw(Active ON/OFF)
  4. Had the pleasure of doing biz with Keith on a couple transactions recently. Good communication and just great guy all around. Deal with confidence...A+++ BCer!
  5. Like new, excellent condition EMG JX Series Jazz Bass Pickup Set. Complete with solderless V/V/T control accessories kit. The EMG JX Set is based off the original J with the added headroom and dynamic response of the X Series preamp. This pickup set has classic jazz bass characteristics with a broader tonal frequency range that adds dimensions and clarity to your bass playing. EMG's design has a very low ratio of resistance to inductance, which increases the low end response, while the radiused ceramic bar magnet ensures the tone keeps a tight mid-range punch with dynamic high end response. Whether you play fretted or fretless, live or in the studio, you'll get an incredibly full sound with these bass pickups. ***Price Drop!*** £110 delivered
  6. Up for sale is my 1997 Fender American Deluxe "John Suhr Era" Jazz Bass V In great condition with one small hardly noticeable finish blemish (ding) in the upper contour (see photos). Equipped with the original iconic Suhr split coil big pole pickups and preamp (some say the best sounding Fender ever used!) Specs 34” scale 22 frets Olympic White Finish, Ash body Maple neck with rosewood board Controls: Vol / Pan / stacked Hi/Lo / Mid boost/cut String thru body or top load bridge Ships in original Fender Machine Gun Case (pretty beat up but usable!)
  7. Up for sale is a pair of older model Sadowsky 4 String Humcancelling Pickups with raised A & D poles Perfect working condition, the neck pickup hot lead is a little short and cover has a little cosmetic damage as shown in photo (hidden when the pup is mounted) or you can put them in other covers 😉 £75 delivered
  8. Brand new, never used, full length leads. Specs: J-Bass, 5-String, Classic Bass, Dual In-Line Coil, Bridge Position (deep tone) Length 3.73" / 95mm (will not fit Fender Am V basses) Classic J-Bass pickups have a rich, deep voice with lots of high-end clarity and warmth. They give you enhanced treble response and narrower apertures for incisive attack and focused sound without harshness. This added treble definition vastly increases the tonal range available in active or passive instruments. Their output levels are slightly higher than similar models in the Original series These dual inline-coil pickups are hum-cancelling even soloing the neck or bridge pickup, so they are well suited for studio or stage. The Classic Bass series is popular with progressive, jazz, gospel, and metal musicians. -Bartolini-
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