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  2. Let me look at shipping...., No promises
  3. I had the pleasure of playing this bass last year when I bought my Xotic 5 string bass from Manny, who was living in London at the time. Amazed at how stunning this looked in the corner of the room, I asked Manny if I could hear it and he picked it up and played some amazing jazz grooves on it before handing it to me to have a go... Well, despite the fact that I just don't have a feel for 6 string bass - I find it such a stretch in the thinking from playing a 5 string - this bass was an absolute joy to play and it felt and sounded amazing! Not only that, it's such a Rolls-Royce of an instrument; the craftsmanship is stunning.. The inlays in the ebony fingerboard are particularly cool. Anyway, suffice to say this is one hell of a classy instrument and Manny is a great bloke, so deal with him in complete confidence Folks! GLWTS Manny 👍😊 P. S. I'm still loving the Xotic 5 by the way!
  4. Indeed, time is money- and that afternoon in the shed needs paying for!
  5. But that decent looking, cheap and cheerful but respected beginners brand Encore doesn’t have the unique, ‘handcrafted’ headstock and specially mutilated scratchplate does it. I’d definitely pay more for those unique features wouldn’t you? 😏
  6. It's probably an Encore- Googled the 'Guitar Tech' pickup which is from JHS, their distributor, and is standard on their P-type. The shape of the bit of scratchplate above the neck matches too, and can be had, un-mutilated, for a whopping less-than-a-1/3-of-the-price: https://www.ivormairants.co.uk/encore-e4-bass-vintage-white.html
  7. And here my 1979 Kramer 450B Fretless (defretted, of course), fully original with the original (heavy) latte macchiato hard case. Fantastic sounding even with more than dead strings...
  8. Given the sad passing of Dave Greenfield, as well as the current situation with C19 and venue issues I’d think it unlikely.
  9. @kodiakblair sorry I meant bridge position!
  10. I was hoping to see them later this year. Not sure that'll happen now
  11. If you have exotic cables, and their prices are exotic, you have to buy this: https://www.thecablecooker.com/ My cables are not that exotic.
  12. Handcrafted? I wonder whether the cheapest and crappiest mass produced components available were screwed them together by hand and the headstock was hand shaped with a butter knife.
  13. You may find you have more options if you get a basic USB audio interface, and then plug your pedals into it when you want to record.
  14. Pea Turgh


    How does it balance with the extra weight at the headstock?
  15. Sorry to dig up an old thread but I'm thinking about purchasing one of these bad boys and wondered if you'd changed anything else on it? I've seen one for sale for around £150 and was thinking of getting it routed for a PJ setup and just changing out the scratchplate and bridge. Love to hear your thoughts before I pull the trigger.
  16. I got shot of 3 basses last year but even so I now I've been having GAS for a Sire Marcus Miller M7 in natural finish for 3 weeks and there are no signs of it abating. I feel that two basses is not enuff when in fact it should be. Clearly lockdown has affected my faculties. The only way of curing this latest bout is if I succumbed to either a Ray 34 or a MIJ Jazz , both also in natural finish. Maybe all 3 if i win big in Friday's Euromillions
  17. Gk Plex hits 2 and 3 nicely. I loved mine.
  18. I've had Amplug for a while but never use it. I thought I may as well sell it on as I'm sure someone out there may have use for it if they're in a household with any WFHers and thus are limited on noise. As I say, I've barely used it but £25 delivered within UK assuming PPG. Will email pictures if anyone is interested.
  19. Sold a Gretsch bass to Pete. Instant payment, great comms, a model Basschatter. Deal with confidence.
  20. I've always liked the look of these, but never seen one in the flesh.
  21. Kevin Dean


    Lodestone from Ashdown , lovely bass very close to a TBass ,at a silly price £425 for a £2k bass .they still have a few left ,
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  23. That tiny off the beat thing which must be a bugger to play.
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