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  1. I have this great bass I bought 2 years ago from basschat, now the price is very negotiable because of two issues (check the pictures attached) , first one is that the truss rod was changed some years before I got it, whoever did that or maybe even before that, did a terrible job when adjusting the truss rod as it's all scratched, quite badly (see pic), now second part which actually doesn't bother me at all but I can understand it's a major issue, is the classic neck layer delamination (maybe I haven't used the right words, but again please check the picture), playability is good (my opinion). Ideally I would have kept this bass forever, an SSII will always be good around but I am moving to Norway and I have loads of other basses which cost me a fortune to transport there, so I would preferably sell this one before I go, if not that's also fine I guess I'll have to send it away as well, anyway please check the pictures and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  2. seb

    Feedback for Dodgnofski

    Traded a bass amp with him, super hepful and responssive, he arranged most of the delivery for both sides and even helped with a discount. Top guy, I highly recommend trading with him!
  3. I had the pleasure to deal with Trevor who bought my Warwick GPS Bubinga. Very responsive, helpful, patient, it was a long process due to me moving places, parcelforce issues, weather in Scotland, so he made a tricky process run very smooth, therefore I totally recommend trading with him. Thanks again!
  4. Looking more for trades, so hit me up with anything really amps, basses, pedals etc. Bass was bought brand new from Glasgow - Merchant City Music Shop. But I haven't used it much, just always wanted to try a SUB as I read so many reviews, great bass indeed just not what I am after. Thanks, Seb
  5. Hi, I have bought this from this forum 2 years ago from Funkyjimbob, as I was looking into "pimping" one of my basses but gave up on it as I've realised that a Sansamp can do the same trick as an inside preamp, anyway I will put the old description from Jim, I hope that is allowed. Thank you! This is a MEC 3-WAY ( I think) preamp from a Warwick Streamer Stage 1. Fully working and was only taken out as I changed to an Aguilar OBP3 preamp. The three pots are bass, middle and treble. The stacked volume pot was kept in my bass. Thanks!
  6. Just found this in the product description. So yes.
  7. Hi Ben, I can only confirm what it says on the package, and that says it comes with all tye components needed. The same product on amazon specifies that no soldering is required, so my guess is that you are correct. Thanks Seb
  8. Hi, I have received this as a present, and I really don't need it, I'm at a phase where I feel that no instrument can make me sound better if I don't practice enough, so in the hope that someone wants to buy the exact same product, I can offer it 25 gbp cheaper, still boxed and exactly as bought from https://m.thomann.de/gb/emg_j_basspickup_set.htm. Can send anywhere, post covered by me. Thanks, Seb
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