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  2. I watched a bit earlier. Robert Plant's lacklustre performance reminded me how good Freddie was...
  3. Its the only way they'll learn!
  4. Wow, harsh. Can you not just keep the receipt?
  5. Hi there, Thanks for your reply, I only fret as hard as I would if I was actually playing, but it's interesting to learn how such a small variation in pressure can still make a difference. I'll have to try the 3/5/7 balancing act, I think, thanks for the suggestion. As for the wavering, it's about 1 cent either side of '0'. The initial attack obviously shows 'sharp', but as the note 'settles', this is when the wavering shows, and remains as the note decays. (Almost like using harmonics as a tuner on frets 5 & 7 on adjacent strings, before achieving spot-on tuning.) Deep breath, & back to it... 😀 In the meantime, sir, thanks very much for your advice, definite food for thought, and very much appreciated!
  6. If you are available for contract work of the sort above, our neighbour has, unasked for, kindly entered our garden and severely levelled the hedge two days ago. I am open to the neighbour being used in the first option above or subjected to the latter. It is not far from Monmouth to Mid Wales, so will be the work of a few hours.
  7. As above, the AIDS benefit gig from 1992 on Pick TV at the moment , many different guest vocalists singing Queens best but as well as all that a great chance to listen to John Deacons effortless and sublime bass playing.
  8. Not any more, bad experience with plastic packaging within the area normally occupied by gravy
  9. I've bought a twin-pack of what they describe as "Chip Shop Minced Steak & Onion Pies". I have my doubts, but if I'm dissatisfied in any way, I can always firebomb the place tomorrow. Oooh, I happen to have found out that Teebs is playing at an "open Mic" this Sunday. Probably best to hit him on the way out in the dark (that's if the audience haven't done the job for you already). Don't thank me - I'm happy to help. And good luck! 👍
  10. “For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen.” #towelday 2019
  11. Sweet jesus that's a beauty! Good price too, would love this!
  12. If the OP reads the reviews (below the item description, just keep scrolling down) they should get some idea how the speakers perform. Also there may be some other reviews online, try google or Youtube. I've had a couple of Thomann Monitors and they are fine for the money. If you don't like them, send them back within 30 days for a refund..
  13. WinterMute

    Rack Porn

    Phoenix kit is the biz, ex API engineers, I have their N16 summing mixer in my home studio rack. its hiding behind the S3 here. More to the point, Fractal and Kemper?
  14. Whilst I found that useful in my former professional career I found this more directly useful in the dark arts of management: https://www.marines.mil/Portals/59/Publications/MCDP 1 Warfighting.pdf It has the bonus for cheapskates like me, free, tried and tested (though not sure about recent results).
  15. My orig white 62 slab was made in the same month,your price for an original seems about right making this a good purchase.The neck on mine is actually quite big compared to any other jazz I have owned .
  16. Hah only that we're a relatively small audience for such a grand talent 😉 Most welcome.
  17. Both equipped with J-Retro Deluxe. I couldn't stand a bass with pickup switching. A Jazz Bass has always blendable pickups. Always! No - not the serial mode; I didn't like the mismatch in volume when switching. Don't miss it...
  18. The publication has been added to my reading list. I thank you.
  19. BassAgent

    Show us your rig!

    This contains sound:
  20. I have found getting the intonation 'spot' on with my 5 stringer B string has been a compromise. Bass is a G&L, nice new strings (both TI and Chromes flats tried). The notes fretted do change pitch slightly from slightly sharp on the initial attack to correct pitch in the 'steady state'. We are talking cents here. I also found that the floppiness of the B string results in finger pressure being a factor in tuning. My compromise was to balance the open B, octave B and fretted at 3,5th & 7th intonation, based on me mainly using 3,5&7 on B string. My take as a Physicist is that initial plucking of the string causes the tension to increase significantly , hence increase in frequency (pitch). As the string amplitude decreases with energy losses the frequency drops. It would be interesting to measure these transient frequency changes (This surely has been done) and how well a string remains tuned over the lifetime of a note. I have the kit at work and may take a quick look in the near future.
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