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  1. Can i please have 3 5 and whole bottom row please!
  2. The Vines do it for me! Also worth mentioning of course Jaco Pastorius who played on Rotosounds at a point!
  3. Now that’s cheap as hell! looks like a great bass!
  4. Amazing bass, interested in trades?
  5. Do not worry dyerseve, all the messages I’ve received have been explanatory, I’m making sure people know what they get.
  6. Here we go... So I am in the fortunate position (or unfortunate) of having a 12 month job that pays me enough to buy the basses I never had the money to buy 😁. Therefore I have a few basses that are for trade(preferably)/sale as I would like to try as many as I can in this 12 months and maybe I’ll finally find “the one”. So here they are: Warwick Streamer Stage 2 (2005) 1600£ Warwick Streamer Stage 1 (1989) 1200£ Warwick FNA Jazzman (2001) 750£ Warwick Corvette PRO (2015) 900£ Fender Squier P-bass (1999) 300£ Prices are a bit high in the idea that I’m in no rush and I am interested in trades more than sales. Thanks
  7. Damn, just spent 1200£ on a bass this month , otherwise I’d have biugh it straight away! Great looking bass
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