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  1. Interested in trades as well!
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Hi, I have decided to sell my 6 string bass as I don't use it at all, only played it several times at home, really taken care of, comes with case. Possible opened to trades (fender jazz basses) For now the price is 999£. Thanks, Seb
  4. Hi, I am selling my bass combo as I am moving away and sadly I need to get rid of a few basses and amps. A solid loud amp (250W RMS)very very clear sound and the controls are simple but give a very diverse range of sounds. Never been giged, hardly been played and it is in a good condition, comes with a material case and I can send it anywhere in UK. Thanks, Seb
  5. Interested in A Warwick Fna Jazzman 4 trade?
  6. Wow man...amazing, what kind of neck does it have?
  7. Wow, this looks fantastic and a bit Jamiroquaiesque, but is it different than a normal SS1 in terms of sound?
  8. Yeah, messaged warwick and indeed 2 are different sized! Almost forced it with standard.ones!! Terrible, but should.be ok. Thanks Seb
  9. Seems that the guy's not part of basschat anymore
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