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  2. I have a 5 string in that colour, and now a black pickguard has gone on my list of stuff that I somehow need to spend money on. Thanks for that.
  3. I've a load of the front ones. Had the same problem, haven't a clue where they went. PM me your address and I'll send you some. Just ask EA what size they are and then screwfix/toolstation/eBay is your friend. I have a brilliant tool suppliers near me that also does screws/bolts/fixings. Lost count of the times i have taken something in asked if they have what i want. they usually do. I would be really surprised if the rack mount screws for the iAmp are any different to the current range so it might be worth asking what size the current ones are.
  4. I told you they were great! Congratulations. once again I have Smith envy!
  5. Wow! How did you balance a face on a cliff?!! (Seriously, that's quite a skill, and a nice bit of photography 🙂)
  6. Zoom, just one look and my heart goes boom
  7. Yes, Hipshot Kickass is my main choice of bridge for custom builds and retro fitting.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm Mevagissey Castello. Hope you all enjoy my new opera based on traditional cornish fishing songs.
  9. That looks like Donald J Trump in his earlier days, prior to 21st Century anvil shaped hair style. Stage name - Lytham Caffe-Nero Is the chap in the picture a Basschatter, who perhaps enjoys a pint of beer in his avatar?
  10. I'm in the same boat, two massive amps that I don't really want to lug about any more. I'm thinking of going class - D but I have an issue with how a lot of those amps look. Gotta have form and function! Markbass Casa looks pretty good though, features and looks-wise.
  11. Tenby Snack Shack, how do you do!!! - sounds a great place for a surf gig!!! Anyway, who's the guy from page 1 of topic?
  12. Or I could update the thread next time I buy a brew, thus generating chapter headings in my fictional biography The Evolution of...
  13. Yeah Ladyluck is your best bet for up and coming punk rock bands/scene. There’s a great pizzeria near top of high street called Chapter that is easily best pizza place in town.
  14. Wise move, no point wasting your time with a bass you don't click with , Ricks are gorgeous basses but so many idiosyncrasies to deal with and things that imo have no place on a bass costing as much as they do. That being said if they brought out a short scale bass I would no doubt be tempted.
  15. Please do. I would have thought the bigger problem would be finding screws to fit the current hole thread. I emailed EA and asked for a replacement rack mount kit but they weren't forthcoming, as it's discontinued. However, some screws have recently gone missing from the front so I've asked about replacements for these, as well as rack mount screws.
  16. I'll play... Synthy sound kicks in at around 0.57. This is a 3leaf Doom into and EBS Bass IQ. It's at the subtle end of what those two pedals can do (Doom on minimum gain and the EBS is set to 'low' Q) and it's also masked in this particular mix, but you get the idea. I use this sound a lot!
  17. Yes it is an organic material, There will be cross over in their properties, depending on grain, growth circumstances, how long it has dried for, any curing etc. Age of wood, cellular structure, however actually there will be a ‘sound’ within each species. The luthier rightly cannot predict what the exact sound will be, but I bet he knows when he combines woods what the ball park will be. Like I said, despite hearing a difference in the woods no matter which way round one is supposed to be, there was an audible difference, and everything said points to tonal differences between woods be it minor or major, maybe someone will get the P number to 0.05 and get us statistically significant result....
  18. Dano Longhorn shortie, I'll check later but sure mine comes in at the 6lb or less end of the scale (very light compared to my Mustangs). Looks aren't to everyone's taste but the body does help cut down on neck dive which can be an affliction on lightweight basses (and to me renders lightweight basses more uncomfortable than their well-balance heavier cousins). Shameless plug...there's one for sale in the FS section at a very reasonable price....
  19. It really would be just a wonderful ornament hanging in my studio - but have another bump on me.
  20. Simpler and an actual bass would be the Neuser Claudia (or Clawhammer or even Clawbass). Have once seen in real life and few photos. Very rare, one was sold in Sweden around a year ago. The seller claims that under ten were made. https://www.talkbass.com/threads/in-praise-of-weird-looking-basses.1095757/page-127 https://pratabas.se/viewtopic.php?t=85002
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