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  1. Wooow, that's so nice man!
  2. Yeah, messaged warwick and indeed 2 are different sized! Almost forced it with standard.ones!! Terrible, but should.be ok. Thanks Seb
  3. Seems that the guy's not part of basschat anymore
  4. Hi guys, I bought a Fna Jazzman a while ago, and was supposed to take the neck offnand put it back, but after some ridiculous circumstancea I lost the screws, then bought new ones, standard cheap ones, which seem to be fitting initially but won' t actuallt fully fit. Any ideas why? Are the original the only one that can be used? Thanks Seb
  5. Is it actually the exact same thing ?
  6. So you're saying that pre amps don't do much appart from sending the power to the pickups and giving the control options?
  7. Thanks a lot for the reply, I was a bit afraid of that aftwr I checked the EMG specs, well I guess I will have to go with that and keep the mec for a later project. Is there any "wise" position for the battert cavity? Thanks
  8. Hi guys, I would really appreciate some help (and it could save me some good money) I want to mod.my Fender Squier VM 70, adding a 3 band mec pre amp and 2 jazz bass active EMG pickups. Do you think for a guy who never did this before but has all the necesarry tools this could be achievable? I understand that I need to make a cavity in the back of the bass, but I am wondering do I just connect the pickups to the pre amp and that's it? Thanks Seb
  9. Thanks! Exactly the answer I wanted 😁
  10. Hi guys, just bought a squier vintage modified and I have a spare warwick SS1 pre amp, I would like to put that into my squier, question is, in terms of electronics, how does it work? Can i just use the same pickups? Or I need to buy Active pickups?
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